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Company overview


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Company overview

  1. 1. <ul><li>EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
  2. 2. COMPANY OVERVIEW</li></ul>School Safety Solutions is a private, independent school safety-consulting corporation. We are independent, not product affiliated. We are a company that has no outside influences and hidden agendas. Our school safety and school emergency crises services are led by Paul A. Paglia, a career school security professional with 25 years of experience in K-12 school specific and crises preparedness training, assessments, and school safety drills. Our consultants have decades of school-specific experience, as well as, lengthy backgrounds in law enforcement.<br />5740400127635We believe that school do not “create” violence and that’s why S.S.S. Inc. wants to help prevent and manage it.<br /><ul><li>VISION</li></ul>School Safety Solutions Inc. and their staff are committed to build a strong and trusting relationship with your educators by the implementation of an array of marketing techniques. S.S.S. Inc. will offer their cutting edge knowledge to all four target market segments.<br />S.S.S. Inc. will build its market share by gradually opening up its services to Suffolk and Nassau Counties and by years end will expand our territory into the Five Boroughs of New York City.<br />-7543800425450<br /><ul><li>GOALS</li></ul>Our top priority at School Safety Solutions Inc. is your students, teachers, school Administrators and the school community. Our plan is to prevent and manage violence by:<br /><ul><li>Reduce Safety Risks and Potential Liability
  3. 3. Improve school-community relations on school safety and crisis issues
  4. 4. Prevent and manage school violence
  6. 6. INDUSTRY SIZE</li></ul>Security in our nation has been on the minds of millions of Americans everyday since that unprovoked attack on September 11, 2001 and remains on our minds going into the 21st century more then ever. Security has been so important, that it is the fastest-growing industry in the nation. (Herrero-Beaumont & Monahan, 2006)<br />The Department of Homeland security budgets to the State of New York, 5 billion in assistance to homeland security efforts each year. Based on past data provided by homeland security the 2003 budget was 37.7 billion (up from 19.5 billion in 2002). (Department of Homeland Securty, 2001)<br />In 2009, Suffolk and Nassau counties reported having 348 school districts, 25 Colleges, 469,722 students, 34,774 teachers. (Long Island School Districts, 2009, 2009)<br />Homeland security is not something you might have to you to provide, it’s a requirement that you MUST provide. <br /><ul><li>TRENDS</li></ul>Safety and Security in our Nations schools has been an issue on the minds of Americans dating back to the 1950s to present. School safety efforts focused on providing safe, orderly and disciplined environments. Even though to date, no U.S. school has been the target of an international terrorist attack, schools however, are considered viable terrorist targets. (National School Safety Center, 2004)<br />With past attacks to our nations schools by domestic terrorist, Governor George E. Pataki signed into law Project S.A.V.E. (Safe Schools Against Violence in Education) on the 24th of July 2000. This law REQUIRES ALL school districts and other Educational facilities to have a building level emergency response plan in place. S.S.S. Inc., are here to provide their assistance in meeting the State requirements to every letter of the law.<br /><ul><li>TARGET MARKET</li></ul>The target market is divided into four relatively distinct segments<br /><ul><li>Day Care and Pre-K
  7. 7. Public School System (K-12)
  8. 8. Private School System (K-12)
  9. 9. College Universities (Two and Four year campuses)
  10. 10. MARKET PLAN
  11. 11. MARKETING OBJECTIVE</li></ul>Building a strong corporate commercial base business with educational facilities in Suffolk and Nassau counties. School Safety Solutions Inc. has built a reputation around its commitment to keep its students, teachers, and school administrators as their #1 priority. S.S.S. inc. developing a high industry image and profile are corporate goals that will be accomplished by the company’s marketing and promotional efforts. These goals will be pursued and achieved through an array of marketing and promotional actions geared towards fulfilling the directives of S.S.S. inc. marketing plan. <br />School Safety Solution Inc. focus is on the prevention, intervention, and management of your districts security needs and requirements.<br /><ul><li>STRATEGIES AND TACTICS</li></ul>Schools are unique and individual school locations; educational programs, school climates and cultures, and related factors must be examined when making school safety and security recommendations. Differences also exist among public and private schools. Uniqueness of school setting can present many strengths and challenges at the same time, and our consultants at S.S.S. Inc. must be extensively familiar with K-12 school dynamics in order to make meaningful, practical school safety recommendations. In order to determine the methods of approach, S.S.S. Inc. will perform a total assessment and examination of the entire facility and grounds, including nighttime observations. Areas reviewed may include:<br /><ul><li> Analysis of school policies, procedures, emergency crisis guidelines, and other safety-related documents
  12. 12. Evaluation of district and building emergency preparedness plans
  13. 13. Review of emergency preparedness training for faculty and staff
  14. 14. School emergency and crisis preparedness plan and process
  15. 15. Analysis of school discipline and incident data
  16. 16. Evaluation of district and building emergency plans and crisis teams</li></ul>School Safety Solutions Inc. will perform these assessments when it’s least intrusive, and does not disrupt the educational process while working in schools.<br />Findings and recommendations are provided in a written report that will reflect both the positive existing safety measures and recommendations for strengthen ongoing safety plans. Our reports are not meant to be an attack on a school’s credibility and management. Reports are designed for use as a strategic planning tool.<br /><ul><li>PLAN EVALUATION</li></ul>School Safety Solutions Inc. will accomplish our marketing plan by:<br /><ul><li>Building a loyal extensive customer base
  17. 17. Implement an effective and competitive product mix strategy to successfully position S.S.S. Inc. on the market
  18. 18. Aggressive advertising and promotional strategy
  19. 19. Develop and maintain a prominent and positive image in the School Safety community.
  20. 20. ADVERTISING and PROMOTION</li></ul>School Safety Solutions Inc. plans to utilize an abundant assortment of online and offline advertising and promotion tactics to establish a high corporate profile in the school safety and security industry. Our online marketing campaign is crucial to any company in the security sector and it will be an easy-to-use, multi-functional, and appealing website. This component of our online marketing plan will be vital in the success of this company. S.S.S. inc. will contact a team of professional web developers to build its website. The site will have a list of informative links for you to explore like:<br /><ul><li> Library of knowledge on school security, including the latest industry and technology news.
  21. 21. Project S.A.V.E. legislation
  22. 22. Homeland Security in the United States
  23. 23. Terrorism threat levels
  24. 24. UNIQUE SERVICES</li></ul>School Safety Solutions Inc. Prides itself on the extensive list of services that our competitors do not offer, or care not to provide. The following list of trainings that we offer our customers are taught by our National Board Certified consultants.<br /><ul><li>School Tabletop Exercises
  25. 25. Public Safety Presentations
  26. 26. Education Presentations
  27. 27. Conducting workshops and Presentations for Parents
  28. 28. Extensive Training Program consisting of:
  29. 29. Proactive school security and emergency preparedness training
  30. 30. Managing media and parent communication training
  31. 31. Transportation security and emergency training
  32. 32. School gang training
  33. 33. S.W.O.T. ANALYSIS