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  1. 1. By: Destiny! Hope You Enjoy, Learn & Have Fun! Wood Frogs!
  2. 2. A Wood Frog Looks Like: This is what a wood frog looks like. Range is from about 51 to 70 millimeters in length. The females are MUCH larger than the males. COLOR: On the stomach it is yellowish, & sometimes they are even a greenish-white. Male Female
  3. 3. A Wood Frog Habitat: Wood frogs prefer heavily forested vegetation. Wood frogs like stuff like wetlands, pools, swamps, ponds, puddles, etc.
  4. 4. What Do Wood Frogs Eat? Wood frogs are herbivores. They eat stuff like leaves, and moss. They would prefer different kinds of leaves. That is what wood frogs like to eat.
  5. 5. Protection! Wood frogs protect themselves by blending into their surroundings. That is why they live in the woods or different wetlands. Wood frogs like to keep hidden so that they don’t get hunted down by one of their different predators. That is how wood frogs protect themselves.
  6. 6. Some Unique or different Characteristics Wood frogs are born in eggs. I’m guessing up to like 300 at a time. That is something most people won’t believe! The young are called tadpoles. Something very cool is that the female tadpoles even as babies, they are still much, much,, bigger than the tadpole males!
  7. 7. Are They Endangered? No wood frogs are not endangered. They are just really hard to find. Some problems they face are that they are just so hard to see because they are so little, that when people or animals walk around them, they accidentally step on them. So they are not endangered they are just too busy hiding that they hardly are ever found!
  8. 8. Now for my personal conclusion! I had NO dislikes about my animal. So what I liked about my animal is everything about them! (Personally I could NEVER say that I don’t like any frog! Any kind of frog, even toad, is my 2 favorite kind of animal!)