Keepin It Real With Shani College Edition Final Version 2


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08 Movement: Where Are They Now??

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Keepin It Real With Shani College Edition Final Version 2

  1. 1. Keepin’ It Where Are The ’08 Movement… Newsletter Written By Shantelle “Shani” Facey Hey guys and gals! It’s me again, Shani, writing to you To make it in beyond , Millenniumto from college you have study hard. But in order has you to High School. It for been not besuch a long time since I a unsociable and be workaholic, you haveschoollearn Ito wrote for the to and balance must time between studying, your say that it is an , eating healthy be doing playtimeamazing honor to andasked service towork. Service I work is write again. cannot important because it enablescollegeto express how amazing you Class of 2008 Senior Trip get out life has been. heard and so there and be There is also creates a lot of opportunities for you. much that you should know WHERE Class of THEY where they are now Members of the ARE 2008 share By putting we think itoutimportant and yourself ’s there on campus, that you read this newsletter you can get recognized by faculty or school officials and perhaps and how they are doing. I attend Tufts University in Medford, I'm attending the SUNY at MA. Tufts is BIG on global awareness Buffalo and the school is and is well known for its International actually very nice. We have through the school or get scholarships Relations Program. Dorms vary; there concerts once a semester with are’m attendingolder ones, cleaner ones. Newark, I new ones, Seton Hall University in artists through other organizations. Financial such as Nas, Ludacris The food is am a Communications major. The and other celebrities that NJ and I pretty good and was ranked thing. about last I checked that upon best well Well, Seton Hall is (which come to sing. There are lots aid isn’t college makes me you get a laptop. -than-sophomore of events that makes always satisfying without arrival, wonder what less After pretty-,good exchange itbe like).different one and year you food must for a life fun. ~ that oneMedina to keep when you graduate. ~Timothy Ung Carlos you get scholarships so if you apply for those The atmosphere is amazing and the people are diverse and fantastic. It’s an expensive school proudly attending I'm it s one of scholarships in school and maintain an I am but it’s definitely worth it because at ’Rochester Institute of Skidmore best schoolsliberal country…and it’s (RIT) up in Rochester, the College, a in the Technology right up there with a Ivy League schools the moment, I am a arts college that hasthe variety NY. At such as excellent GPA you can actually get the computer engineer major and of majors of every kind. Fordham. It’s fantastic! Harvard, Yale and For Shantelle Facey eventually I hope to be in such a ~small school you really mechanical and electrical get the attention you need engineering. RIT is known for you want and prevent future aid from the professors in and out engineering and its many co-op of class. Some of them are so cool that they'll invite you to college debt. I know of a few people opportunities. Personally, I feel that the courses start off slow but their homes for holidays if eventually everything becomes fast Keep in mind… college is a big deal you plan to stay on campus. pace so time management is KEY if literally paying everything that are you want to survive. and deciding on the college for you is ~ Melissa Nguyen ~ Mohammed Zen Akram through loans…. You don’t want to end are crucial and those loans up starting to somewhere you don’who happy…it add up and t feel knows won’t be good in the end.
  2. 2. I am at Hampshire College. It is amazing. People are so nice, there is plenty of vegetarian food, the campus is beautiful and there are a lot fun parties. But I am pretty much a grandma and like to lounge in bed :) ~ Lyla Bugara I'm at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and it is a lot less scary than it first appears on paper. A majority of a student's time is spent working, true, but what else could be expected from college? I spend my day surrounded by individuals who each possess a certain variety of insanity in an environment that nurtures their quirks. Their drive to do more than one would think humanly possible pushes me to extend my reach as well. ~ Julia Hopkins I go to Stony Brook University. If you want to be away from home (perhaps to escape from your nagging parents), but also want to be close enough so that you can come home every now and then (to eat home cooked meals or to visit friends in the city), Stony Brook is the perfect school to go to. ~ Corinna Wang I go to Syracuse University, it is the best school in the world. I really cannot I chose SUNY Oswego .becauses it gave me the opportunitymyself anywhere other than here. I go to Hunter College There' a whole imagine to be away from home and it also of people in that school. It has a all the Itfreshmendream campus, alla the teachers bunch had a good Business School. When is my moved in I met lot of people and I I really like. But I'll probably city feel that made the most friends then. During are helpful, but of schoolsome to get the that first week beware try are not to know because of my major. There areit. transfer some people…you won’t regret a best at teaching. The friends I have made ~ Alexanderpeople. Oh and there are some lot of nice Naistadt here are awesome and I know I will still actual cool teachers. Actually my Greek talk to them years down the road. and Latin Roots of English teacher reminds ~ Magnolia Salas me of Carlos. At the moment I am in Brooklyn College, which is a ~ Rafael Uribe CUNY. It was one of my top three choices of CUNYs to go to. I don't have a declared major yet but I I go to the SUNY at Buffalo and I participate intend on declaring in my first semester as a in EOP (Educational Opportunity Program), sophomore. Until then, I am exploring what my which requires three weeks in the summer to abilities are and what career may help me to master get training and get in shape for the actual them. school year. This program was beneficial as it ~ Ashikuz Zaman helped me get used to the school and I got to meet other students who I soon became friends with. The program is hard but it is memorable if you make the most of it instead of isolating yourself. ~ Anna Sheng ‘08 Graduation
  3. 3. I attend Fordham University at Lincoln Center, which is in the city. I started right after graduation because I got accepted to Fordham University LC through the Higher I go to Lehman but I’m planning on Educational Opportunity Program (HEOP) transferring. My major is undecided and I had to attend a summer session. but I’m leaning towards something During the summer I met new people, in the field of psychology and/or learned new skills and tips that I would marine biology. My best advice need in the fall, which definitely helped me would be: Don’t be a sucker in school and stay focused! transition from high school to college. ~ Eston Claire Jr. ~ Tiffany Martinez I go to Fordham University at the Lincoln Center site and I was lucky enough to have been chosen to be a part of Seventeen Magazine’s Freshman 15 where 15 female college freshman blog and vlog (video-blog) about their experiences during their first year of college. As of now I plan to attend Fordham for a 5-year master program so that in the future I can teach English to high school students. It’s a blast being a college student and you guys should look forward to it I go to Lehman College and I am because the rewards will be amazing. majoring in biology. The class sizes ~ Sharai Marie are small so learning is easy and the campus is nice. Transitioning into the school was easy because the class sizes are small so the professors can In the town where there lies grass, open land, help out each student, and the work and more open land, my first year at DePauw isn’t too hard either. University has been an experience of a life time. ~ Jane Morales Colleg Though there is no city life with lights that stay on 24/7, people who roam around till the sun rises, or stores to shop in within a ten block range, having silence gives me the time to my head on straight. I'm currently majoring in Art College Life is so different from High history maybe minor in communications. College is amazing, and I believe Millennium did a great job Our ‘ 08ers have some preparing me for it. ~Kareen Dillon I college, once again, and bottom Life … School In go to SUNY Cortlanddon't slack off. While you may have had the time to in high school, you won't have much time for that IS AMAZING and I if you're advice for you… line... Icollege. COLLEGEswamped with work (depending on the number of credits you take)! The workload can get very heavy during LOVE You'll be !! CORTLAND sometimes (especially don’t wantmajoring in science or engineering). It's important to get help right away if you have any freshman year to end because it’s been questions because if you don't, you'll be struggling to keep up with the work. If you're gettinggo to Lincoln University, whichmeans I stressed all the time that is a you great. a’ve had It'slot of fun and keep working hard all the time, but everyone needs a break every now and then if they so need I break. a admirable to I’ve HBCU (Historically Black College and made tons of new friends. I work want to stay sane. Overworking yourself can have bad consequences. -Corinna Wang hard and I play hard…keeping that University) and I’m majoring in balance is crucial if you want to sociology. I love the freedom and there remain sane. is no better experience than going away ~ Tricia Fratta to college. ~Ashlee Goodman
  4. 4. Don't mess up in high school, work hard and get the best Everyone procrastinates, but as we get older our concept you can out of every class, while still maintaining a social of how much time we can spend not doing something life. Even in an art/ technical school Millennium has helped hopefully becomes more realistic. Apply to a good variety me a lot. Believe it or not I was the only one who knew of colleges, but not too many, and if you absolutely adore how to use PowerPoint for a group presentation. So it may a school apply early and see if you get in. If you do, still be hard to hear but that aspect of exhibitions does help. – apply to some other schools in case of financial aid (but, Margot Greenwald you know, ditch those couple of applications you weren't too excited about anyway). -Julia Hopkins Don't mess up in high school. Find a teacher or two that you really like (and if they don't like you, then give them a Don't be stressed about choosing your major as soon as reason to). Take everything w/ a grain of salt, and realize you get into college. It's actually better to be undecided that choosing colleges isn't the be-all-end-all decision of and explore different majors during your first year because your life. Don't procrastinate. At least not on your college you have a lot more time and classes that aren't as applications. Honestly, if January 1st comes and you can't difficult as the years to come. Meet a lot of people, but submit an application because you're not done yet …you'll balance your social life with your academic life. It's better completely regret it. It's worth starting your essay a week to be a 3.5 or higher student with lots of club and early for a school you're going to spend 4 years at. internship experience than to be a 4.0 student without any Similarly, don't write your essays Dec. 31st! Bad idea, trust club or internship experience. You also don't want to be me, I know from experience. Enjoy high school, because on academic probation and end up getting kicked out of there's nothing else like it and you can't go back. Needless college because your life after that will be very hard. - to say, college is ALSO a unique experience so once you're Timothy Ung done with high school, be done with it and prepare to move on with your life. Oh, and one last thing... if you want to College is a different place then high school. I think most get out of the city, then GET OUT! Best decision of my life alum feel a totally different atmosphere than from that of was to leave NYC for college, and there is never a day that high school. Whether you go to SUNY or CUNY or even I regret it. Forget ignorance, independence is bliss. – Carlos out of state it’s a totally different place. College is a difficult task and is a different environment from high school. Although it’s tough - we stride forward, no matter College, as a general topic, is the most exciting and scary what the future holds in store for us we will find our way thing whetherschoolare in and city or spent in .class, collegeofis way different.or later. than a seven-hour day, you might be in In terms of you work the hours dorming I was one sooner Rather –Ashikuz Zaman those who about 2-4be away from home and it plan a choice schedule. Depending on the professor, s/he might assign a range class for chose to hours depending how you was out your that2-3 papers for the semester. .But do not regret it because require 5-7 papers. Time management is definitely key, just of I had to make for my future I an English class might Ibecause the workload major as heavy a lot offuture. needs to be putMy advice is to experience papers shouldbe scared tomore believe college is a isn't step toward the work –Anna into your papers. College life and not be written Sheng like exhibition style, so it’s best to start early and not wait to the branch out., Explore the difference in your gradestay in last minute it makes a world and do not just . Studying is also very important. I noticed that when I actually studied for exams I did a lotzone. .Life is scaryalso assign readingshorn. your comfort better Professors but take it by the ; I like to keep is hard work,readings so I'm partylost in , class. OhallFordham Katiean attendance policy, which professors alter. I try not College up with my it’s not just a not place it’s not , - has Poueymirou relaxed .class becausedo your work, and ifgrade donthat class. So attendance is also very important. –Tiffany Martinez to skip If you don't it would affect my you in 't put time and effort into everything that you do you are only If you’re going far away or just living alone - be setting yourself up for failure wheredepression later.LOT of is College is definitely a place and you'll meet a There Keyprepared. You have to -ers your own foodthat the past does thing for high school get in general is and do time for fun and - you'll meet classmates to allare from different people time for seriousness. So who the future come back and haunt you! Though you whenfreedom. scrambling everything by yourself! Especially get you're College collegestates, andremember that you are You will see many other goers - even other countries. going to school for for is really not write you a recommendation letter yourall of teachers to hard if you do some studying and do senior work and perspectives of issues that (not that you shouldn't different your future not partying you might not have year. And in .college, life is gooddon't if you are on a floor your work Dorm professors too really care about whether party thought of before, which'swill widen your ). –Magnolia ever but just remember what more important knowledge or with you're people. ; –Nelson on you to get your act together. – not chill failing it’s all Lam Salas so much more. You grow up a lot during college - just Melissa Nguyen you learn to be independent and learn to better take Do your your own things if ityou haven't't done so step of .the process. It care of exhibition and do well. Don skip a already This is not the time to go crazy and lose your will save your life in collegemore open'tor maybethe number of people You also learn to be a lot ! You won believe if mind but it is definitely a time to have fun all in college that don't know howcan write a research paper or even know you're the quiet type, college to possibly make you the while learning how to really deal with what a shy (unlessSoak're dorming can now already college papers! – more thesis is. you up all you and are and rock your own independence. You’re responsible for Taylor Barash surrounded 24/7 by people). Use all the sources you you…so act wisely. –Ashlee Goodman have in college! I'm not only talking about work, but also teachers, counselors, and services online or in If you You paid High School is stressful…wait until you get to college…you’ll be surprised by what offices. think for them, so use them! When talking to these people, they can help you a lot with the long lists you’ll encounter might have building up in your of questions that you there. head all the time! –Carmen Li
  5. 5. Honestly, if you want to be something in life, don't let other people tell you otherwise. If you have the motivation to do things you will be able to do it, especially if you work hard and put your heart into what you do. The smartest people aren’t always the most successful. It's the people who have heart in what they're studying and what they want to be that will succeed in life. –Leticia Chiu College is pretty cool. It’s way different than Millennium. Nobody is gonna tell you that you’re doing bad in school. Basically you’re on your own. It’s a little overwhelming at first, but give it a week or so, and it’s awesome. –Rafael College is what you make of it. You could go to Uribe Yale and completely screw over your future, or you could go to BMCC and come out with the most Enjoy high school ... it’s the time of your life and it prepares you for useful tools possible. There’s no point in stressing. what’s to come. You’ll meet people that will leave a stain in your Just do it. –Dorothy Zittel heart. – Diandra Cano Well I guess that is all there is to it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the entire Class of 2008 in this volume to share their thoughts with you given. They are in college after all! We would like to thank those that were able to participate and give you some input on what college life is really like. Right now, you’re on the verge of graduating and going on about your separate ways in college or wherever else you plan to goRest may be a scary thing for many of you and it in Peace Julie Tsang because you’ll be moving on to bigger and better things…things that 18, may not have been able Sunrise: December you 1990 to handle when you first entered high school and June 29, 2008 Sunset: this is a good thing because high school has life. You a stopping place, prepared you for the larger things in Life is but may not have had all great days in high school A pause in what's to be, but we are hoping that you took those daysing place along twhat could happen when you enter the A rest as lessons for he road, to sweet eternity. real world. College life is full of new experiences and full of things that you would not encounter We all have different journeys, day to day in high school. We hope you found some of theseway, Different paths along the words from previous MHS seniors We all were meant to learn some things, to be helpful because it can definitely help you. Procrastination is something that happens all too but never meant to stay… often with people nowadays and it is really a shame because they fail to realize that Our destination is a place, doesn’t get them know. procrastination only sets them back andFar greater than weanywhere. Some, or many, of you have For some the journey's quicker, For some the journey's slow. And when the journey finally ends, We'll claim a great reward, And find an everlasting peace,