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All About Farm Animals 4


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Published in: Education, Sports
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All About Farm Animals 4

  1. 1. ALL ABOUT FARM ANIMALS Pathfinder for Grades 2 and 3 By Margaret Pierciey Once you have chosen a farm animal, you may want to begin your research by looking up key words such as farming, animals, or agriculture. In addition, you will probably need to research your specific animal name, such as, chicken, cow or cattle, horse, pig or whatever animal you may have. Please remember to ask your teacher or a librarian if you need help. ENCYCLOPEDIAS New Grolier Student Encyclopedia Newfield Publishing. R031 New The New Book of Knowledge Scholastic Library Publishing. R031 New BOOKS The American Family Farm Chicks and Chickens Joan Anderson j630 Gail Gibbons j636.5GIB Baby Animals on the Farm Chickens: A True Book Hans-Heinrich Isenbart Sara Swan Miller j636.5 MIL j636.07ISE The Lifecycle Book of Farm Chickens Ned B. Halley j630 Ronald Ridout j636.5RID Farm Animals Cows: A True Book Rowena Holland j636HOL Sara Swan Miller j636.2MIL
  2. 2. Thanks to Cows Horses! Allan Fowler j636.2FOW Gail Gibbons j636.1GIB Geese on the Farm Pigs Mari C. Schuh j636.5SCH Gail Gibbons j636.4GIB Horses, Horses, Horses Woolly Sheep and Hungry Allan Fowler j636.1FOW Goats Allan Fowler j636.3FOW WEB SITES All About Farm Animals Facts and Coloring Pages Farms and Farm Animals/ Important Links Farm Animals and Farm Life Visit a Farm FUN SITES Farm Games and Activities Farm Animal Coloring Pages The Original Barnyard Buddies LOCAL RESOURCES AND ORGANIZATIONS A great place to visit the animals is Atlantic Farms on West Atlantic Avenue in Wall Township. You may also want to contact your local chapter of the 4-H Club.
  3. 3. BIBLIOGRAPHY ENCYCLOPEDIAS The new book of knowledge. (2004). Danbury, CT: Scholastic Library Publishing. New grolier student encyclopedia. (1992). Danbury, CT: Newfield Publishing. BOOKS Anderson, Joan.(1989). The American family farm. Singapore: Tien Wan Press. A nonfiction portrayal of life on a farm. Fowler, Allan.(1992). Horses, horses, horses. Chicago: Children’s Press. A nonfiction source for facts about horses. Fowler, Allan, (1992). Thanks to Cows. Chicago: Children’s Press. A nonfiction book explaining how humans benefit from cows. Fowler, Allan. (1993). Woolly sheep and hungry goats. Danbury, CT: Children’s Press. A nonfiction book outlining facts about sheep and goats. Gibbons, Gail. (1999). Pigs. New York: Holiday House. A nonfiction book outlining facts about pigs. Gibbons, Gail. (2003). Chicks and chickens. New York: Holiday House. A nonfiction resource outlining facts about chickens. Gibbons, Gail. (2003). Horses! New York: Holiday House. A nonfiction book telling all about horses. Halley, Ned B. (1996). Farm. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. A nonfiction portrayal of the workings of a farm. Holland, Rowena. (1987). Farm animals. New York: Book Wright Press. A nonfiction overview of the many animals on the farm. Isenbart, Hans-Heinrich. (1981). Baby animals on the farm. New York: G.P. Putnam and Son’s. A nonfiction overview of farm animals in the early stages of life. Miller, Sara Swan. (2000). Chickens: A true book. New York: Children’s Press. A nonfiction book outlining facts about chickens.
  4. 4. Miller, Sara Swan. (2000). Cows: A true book. New York: Children’s Press. A nonfiction book outlining facts about cows. Ridout, Ronald & Holt, Michael. (1974). The lifecycle book of chickens. New York: Grosset and Dunlap. A nonfiction work outlining the lifecycle of chickens. Schuh, Mari C. (2003). Geese on the farm. Mankato, MN: Pebble Books. A nonfiction explanation of the role of geese on the farm. WEB SITES Source: Educational Technology Center KSU web site. Citation: ( Farm Animals and Farm Life-More important links. Source: Enchanted Learning web site. Citation: ( Facts and Coloring Pages-Farm animal facts and printouts. Source: web site. Citation: ( Visit a Farm-Take a virtual tour of a farm. Source: web site. Citation: ( All About Farm Animals-Facts and activities for students and teachers. Source: Magill Primary School South Australia web site. Citation: ( Farms and Farm Animals/ Important Links-A variety of links to more information. FUN SITES Source: Alphabet Soup web site. Citation: ( Farm Games and Activities-Animal sounds, quizzes and games. Source: DLTK’s web site. Citation: ( Farm Animal Coloring Pages-More printouts for students. Source: Stardom Design web site. Citation: ( The Original Barnyard Buddies-Animal books, games and videos.
  5. 5. LOCAL RESOURCES AND ORGANIZATIONS Source: Atlantic Farms web site. Citation: ( manasquan). Atlantic Farms-Pet and feed the animals. Source: 4-H web site. Citation: ( 4-H-learn about animals in the community.