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  1. 1. amphibians BY:JESSICA Bull Frogs
  2. 2. The Bull Frog color is mostly green or brown. It has dark brown, dark green or black blotching. It is 8 in. (20 centimeters). Their weight is 1.5 pounds (750 grams). Their body covering is Cutaneous. They breath through their lungs. It is cold blooded. Description Of A Bull Frog.
  3. 3. The Bull Frog travels by hopping around. They live in fresh water lakes, and marshes. When it is winter time they hibernate. A Bull Frog Habitat.
  4. 4. A Bull Frog eats insects. They are carnivores. They are carnivores because they eat insects. What A Bull Frog Eats.
  5. 5. A Bull Frog protects itself by hiding, fighting, or just jumping away. How A Bull Frog Protect Itself.
  6. 6. The Bull Frog is born in eggs. A Bull Frogs young is called tadpoles. A Bull Frog has at least 20,000 babies. I found out that a Bull Frog’s life span is 7 To 9 years. Something Unique About Bull Frogs.
  7. 7. A Bull Frog is not endangered. Problems A Bull Frog Faces.
  8. 8. I like the Bull Frog because I like frogs and they look cute. BYE BYE