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Sep19 Events Landing Page

  1. 1. Events Landing Page For an SEM campaign
  2. 2. Events & Conferences Home | FAQ | SlideShare Events | Testimonials Amplify your event! Why partner with SlideShare? The community – Putting your event on SlideShare helps you create a repository for presentations made at the event. That’s not all though; the community features of a SlideShare event allow you to send out invites, reminders and start discussions. If that wasn’t enough, adding your presentations to SlideShare invites the large and diverse SlideShare community to virtually be a part of your event. For presenters - This is a great back up of your presentation and if you record your talk, you can create a slidecast later! Having your presentation visible long after your talk, allows your ideas to follow your audience home. And then spread across the world. The ability to embed in blogs and websites only adds to the virality! Attendees – Ever missed a keynote? Well, if your event had their Contact SlideShare presentations uploaded to SlideShare, you won’t have to ever again! Organisers – SlideShare makes it easier for attendees to find your event content and talk about it in the blogosphere. You could also upload the last event’s content to generate buzz and awareness of your event. Oh yes, your event could also be featured on the SlideShare homepage, boosting the number of people looking at your presentations. Testimonials Yadda yadda yadda Yabba dabba doo SlideShare washes Just say NO! Yadda yadda yadda Yabba dabba doo clothes whiter! (to Slideboom) View more - Jerry Seinfeld - Fred Flintstone - Lalitaji - SlideShare team © 2008 SlideShare Inc Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Contact Us
  3. 3. What are the menu items? • Home – Take you to SlideShare home • FAQ – a custom FAQ page with just a few Qs about SlideShare and more about SlideShare events and what can be achieved. • SlideShare Events – Link to the Events page on SlideShare • Testimonials – Custom page with exerpts from blogposts, new items etc about benefits of SlideShare (in general) and for events specifically.
  4. 4. Things that can definitely be improved • The header – Something clean is always good so we could just put a SlideShare logo at the right and make our menu larger on the left, but a title is also good • The text – It seems there’s quite a lot without saying much. Maybe Daniel’s PDF could be turned into a PPT and we embed it there along with a short version of the text • Bareness of the page – Might be improved with a few graphics/images/icons but will still need to be text-heavy for good SEM ranking • Some more screenshots to show what can be done with SlideShare events (with links to view larger versions)