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  1. 1. I. MARKET ANALYSIS A. Purpose and Mission of the Business B. Description of Current Markets and Strategies C. Primary Competitors and Their Strengths/Weaknesses D. External Environment Analysis 1. Economy 2. Laws and Regulations 3. Costs 4. Competition 5. Technology 6. Social Factors E. Internal Analysis 1. Strengths 2. Weaknesses 3. Anticipated Changes II. MARKETING STRATEGY A. Marketing Goals / Expected Outcomes B. Target Market Description 1. Identifying Characteristics 2. Unique Needs, Attitudes, Behaviors C. Marketing Mix Description 1. Product/Service 2. Distribution 3. Pricing 4. Promotion D. Positioning Statement III. ACTION PLANS A. Activity Schedule 1. Responsibilities 2. Schedule 3. Budget B. Evaluation Procedures 1. Evidence of Success 2. Method of Collecting Evidence
  3. 3. A. Purpose and Mission of the Business Apple is a business that provides technological equipment such as Computers, lap-tops, iPod + iTunes, iMac, iPhone etc. Our company’s purpose is to make consumers life faster, enjoyable and suitable by providing them with revolutionized and highly-qualitative technology. B. Description of Current Markets and Strategies Apple focuses on businesses, institutions, governmental organizations, home offices as well as ordinary people. We have broken our markets into groups according to standard classifications used by our market research. So far, we know that business/institutional/governmental customers tend to be deeply rooted in technology. They want technology with wide variety of capabilities and features. They use their computers for administration information such as accounting, shipping, and financing. They also use them for communications within the business and outside of the business, and for personal productivity. Ideally, they come to us for a long-term alliance, looking to us for reliable service and support. They want to be sure they have reliable providers of expertise. Thus, using our remarkable strength, revolutionized and highly-qualitative technology, we will try to provide them with our products. Eventually our products will be available for everyone for different needs.
  4. 4. C. Primary Competitors and Their Strengths/Weaknesses The competition is in the highest level. There are a lot of companies, franchisers, and stores around the world that sell technology. Today, people can get to it very fast, but the question is where do they want to buy it? As a new reselling-business, we will have serious obstacles to position our selves on the market, because the competitors are already in. On the table below, you will see a list of a few tough competitors and will be informed about their Strengths/Weaknesses. Competitor Strengths Weaknesses BOTEK Provide DELL – laptops, New on Market, Mostly focused on trustful, good quality computers. No distribution. service, repair products COMTRADE Good quality computers Slow service, High price. No experienced working distribution. crew, repair products DAXA Focused on providing all Low quality service. Highest price. kind of equipment, No distribution. hardware. Repair products As you can see competition is all around. Positioning ourselves as first on the market will be a puzzling and challenging road. However, using our competitor’s weaknesses, as well as self regulating our business we will try to accomplish our goals.
  5. 5. D. External Environment Analysis 1. Economy Generally, the economy of Kosova on of the weakest in Europe; a country with a trade deficit were the unemployment rate has reached its peak. Our industrial performance is awful. The majority of the population is poor, and about 12 percent suffer from extreme poorness. These certain issues lead to economic instability and they have a negative impact on the implementation of this plan. It might hurt us severely by lowering our sales. When people don’t have sustenance, they don’t even think about buying technology. However, according to UNMIK, the economic growth in 2006 has exceeded some expectations. It was two times higher than the expectations of the International Monetary Fund. The GDP in 2006 is 5 % ( 0% on 2001 ) and comes exclusively from the private sector. The real economic growth in the private sector alone is nearly 10 %. Over the past four years Kosovo's financial sector has been built on completely new foundations. The Banking and Payments Authority of Kosovo (BPK), established in November 1999, is an independent body which successfully regulates the banking and insurance sectors. Furthermore Kosova has a stable monetary value, up-growing budget, and experienced no inflation or deflation over the past ten years. These statistics show that Kosova’s economy is enhancing and hopefully will not hurt us.
  6. 6. 2. Laws and Regulations After researching on World Wide Web and kosova- we came to understand that there are few regulations regarding the external trade activities. These regulations basically indicate that the goods imported must not be harmful for people, environment or animals. However there are no concrete laws, governmental regulations or policies that prevent us from putting this plan into practice. 3. Costs Costs may be a critical external factor that can impact the realization of this plan. Because we are a young business we do not have record files that show if our costs are increasing or decreasing, however it is significant that we understand what causes it. The government tax increases, inflation, economic instability, bad business administering, are some of the main factors that cause increasing or lowering of the costs. 4. Competition Technological equipments are considered more of shopping goods. People buy them based on their attributes, options, features, even though the prices are expensive. People can even order technology from foreign countries. On the table above, you can see the competition regarding the supply of technology in Kosova. We have to us their Weaknesses to position ourselves in the market. We will have to make sure that once we gain a customer, we never lose them. To help accomplish this, we must work to strengthen our
  7. 7. relationships through successful marketing. We must always remember to sell the company, not just the product. They have to understand they are taking on a relationship with Apple, not just buying boxes. 5. Technology For the time being, Apple is positioned and recognized for its unique technology. Today people need something that is qualitative, works-fast, easy to use/carry etc. This is the reason why our products will become sacred to them. Apple’s latest release, iPhone will be an elevating step towards their company’s development and image. Regardless, we never know if something unexpected will happen tomorrow. Other brands might invent newer and superior technology, which would than wound Apple as a business and us as resellers. 6. Social Factors There are some certain Social factors that make this plan more applicable. In Kosova, one finds collectivism; it is a place where people embrace each other. The word-of-mouth promotion is very effective. People comprehend most of the things from talking to each other. Though, I would argue that collectivism is the only social factor that could affect consumer behavior in existing markets or in anticipated markets.
  8. 8. E. Internal Analysis 1. Strengths There are some particular things that our competitors lack and that is something we will have. 1. Advanced key technology- One of our strongest strengths is the products we provide for our customers. Apple is recognized for its unique products with unique features and options. 2. Marketing Department – will work carefully toward practicing the four elements of the marketing mix (product, place, pricing, promotion), market research, consumer service, marketing functions etc. 3. Urban located store – Our store will be .in the urban area of Prishtina. Customers will be able to reach us fast and we will be able to know our customers, one by one. Our direct sales force will maintain this relationship. 4. Warranties – we will provide warranties for our costumers. This is significant because you make the costumers feel free about the decisions they make, as well as built a trustful relationship. It’s something that we will have and our competitors lack. 5. Customer service - We will have a non stop customer service. Our trained consultants will help the customers deal easier with our products. Meanwhile, the consumer service will receive feedback and make further decisions based upon it.
  9. 9. 2. Weaknesses Some of the weaknesses that we will have are: 1. Slow service - if equipments get ruined and need to be repaired, we will have to send it to Apple headquarters for fixing, thus, it will take us time to repair the products our costumers need. 2. New business – We are a new business, inexperienced. Something crucial and unexpected might happen and hurt us. We still don’t know many external or internal factors that might impact the well being of the business. It will take us time before we built an image, gain customers. In other words, time will show us everything. 3. High prices – Having in mind the unemployment rate and the low income that the ordinary workers receive in Kosova, our prices are considered high. iPods and iPhones will be mostly used by teenagers, thus we need to convince their parents. 4. Growing market trend – New competitors continually enter the market. 3. Anticipated changes The beginning will be hard, but as the time passes we will self-regulate. The short-lasting weaknesses that are mentioned above will be vanished. Regarding our slow service, we will try and bring authorized and certified Apple technicians, in order to repair the ruined equipments faster. The new marketing teams will position our devices as a ‘must have’ making it incomparable to other brand’s products. The team will convince consumers that our products worth the costs.
  11. 11. A. Marketing Goals / Expected Outcomes This plan is designed to be implemented from June 2007 to June 2008. Using this plan we will try to achieve some of the goals were expecting to. The goals of this plan for the first year are: 1. Minimum sales – 75000 € 2. Position our selves – 1st or 2nd second in the market 3. Establish ourselves as experts: This means being quoted in major trade press, speaking at industry events, and gaining recognition. 4. Market Share – 30 to 40 % 5. Increasing brand awareness - 60% of potential customers 6. Expand target market By means of the marketing research, examining the sales, comparing with competitors, we will be able to determine if our marketing goals are accomplished. B. Target Market Description 1. Identifying Characteristics Apple products will be available for everyone who is interested. But, on who are we interested most? Our company’s main focus is on businesses, institutions, governmental organizations customers. These people are most likely adults, males or females, have good income, passionate etc. Our secondary target market is the teenagers, for whom iPod and iPhone will be a ‘cool’ thing. As for right know, we don’t have any customer, but we will try
  12. 12. and reach them. We cannot survive just waiting for the customer to come to us. Instead, we must get better at attracting these specific market segments whose needs match what we have to offer. Focusing on targeted segments is the key to our future. 2. Unique Needs, Attitudes, Behaviors So far, we know that these customers are heavy and up-going users,. They use their computers for administration information such as accounting, shipping, and financing. They also use them for communications within the business and outside of the business, and for personal productivity. Ideally, they will buy to us for a long-term alliance, looking to us for reliable service and support. They want to be sure they have reliable providers of expertise. C. Marketing Mix Description 1. Product/Service Apple is highly recognized for its unique products with unique features, design, options. Otherwise it’s known for its revolutionized and highly qualitative technology. They’re designed to satisfy customer’s needs. Apple’s technology packaging have: - Product identification so easily separated from its competitors - Packaging for easy handling, carrying around - using the most cost efficient method of packaging this will make the product both functional and desirable to possible consumers 2. Distribution/Place
  13. 13. Based on the demographics at least ¼ of the population of Kosovo live in Prishtina. Our focused target group is located in Prishtina as well, thus giving us a clear understanding of the place we should choose. Our store will be located in the urban area of Prishtina. It will be an eye-catching store. Our convenient products will make the distribution even easier. For consumer convenience we will make the distribution anywhere in Kosovo without charge. It will be as fast as an eye blink. 3. Pricing Our prices are higher comparing to competitors, but we do not compete on price. We will not match prices. Instead we will use the value pricing strategy. This means we make our prices based on the quality of the products we deliver to customers. Apple has broken the record of all sales in the history with iPod. This technique, has been working very well. In this way, price creates perception of quality. 4. Promotion Our marketing mix relies heavily on our promotions. Our unique promotions will set us apart from our local competitors. We need to sell our company, relationship, more than products. We will constantly work on advertisement, public relations, and sales promotions, to build an image, increase customer awareness about the stuff we provide. The marketing has to convey the sense of quality in every picture, every promotion, and every publication. We can't afford to appear in catalogs with poor illustrations that make the product look less than it is. The forms of promotion such as advertising must
  14. 14. be attracting and enticing to the target market to get the greatest amount of exposure possible for the product. This will ensure the success of the product in the stores. It takes many forms: TV, radio, newspapers, billboards etc. We will have to use Apple’s attractive and creative slogans such as: > quot;10,000 songs in your pocket.quot; - used for iPod > quot;iThink, therefore iMac.quot; - used for iMac > quot;Small is Beautifulquot; – used for Intel Mac mini > “All in one” – for iPhone It is significant that we have an advantage with promotion. Our cost for advertisings will be lower, based on the agreements we reached with media services. D. Positioning Statement For employers who need to create a unique impression of their offices, people who need proper phones and computers, teenagers who listen to music (headphones), Apple products are inevitable. They have a wide variety of capabilities. The convenience and the quality customers receive give them a long term solution.
  15. 15. ACTION PLANS A. Activity Schedule
  16. 16. 1. Responsibilities Our working crew will be charged with responsibilities. We will recruit employees that are competent, certified and experienced. Everyone will have certain responsibilities.  Dardan (with his crew) will have the responsibility on marketing research. I will have to update the department consistently, define problems, analyze situations, to ease their effective marketing decisions and advance the performance of marketing activities.  Rron (with his crew) will work on promoting our company. He will be in charge of advertisements, public relations and increasing the awareness of the brand. He has to encourage our target groups to purchase our products.  Fatos (with his crew) will be in charge of the distribution / place. He has to make sure that our potential customers know where we are settled. In addition he has to distribute the products that costumers order to the place they ask.  Yll (with his crew) will establish and communicate the value of products to prospective customers. He will also be in charge of financing and warranties.  Lindor will be working on preparing and managing the budget. He will further look for potential external/internal factors that might have impact on company’s well being 2. Schedule
  17. 17. The implementation of this plan is supposed to begin from June 2007 and it will last one year. We will track our activities on basis of monthly employee meetings during which we will discuss the current marketing, sales, promotional activities, and ideas that will lead to improvement. Each person, whether a full-time or part-time employee, owner, or manager will facilitate the meeting once a month. Current facilitators will follow up on previous topics and debate the value of current and future marketing programs. Marketing ideas have little value until they are implemented, and they must be implemented by individuals who believe in them 100%. Through these monthly meetings everyone should feel free in the decision making process, and in the long-term success of the company. 3. Budget The budget that we have for the marketing will come from company’s profit; it is limited, but supportive for the activities planned. However we have to make sure we use it properly. As mentioned above, Lindor will be preparing and managing the budget. Together as a group we will decide how much money needs to be spent for each particular activity.
  18. 18. B. Evaluation Procedures 1. Evidence of Success On the meetings, we will discuss wether the activities were successful. On the first month we will discuss the result of our sales and see wether they have reached 1/12 as supposed for a month. To determine wether other goals are being achieved, we will take information from the target markets, check if they are responding to the marketing mix and see if their needs are satisfied. This information should be used to make improvements in those activities while the plan is being implemented. If we get to deal with a problem, immediate actions should be taken to solve it. 2. Methods of Collecting Evidence To determine wether other goals are being achieved, we will receive feedback from the target markets, check if they are responding to the marketing mix, and see if their needs are satisfied.