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The History Of The Settlement Of Greenville

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The History Of The Settlement Of Greenville

  1. 1. Ebony Coleman<br />Brashier Middle College <br />The History of the Settlement of Greenville<br />
  2. 2. Located on the Reedy River, in the Piedmont area near the Blue Ridge Mts.; laid out 1797, inc. as a city 1907. It is a trade and processing center for agriculture and livestock products. There are many textile mills, garment factories, and farm-produce-processing and -packing establishments. Plants there manufacture metals, paper, rubber products, motor vehicles, chemicals, and electronic equipment. Textile Hall is the scene of the biennial Southern Textile Exposition. Greenville is the seat of Furman Univ., Bob Jones Univ., Greenville Technical College, and a Shriners&apos; hospital for children. It has an art museum, a symphony orchestra, a zoo, and the popular Little Theater. Tourists are attracted to a historic park in the city, as well as to the two state parks and Blue Ridge Mts. area nearby.<br />Encyclopedia<br />
  3. 3. Story Time<br />The first white settler in present Greenville County was Richard Pearis, an Irishman, who came from Virginia about 1765 as a trader. He married a Cherokee woman and became so highly thought of by the Cherokee tribe that tradition records their repeated gifts to him of land that finally covered a tract 10 miles square. On part of this estate now stands the city of Greenville and Paris Mountain. (Name derived from Pearis). <br />
  4. 4. Paris Mountain<br />
  5. 5. Important People<br />Lemuel J. Alston<br /><ul><li>Brother of Governor Joseph Alston
  6. 6. Came to the county in 1788 and he bought 400 acres
  7. 7. A portion of the former plantation of Pearis
  8. 8. In 1797 laid out a village called Pleasantburg
  9. 9. In 1816 Alston sold his holdings to VardryMcBee</li></li></ul><li>More Important People<br />VardryMcBee<br /><ul><li>McBee was called 'The Father of Greenville
  10. 10. He recognized the potential sources of wealth in the country's climate and water power, and erected on the Reedy River one of the earliest cotton mills
  11. 11. He was instrumental in removing Furman University from Edgefield to Greenville in 1851
  12. 12. The falls of the Reedy River were soon utilized to furnish power for iron works, corn, and cotton mills</li></li></ul><li>Story Time<br />The Camperdown Mills were established in 1873. The mills property<br />included what is known today as Falls Park adjacent to Main Street<br />in downtown Greenville South Carolina.<br /> <br />The Camperdown Mills renovated and enlarged the old Vardry Mill,<br />known as Camperdown #1, on the south side of the Reedy River<br />and began producing cotton yarns there in June 1874. Camperdown<br />#1 burned in November 1943. The foundation of this mill remains today<br />in the Mill Garden of Falls Park<br />
  13. 13. Camperdown Mill On The<br />Banks of the Reedy River<br />
  14. 14. McBee<br />and Vardry<br />Mills<br />Rocks and river in foreground. Two-story brick building at left, two-story structure at right, waterfall between. Several people beside building on left. On verso: holograph note, &quot;&quot;Vardry Mill. McBee Mill in Background. ca.1880. Downstream from falls&quot;&quot;. Building at left has been tentatively identified as Camperdown Mill building no. 1.<br />
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