Secret Of Sucess Boston2


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James Alberione's Secret of Success (the pact with our Lord.)

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Secret Of Sucess Boston2

  1. 3. I am with you.
  2. 4. Open your ears Do not sleep with your hearts The Lord calls you to a very high sanctity, a sanctity you cannot attain through your own efforts.
  3. 5. God has placed within you a priceless treasure... a treasure which the angels envy... … the vocation to the Apostolate of the means of social communication.
  4. 6. Contemplate your horizon You are at the foot of a great mountain
  5. 7. it is the whole world!
  6. 8. A million three million ten million souls weigh upon your consciences. This is why you must be saintly.
  7. 10. You must have the spirit of St. Paul. You are to be holy, for God wants you to be holy!
  8. 15. We pray together…
  9. 16. Lord Jesus, accept the pact that we offer you through the hands of Mary, Queen of the Apostles, and of our Father St. Paul.
  10. 17. You call us to great holiness, and to carry out a great mission–the apostolate of the media of communication.
  11. 18. But we feel our smallness and weakness, our lack in spirit, wisdom, our poverty.
  12. 19. Help us remember, Jesus Master, that you are our Way, our Truth, our Life. You are our one and only Good.
  13. 20. All our hope and trust are in you alone who said to us, “Whatever you ask in my name, you will receive.”
  14. 21. So, with this confidence, Jesus Master, we promise to seek in all things, and with all our strength, in life and in the apostolate, God’s glory and peace to all peoples.
  15. 22. We put our trust in you and believe that you will give us a good spirit, wisdom, grace, and all the means for fulfilling our apostolate.
  16. 23. Master, we ask you to multiply the fruit of our mission, of our piety, of our study and our poverty.
  17. 24. Jesus Master, we do not doubt you, but we fear our weakness and our lack of faith.
  18. 25. Jesus Master, we beg you, through prayers of Mary, our Queen, to show us the mercy you showed St. Paul.
  19. 26. We want to follow our Father here on earth, that we may be his companions in heaven’s glory. Amen.
  20. 27. To bring glad tidings to the lowly, to heal the broken heart, You have anointed me.
  21. 28. To proclaim liberty to captives, release to prisoners, You have anointed me.
  22. 29. Your Spirit, O God, is upon me, You have anointed me.
  23. 30. To announce a year of favor, to comfort those who mourn, You have anointed me.
  24. 31. To give them the oil of gladness,
  25. 32. <ul><li>and share a mantle of joy, </li></ul><ul><li>You have anointed me. </li></ul>
  26. 33. Your Spirit, O God, is upon me, You have anointed me.
  27. 34. Your Spirit, O God, is upon me, You have anointed me.
  28. 35. You have anointed me.