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  1. 1. Cardinals by, Casey
  2. 2. What does a Cardinal look like? Male cardinals are red and females are black The cardinal has feathers.....of course! The cardinal breathes through their lungs like us! Male!
  3. 3. Habitat You can find cardinals in eastern USA, southeastern Canada, Mexico, Belize, and Hawaii Cardinals are birds so they fly to travel. Cardinals Migrate.
  4. 4. Food Cardinal's diets consist of fruits, seeds, and insects. Cardinals are Herbivores. Herbivores are animals that don't eat any meat.
  5. 5. How they protect themself Cardinals defend themself with a bill or a beak
  6. 6. What's unique about a bird? Cardinals are hatched out of eggs. They usally have 3 to 4 eggs. Their young are called fledglings. They will mate for life and remain together for the year
  7. 7. My animal is happy it is not endangered!
  8. 8. I like my animal because it is red and my favorite color is red I enjoyed learning about the cardinal and I hope you did too! Did you enjoy? Did I enjoy?
  9. 9. In case you didnt know... The conical shape of the Cardinals beak, marks this bird a seed eater! Cardinals prefer brushy woodlands, streamside thickets, orchards, swamps, suburban gardens, and parks.
  10. 10. Bye!!! Thanks for Watching!!!