Robert Fiance Makeup Academy


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Enroll Today at the Robert Fiance Makeup Academy and Turn your Passion into an Exciting & Rewarding Career as a Makeup Artist! Visit for more information!

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Robert Fiance Makeup Academy

  1. 1.
  2. 2. BEHIND THE<br /> MAKEUP<br />ROBERT FIANCE is the leading name in Cosmetology & Career Training, educating the world's finest hairstylists, makeup artists and beauty professionals for 50 years! <br />It all started at the world-renowned Robert Fiance Hair Design Institute of New York, and from there we have grown to become one of the most reputable names in the industry. Time and time again, the Robert Fiance Education Systems are credited as being the foundation to successful and rewarding careers in the Beauty Industry.<br />Now, the Robert Fiance Makeup Academy has opened the doors to those who wish to specialize in the field of Professional Makeup Artistry. Our programs are designed and instructed by industry leading artisans and educators, whose specialties include fantasy and theatrical makeup, body painting, cosmetic chemistry and retail, special fx and prosthetic applications, and runway and editorial makeup, just to name a few. <br />
  3. 3. Why Choose Robert Fiance?<br />* Learn in a full service Manhattan-like Studio<br />* Small Class Sizes Start Monthly <br />* Courses in English and Spanish <br />* Day and Evening Sessions Available<br />* Work on live models, book appointments & build your own clientele<br />* Build your portfolio with professional photography <br />* Train with the full line of PAOLO Cosmetics & Enjoy Incredible Student Discounts * Learn from qualified professional instructors from various fields of the industry <br />* Experience Quality Education backed by over <br /> 50 years of Experience<br />
  4. 4. Where? <br />NEW YORK? <br />L.A.? <br />PARIS? <br />NO!<br />The Robert Fiance Makeup Academy is the ONLY Certified Makeup Training Studio in New Jersey!<br />
  5. 5. Fashion Makeup Artistry<br /><ul><li> Fundamentals & Essential Principles of Makeup Application
  6. 6. Product Knowledge
  7. 7. Color Theory & Lighting
  8. 8. Highlighting & Contouring
  9. 9. High Fashion Celeb Looks
  10. 10. Bridal, Day/Evening Wear
  11. 11. Fantasy Styles
  12. 12. Smokey Eyes & False Lashes
  13. 13. Air Brushing & Body Painting
  14. 14. Business & Beauty: Marketing Yourself as a top Makeup Artist
  15. 15. PLUS: Intro to Special FX Makeup </li></li></ul><li>FASHION MAKEUP ARTISTRY<br />Our 150 hour core program is designed for both beginners and experienced <br />Artists looking to advance their training in Professional Makeup Artistry.<br />This course was developed BY Makeup Artists FOR Makeup Artists and is intended to help students master the basics of makeup applications for various facets of the industry. Students will learn techniques for corrective makeup, bridal, fashion, fantasy, and special FX. <br />Exciting hands-on demonstrations, guest artists, fashion shows, and step by step practical lessons will prepare students for work in the fashion, beauty, and cosmetic industries. Students will begin building their portfolio and will be ready to put their passion and talent into professional works.<br />
  16. 16. Advanced SPECIAL FX<br /><ul><li>Vampires & Werewolves
  17. 17. Sci-Fi & Mystical Creatures
  18. 18. Monsters & Zombies
  19. 19. Airbrushing & Body Painting
  20. 20. Fake Blood, Wounds & Scars
  21. 21. Prosthetics, Crepe Hair, Latex & Foam
  22. 22. Facial Contouring
  23. 23. Blending & Highlighting </li></li></ul><li>Advanced SPECIAL FX<br />Our Special FX Course focuses on character makeup and special effects for the film and television industries. Students will learn to use makeup and prosthetic applications to transform their models into creatures and dramatic characters. Students will learn and practice the art of application, utilizing proper placement, coloration and blending to create the most horrifying and photorealistic effects for both the stage and the screen.<br />This 150 hour course can be completed in just five weeks of intense and exciting instruction and practical training, designed to take the novice learner to a fully-functioning makeup artist prepared to work in SFX labs and workshops as well as multi-media production companies. This program covers the understanding, techniques, and on-set experience required for entry-level employment in the entertainment and advanced makeup industries.<br /><ul><li>Prosthetic Applications
  24. 24. Stretch & Stipple Techniques
  25. 25. Facial Contouring </li></ul> (3D Effects)<br /><ul><li> Life Casting & Molding
  26. 26. Body Parts Cast
  27. 27. Multi-Piece Character Makeup
  28. 28. Foam Latex
  29. 29. Decomposing
  30. 30. Highlighting/Shading
  31. 31. Drawing & Sculpting Techniques</li></li></ul><li>SCHEDULES<br />FULL TIME:<br />Monday - Friday | 9:30am – 4:00pm<br />½ Hour Lunch Break <br />30 Hours / Week <br />150 Hour Course: 5 Week Completion<br />PART TIME:<br />Monday - Thursday | 6:00pm – 9:00pm<br />15 Minute Break<br />12 Hours / Week <br />150 Hour Course: 3 Month Completion<br />
  32. 32. Introducing…<br />P<br />A<br />O<br />L<br />O<br />C<br />O<br />S<br />M<br />E<br />T<br />I<br />C<br />S<br />.<br />C<br />O<br />m<br />A new line of <br />Cosmetics & Mineral Makeup <br />Manufactured in Europe<br />
  33. 33. Train using the full line of <br />PAOLO Cosmetics. <br />Upon completion, you will receive your PAOLO PRO Artist Certification. <br />
  34. 34. Makeup Artists<br />Advance your Career as a<br />PAOLO PRO Consultant<br /><ul><li> Earn up to 50% Sales Commission
  35. 35. Purchase PAOLO Cosmetics & Makeup Accessories at Wholesale
  36. 36. Receive Incredible Discounts on Advanced Makeup Workshops
  37. 37. Minimal Investment Required
  38. 38. Other Cosmetic Reps have no training in Makeup Artistry – See how easy it is when your Certified!
  39. 39. Double your Clientele!
  40. 40. Triple your Income!</li></ul><br />Email: <br />
  41. 41. Work from Home<br />Make your own Hours<br />Be Your Own Boss<br />Build Networks & Develop Friendships<br />P<br />A<br />O<br />L<br />O<br />P<br />R<br />O <br />C<br />O<br />N<br />S<br />U<br />L<br />T<br />A<br />N<br />T<br />S<br />Succeed with PAOLO Cosmetics<br />And enjoy all the benefits of a <br />PAOLO PRO Consultant<br />Manage your own Team <br />Earn Commission on Sales <br />from your Recruits <br />Enjoy Incredible Discounts on Products & Workshops <br /> PAOLO<br />Cosmetics<br /> PAOLO<br />PRO Artist<br />Advance your Career as a Professional Makeup Artist<br />
  42. 42. Learn the Fundamentals of Makeup Artistry for the Fashion, Entertainment and Retail Cosmetics Industries<br />Film – Stage - Television Runway -Theater – Editorial<br />Fashion & Photo Shoots<br />Freelance & Platform Artists<br />Cosmetics Sales & Demos<br />and so much more! <br />The possibilities are endless!<br />
  43. 43. Love Fashion?<br />Glamour?<br />Beauty?<br />Dream of Working Backstage on Fashion Shows?<br />Want to Learn How to Create Celebrity Styles?<br />
  44. 44. Don’t get caught up in Expensive City Commutes, Unaffordable Tuition, or Months of Schooling<br />Enroll Today at the Robert Fiance Makeup Academy and Turn your Passion into an Exciting & Successful Career in Makeup Artistry! <br />Affordable Payment Plans <br />Convenient Location<br />Flexible Schedules<br />Qualified Instructors <br />Certified in 5 Weeks!<br />
  45. 45. 1-866-Learn-13 <br />(1-866-532-7613)<br />Admissions: ext. 23<br />PAOLO Retail Center: ext. 24<br /> <br />314 State Street<br />Perth Amboy. NJ. 08861<br />Conveniently located in Central Jersey. <br />Exit 127 off the Parkway<br />5 Minutes from Staten Island.<br /> FOLLOW US!<br /><br />