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Mark Drapeau Free The People Potomac Forum Aug09


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These are the slides from my talk at the Potomac Forum’s Gov 2.0 Leadership, Collaboration, and Public Engagement Symposium in Washington, DC on August 27, 2009.

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Mark Drapeau Free The People Potomac Forum Aug09

  1. 1. Free the People ! Mark Drapeau
  2. 2. A B C D E social anti-social
  3. 3. Social media is about being social . SHARING IS CARING.
  4. 4. Remember that citizens are your “end user.” Change the public’s expectations of YOU.
  5. 5. Saying “It’s not in my job description” is NOT IN YOUR JOB DESCRIPTION
  6. 6. Tactics are nothing. Strategy is EVERYTHING.
  7. 7. The best offense is a good OFFENSE . Being only defensive is OFFENSIVE.
  8. 8. Content is KING. But MARKETING is the QUEEN. GOOD STUFF
  9. 9. The message is the message. Dominate the information spectrum.
  10. 10. Discover your ambassadors. Set them FREE within your MICRONICHE .
  11. 11. Choose the right tools for the job. Ignore the hype. Experiment. Fail safely.
  12. 12. Metrics are answers looking for problems. Ask : Is what I’m doing ADDING VALUE to the COMMUNITY?
  13. 13. Don’t just feel the pulse. BE THE PULSE.
  14. 14. Does anyone trust you? Influence = Brand * Expertise * Trust What’s your brand? Who are your experts? So...
  15. 15. Indecision is NOT a decision. Plans are nothing without ACTION.
  16. 16. Dr. Mark Drapeau I think stuff. @cheeky_geeky [email_address]