Bawadi Park


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Bawadi Park

  1. 1. vard Bawadi i Boule Square Bawad Tokyo, Japan ark North Bawadi P East Crescent Promenade Bawadi Park East London, UK Bawadi Park t ark Wes menade Bawadi P scent Pro West Cre ark South Bawadi P Manhattan, New York Hong Kong, China Site Plan
  2. 2. Paris Charles de Gaulle - Etoile George V Franklin D Roosevelt Champs-Elysees - Clemeneau Concorde London Marble Arch Bond Street Oxford Circus Tottenham Court Rd Holborn onnect nnec Connection Connection 42nd St - Times Square 34th St - Penn Station 28th Street New York tion 50th Street t Connec 59th St - Columbus Circle tion o Connec d Metr levard - Bawadi Boule Bawadi Boulevard tion Connec PRT line ark No rth Bawadi P East Cre cent Promenade Eas Cr Bawad ark E Bawadi Park East Ba ad ark Ea Cres ent Promen d a adi ark E a akE a rk E Bawadi P Pr enade k ad ark West Cre We We d d d d d d d d d enad rk West kW escent P W W W W W W W s Promena ro nad ro ade d ark So r th uth Bawadi P Transportation
  3. 3. Iconic Tower Hotel: 300 keys Hotel District 300 parking spaces Residential: 200,000 sqm Flagship Hotel: 2,700 keys 2,000 parking spaces 2,700 parking spaces Office: 100,000 sqm Boutique Hotels: 2,000 keys 2,200 parking spaces 2,000 parking spaces Retail: 10,000 sqm Serviced Apartments: 132,000 sqm 220 parking spaces 1,320 parking spaces Cultural: 10,000 sqm Retail frontage: 21,000 sqm 180 parking spaces 470 parking spaces (additional parking below grade) (additional parking below grade) Mixed Use Retail: 177,000 sqm 3,900 parking spaces Residential: 892,500 sqm 8,925 parking spaces Office: 252,800 sqm 5,600 parking spaces Mixed Use (additional parking below grade) Retail: 169,400 sqm 3,700 parking spaces Residential: 688,000 sqm 6,880 parking spaces Cultural Office: 151,200 sqm 113,100 sqm (total) 3,360 parking spaces 2,050 parking spaces (additional parking below grade) (additional parking below grade) Leisure Sports complex: 136,600 sqm 2,500 parking spaces (additional parking below grade) Residential 550,000 sqm 6,500 parking spaces (all parking below grade) Land Use
  4. 4. Bawadi Boulevard
  5. 5. Bawadi Square
  6. 6. Bawadi Promenade
  7. 7. Bawadi Park
  8. 8. awadi Bawadi Bawad Bawadi w di wadi d Sq are Square Square q ar quar quare Business sin s er Center The Water he Wa Wat ater Tower o r Tower an Urban W Wind Chime e Cel C Celestial Haven Ha Haven Springs Springs p Square q e Square Square E tP k East Park fields fie d er rts ente i Outdoor Sports C td wa Bawa aw ark Bawad Pa k ar Bawadi Park Bawadi Park t West Park We t Park West Park est k M Mosque u Stadium Key Places
  9. 9. Cooling and Density Shading and Protection Density = Sustainable Sustainable Identity A camel’s body temperature is generally Camel eyes are protected by a double lower than air temperature camels press row of long curly eyelashes that also Dense developments disturb less land, Buildings and communities may display together to avoid excessive heating help keep out sand and dust, while thick which results in more open space. This sustainable features in order to create bushy eyebrows shield the eyes from the preserves natural habitats and resources A camel cools the incoming air through an identity for themselves and promote desert sun. while creating a healthy environment for its nose and condenses moisture from public awareness of environmental the inhabitants, where fresh air and open its out-going breath Camel’s ears are lined with fur to filter issues. space is available to everyone. out sand and dust from blowing into the During the day its body acts as a heat ear canal. Dense developments also require less Innovative and inspirational use of sink and during the cool night excess body heat is dissipated by conduction infrastructure, which saves energy sustainable technologies becomes Renewable Resources and materials during construction, and an iconic and defining feature of a Storing Energy A camel moults in the spring and grows requires less energy and materials development. a new coat by autumn. Camel hair is for maintenence. Buildings in dense The camels hump is a mound of fatty developments may share amenities, a world-renowned raw material used tissue from which the animal draws which also saves energy, space, and for making high-quality garments, artist energy when food is hard to find materials. brushes and Bedouin rugs and tents The camels sharp teeth and wide mouth enable the animal to eat rough thorny Structure Automobile use becomes less necessary bushes without damage while its three- Thick bare spots of dry skin on the in dense developments, because compartment stomach provides an camel’s chest and knee joints help the adjacency of places encourages extremely efficient means of extracting support the animals body weight when people to walk instead of drive. In protein and energy from poor quality kneeling resting and rising addition, public transportation is forages more economically viable in dense The camels long thin legs have powerful developments. This reduces the Storing Water muscles which allow the animal to carry pollution caused by automobile use. heavy loads over long distances. Camels can raise their temperature tolerance by 6C before perspiring, When the camel places its foot on the thereby conserving water loss ground the pads spread, preventing the foot from sinking into the sand. Camels can go 5-7 days with little or no food and water and can loose ¼ of its Conservation body weight without impairing its normal functions Selective styles of eating including foraging herds spreading over large Camels can drink up to 100liters in areas and selecting only a few parts of 10 minutes. Its unique metabolism each plant reduce stress on plant life and enables the animal to store water in its avoids competition with other herbivores bloodstream Sustainability