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Providing Global Gateways to success!


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About ESS

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Providing Global Gateways to success!

  1. 1. Proven development process with a pool of over 200 talented Software Programmers and experienced Architects in our development centers, along with in-house Project Managers and Project Coordinators, which allow us to deliver software solutions at a great value to suit any business. Our Services ESS is a Software Development company specializing in the development of Application Development custom-built Software Applications. The solutions we implement are Offshore Software Product Development provided to local and international clients. Our clients send us Application Management requirements or design specifications, which we ESS is a Software Custom Design Application for Business Process Development company specializing in the development of custom-built Software Applications. The solutions we implement are provided to local Core Expertise and international clients. Our clients send us requirements or design Web enabled/Client Server ERP specifications, which we verify, refine, model and formalize by integrating E-Commerce and Web Applications Workflow Applications our Architecture and Design Input. ESS is responsible for the iterative CE and PALM base Applications with Navigation to Portal design and development of it until the product is tested and deployed at Data Mining the client's hosting environment. We use up-to-date software development tools, the latest project Our Products management techniques and software engineering practices, thus meeting CRM the many IT challenges of our customers. The team consists mainly of Inventory Management System (IMS) Service Industry Project Managers, Business Analysts, Developers, User Acceptance/ Asset Tracker Property Management System (PMS) System Testers, and e-Business Professionals. Their excellent educational Ticket Master backgrounds coupled with their valuable experience differentiate from Business Process base Management Software most other IT companies and development centers in the World and in USA. 1-913-402-6909 Tel 1-913-273-0660 Fax http://enterprise-
  2. 2. Tech Competencies CUSTOM WEB DEVELOPMENT SKILL SET CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT SKILL SET Web Languages/Technologies Software Development Languages/Technologies SET - Java Script - MSMQ - PHP - Windows DNA / .Net - IVR (Interactive Voice Response - Microsoft Windows DNA / .Net - VB Script - HTML, DHTML - Macromedia Flash - Visual C++.NET/ Visual C#.NET/ Visual C++/ Systems) (ASP,, COM/DCOM, ActiveX, OLE) - CGI - SQL (SQL92, SQL extensions for - HTML MFC/ ATL/ STL - Perl - J2EE - WAP various RDBMS) - DHTML - Win32 API - J2EE, J2SE, EJB (EJB, JSP, JavaMail, JMS, Applets, Java - Allaire ColdFusion - XML/XSL, XSD, XHTML, XPATH, XML- - XML/XSL - COM/DCOM, ActiveX, OLE - Borland C++ / OWL Swing, Java servlets) - Perl RPC - CSS - RMI/ CORBA - Borland Delphi -AJAX - SOAP, WSDL, DOM, JDOM - MAPI, TAPI, SAPI - Microsoft Visual Basic - TCP/IP, sockets Database Connectivity - MTS - Power Builder - UNIX shell programming - ODBC - JDBC Operating Systems / Platforms - OLE DB - DAO - ADO.NET - DB Direct - ADO - RDO - Windows NT, 2000, XP - Linux, AIX - PalmOS, Pocket PC 2002/2003, - Windows 2003 Server - FreeBSD Windows CE Databases - Windows 9x, Me - OpenBSD - SUN Solaris - MS SQL Server - PostgreSQL - Informix - MACINTOSH “MAC OS-X” - NetBSD -AS400 - Oracle (PL/SQL, OCI) - Sybase - Microsoft Access Databases / RDBMS - MySql - IBM DB2 - Data Ease - Oracle (PL/SQL, OCI) - PostgreSQL Web Servers, Application Servers and Server Software - Informix - MS SQL Server - IBM DB2 - Microsoft Access - Apache - BEA WebLogic - MySql - Sybase - Microsoft IIS - IBM WebSphere - MS Exchange Server Database Connectivity - Tomcat - iPlanet Application Server - SharePoint Server - JRun - Terminal Server - SAMBA - ODBC - JDBC - JBoss - Transaction Server - OLE DB - DAO - ADO.NET - DB Direct - ADO - RDO Operating Systems - Linux Servers / Application Servers - Windows NT, 2000, XP - FreeBSD - Windows 2003 Server - MS Exchange Server 2000 - MS Commerce Server - Oracle Application Server - OpenBSD - SUN Solaris - Windows 9x, Me - .Net Framework - MTS -AS400 - NetBSD - MACINTOSH “MAC OS-X” - AIX Architectures - .NET - Distributed Systems PDA SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT SKILL SET - Client/Server - N-tier - Enterprise Java Beans PDA Development Tools Communications/Networking SET - Embedded Visual Tools - CodeWarrior (C++) - TCP/IP, SNMP, NetBIOS - QoS, IPv4, IPv6, - IrDA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi - Visual Studio .Net - Satellite Forms PDA Technologies GRAPHIC DESIGN SKILL SET - Conduit development - Wireless (IR, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) - Network connectivity - Desktop add-ins Tools and Technologies SET - Adobe Photoshop - Macromedia Flash - Macromedia Authorware Operating Systems - Adobe AfterEffects - Macromedia Generator - Newtek LightWave 3D - Windows CE, 5.0, 6.0 - J2EE - Adobe Illustrator - Macromedia Director - 3D Max - Palm OS -IPhone SDK - Symbian - Macromedia FreeHand - Macromedia Fireworks - Luxology MODO - PocketPC 2002/2003 -Black Barry - Nokia - Adobe InDesign CS3 - Flash Advanced - Streaming Media PROCESS MANAGEMENT TOOLS SET Modeling Our professional IT services aim - Rational Rose - S-Designer at empowering your enterprise. - MS Visual Modeler To make your business profitable - ErWin - Oracle Designer Requirements/Change Management we can design and optimize your website and customize - Rational Requisite Pro - Rational Clear Quest - Borland Starteam applications to your business Testing/Documentation process, methodologies and - Rational Test - NUnit communication model. - Rational SoDa - FxCop 1-913-402-6909 Tel Project Management 1-913-273-0660 Fax - MS Project Softerra Time-Assistant http://enterprise-
  3. 3. MACINTOSH DEVELOPMENT Apple quot;Registeredquot; Developer / partner All Apple OS versions and development tools available Mac-OS skills cover a range of technologies and industry-standard tools Mac-OS X, OS X Server and class libraries Mac OS 8, 8.6, 9 Carbon, Cocoa, Aqua Bellow is the list of few we commonly use with, on the Mac environment Mac Toolbox API base development. AppleTalk, TCP/IP, URL Access QuickTime - Apple xCode, Cocoa, Objective-C USB/driver development - CodeWarrior C++, MacApp, PowerPlant IPHONE Application development - Apple Project Builder - MPW - Interface Builder, Constructor - Java on Mac (MRJ) - RealBasic - AppleScript, ScriptEditor - IPHONE SDK Macintosh Technical Expertise Matrix User-Level System-Level Development Programming Technologies Technologies Tools Languages Cocoa® Open Transport SDK XCode® Objective C/C++ Carbon® Security SDK gcc, gdb C/C++ iPhone SDK Core Foundation Interface Builder AppleScript® Pro Tools SDK Core Audio Metrowerks CodeWarrior Unix shell (bash, tcsh) PowerPlant I/O Kit Package Maker Perl Accessibility API POSIX, BSD API ViseX Installer Ruby 1-913-402-6909 Tel 1-913-273-0660 Fax http://enterprise-
  4. 4. Choose the best software Development partnership model for your company. Competitive Prices...More savings with maximum flexibility and control in your hands. Offshore Software Development Models Being an innovative and flexible company we strive to provide our customers with the flexibility of choosing the appropriate software development partnership model to best suit their needs. We offer the following software development models: Offshore model Onsite model Combined onsite/offsite model Offshore Development Center (ODC) All project development, The project is carried-out on your site. The onsite team located at your premises directly interacts with our This model allows you to have a virtual starting with envisioning With its pool of developers, ESS is able to offshore development team in Sri Lanka. The onsite team is able to extension of your in-house software team. We through the delivery and bring a highly qualified staff, with strong address and attend to critical items and integration issues which need form a dedicated team of software specialists support stage, is done on ESS programming skills, to your location. The immediate attention while our dedicated offshore team will work on which is pre-selected by you. The team adopts premises. Customers are kept process starts by selecting the right system development. This model maximizes utilization of time and your practices and methodologies of software fully aware of each project candidates to work on your project resources by providing you with 24-hour development time and development and project management. The stage. Material results are development. We review your desired Reducing production costs through the utilization of our own offshore project management can be either on our provided to clients regularly on qualifications in person and select a few facilities. We recommend this model for middle- sized and large premises, or your side. In both cases you have a pre-arranged basis. candidates who match your requirements. projects, which are subject to change and need immediate attention full control over the software lifecycle. from our team. Technical approaches To better Accommodate the Offshore Development Models, ESS has implemented the following two Technical Approach models to better serve over customer needs and to support our Development Models. 1. Customers' Own Methodologies. Being a dynamic and flexible company, ESS is ready to employ your own working standards and methodologies. 2. In house Project Management with (ODC) ESS will provide a project manager to be working out of your site for the duration of the development cycle with options to keep the PM for the software life Cycle. Business Models Fixed Price Time and Material We provide customers with a Project In this case the quot;full time equivalentquot; scheme is applied, which Quotation that describes in detail the means that the customer is charged at a daily rate for each project scope and schedule. The employee dedicated to the customer's project. All invoices for payment schedule for a Fixed this type of contract are accompanied by project reports. We Price/Fixed Date agreement depends recommend this model for middle-sized and large projects which on project milestones and duration. are dynamic and have fluidity. This model provides you with the We recommend this model for middle- maximum control over deliverables and the team which works on sized projects, where the scope of the the project. project is defined and timelines are aggressive. This is the most cost- For payment, a quot;full time equivalentquot; scheme is applied, which effective outsourcing solution to take means that an hourly rate is charged for each employee advantage of. dedicated to your project. All invoices for this type of contract are 1-816-377-2910 Tel accompanied by project reports. 1-913-273-0660 Fax http://enterprise-
  5. 5. Customer Profile 2005 -2006 Knight Transportation Inc: At Rood Inc: @Road, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARDI) is a leading global provider of solutions designed to automate the management of The dream arose from the dusty farms of Plain City, Utah. Randy, Keith, Gary, mobile resources and to optimize the service delivery and Kevin Knight had a vision of establishing a short to medium-haul truckload process for customers across a variety of industries. By carrier and becoming a major player in the industry. They channeled their desires. providing real-time Mobile Resource Management (MRM) They honed their skills. Then, with more than 80 years of trucking experience infrastructure integrating wireless communications, between the four of them, they were ready to do it better than anyone else. Knight location-based services, mobile software applications, Transportation was created on the basis of achieving growth and profitability transaction processing and the Internet, @Road solutions through an intensive management style and the creation of a simplified, cost- provide a secure, scalable, upgradeable, enterprise-class effective operation. From Plain City to Wall Street, the Knight evolution has come platform, offered in hosted, on-premise or hybrid full circle. Knight continues its aggressive business growth plan and has become environments that seamlessly connect mobile workers in a quot;major playerquot; in the trucking industry. the field to real-time corporate data on-demand. Ess Design and implemented Web Portal to manage GPS system in use by Knight along with a windows CE Application Windows CE 2000 App and a data mining Portal Wal- Mart Inc: Verizon Inc: GE Inc: In 1962, Sam Walton laid the foundation for Wal- From jet engines to power generation, financial Mart Stores, Inc. with three principles: have respect Verizon Wireless owns and operates the nation’s most services to plastics, and medical imaging to news for the individual, give service to our customers and reliable wireless network. Headquartered in Bedminster, and information, GE people worldwide are strive for excellence. The formula proved rock-solid NJ, Verizon Wireless is a joint venture of Verizon dedicated to turning imaginative ideas into leading for success. From a single store in northwestern Communications (NYSE:VZ) and Vodafone (NYSE and products and services that help solve some of the Arkansas, Wal-Mart has grown into the largest LSE: VOD). world's toughest problems. retailer on earth. In 2004, Fortune magazine recognized Wal-Mart as one of the world's most Customers 51.3 Million, Employees 55,700 http://www.g admired companies. Ess Design web base Asset Tracking System with Ess Design and Implemented Two WEB base Ess Design a web based Application Accompanying windows Windows CE mobile Application Application Customized to there Needs Mobile Application 1-816-377-2910 Tel Customer Profile 2006 -2007 1-913-273-0660 Fax http://enterprise-
  6. 6. Customer Profile 2005 -2006 Penske Us Foods Inc. Penske Logistics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Penske Truck Leasing, which was founded in 1969. In 1988, General Electric became a limited partner in Penske Truck Leasing with Penske Corporation. Penske Logistics became a division of Penske Truck leasing in 1995 with the acquisition of Leaseway U.S. Foodservice™ is one of the leading broad line Logistics. Penske have become one of the world's leading providers of logistics, foodservice distributors in the United States, with yearly transportation and distribution services, consistently ranked among the top 10 revenues exceeding $18 billion. Our corporate office is logistics providers and have the client experience to prove it. Global strategically positioned between Washington, D.C. and corporations such as Ford, General Motors, Pepsi and Whirlpool have teamed Baltimore, Maryland, in one of the fastest growing business with Penske to reduce supply chain costs, increase market share and improve corridors in the country - Columbia, Maryland. With over 100 profitability. Whether you need a single discrete service like warehousing or a distribution centers nationwide, U.S. Foodservice™ is LLP partner, Penske offers the depth of resources and expertise needed to conveniently located for quick and easy, local access for all meet your demands. Global network consists of a dedicated fleet of 12,000 existing and potential customers. vehicles, 10 million square feet of warehousing and cross docking space, and 300 logistics centers throughout North America, South America and Europe. Ess Design a web portal base application with mobile application to track there implementations Ess Design PPC application for Mobile CE 5.0 specific to Trio 700w Smart phone Application has Ability to send Pictures along with the data collection this also accompanies the data mining site Black Tie Inc: Dean Foods Dean Foods is one of the leading food and beverage companies in the country. Georgia Imhoff and Kenton Kuhn. In the mid-1990s, Imhoff, a We are the largest processor and distributor of milk and other dairy products. longtime Denver volunteer and philanthropist, saw a need for a tool Through our White Wave Foods division, we are also the nation's leading that would list nonprofits' upcoming fund-raising events. Kuhn, who manufacturer of soymilk, organic milk and other organic foods. We operate more has been active in online communications since 1986 and the than 100 plants in the United States, Spain, Portugal and Great Britain, and Internet since 1994, built the site. Today, our members provide us employ more than 27,000 people. with additional ideas to make the Black-tie concept more useful. Ess Design a Data mining Site to track all services to the transportation Fleet in Ess Design an addition to there WEB based Event Planner and North America Ticket System 1-816-377-2910 Tel 1-913-273-0660 Fax http://enterprise-
  7. 7. Customer Profile 2006 -2007 Palm DB converter to Windows Os direct communication to Data mining Portal Palm Application and windows Data module to communicate with Data mining portal Windows CE 5.0 Application with Pictures and data mining portal Windows CE 5.0 Application with Pictures and data mining portal Asset Allocation Wireless Installation Management Portal Windows Application with direct connectivity to Data mining Portal Data Mining Staging and Shipping Management 1-816-377-2910 Tel Customer Profile 2007 -2008 1-913-273-0660 Fax http://enterprise-
  8. 8. Customer Profile 2008 -2009 CRM on demand Application Development On line May 2007 (enhancement and Customization through 2008) mobile and Outlook integration scalable Modules Project management Portal Sales Accounts Contacts Leads Documents Sales Calls Marketing Campaigns Services Activities Service Tickets Inventory Products Quotes Orders Invoice Ticket Master Application Development through 2009 Reporting Downloads Administration Professional Mobile communication Application windows CE, PALM, Black Barry, Nokia, and IPHONE Development through 2009 - 2010 1-816-377-2910 Tel 1-913-273-0660 Fax http://enterprise-
  9. 9. ESS Infrastructure Office Locations: Head Office Overland Park, Kansas Main Sales office in Kansas City, Missouri Sales Office for west Cost located in Scottsdale Arizona and Pasadena, California... Design and Architecture Offices in Kansas, Arizona, California, Canada, Sri Lanka, China and India Development Management office in Colombo, Sri Lanka ESS Development Center in Colombo, Sri Lanka, India and Russia Internal Training Facilities: In-house staff training facility to train Project Managers in Kansas City. Internet and Network Connectivity: A dedicated leased line for all our development facility supported by a backup ADSL link in All Development Centers Dedicated Servers for application Development Cycle, Testing and Client presentation: For application Development, testing, client presentation and for sensitive data storage we have co-location servers with a firewall installed. Dedicated Windows 2003 Advance server with SQL Server 2000-2005 support for ASP Dedicated Linux server with PHP, MySQL support Windows 2003 server with .Net Framework with SQL Server 2000-2005 support Contingency and Disaster Recovery: The physical infrastructure at all our development facilities has been planned in such a manner that practically nothing has been left to chance. All foreseeable contingencies have been taken into consideration and consequently have been planned. Accessibility and Security: Depending upon the criticality of the area and the services within, different types of physical and access restrictions have been imposed within the development centers so that our clients can be absolutely certain that their data, systems and processes and other confidential information, including IPRs (Intellectual Property Rights) do not get circulated, inadvertently or on purpose. All Our ODC premises are protected 24X7 by security guards and we have deployed electronic and physical access control systems for all our North American Locations will be implementing same technology in to all our ODC environments. 1-816-377-2910 Tel 1-913-273-0660 Fax http://enterprise-