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Affirming common roots


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Published in: Education
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Affirming common roots

  1. 1. When one affirm Common Roots what Else Left to Affirm World Religion Module 2 INT 244 John Jackson Prof. Wingate, Bobby
  2. 2. Grand Canyon University World Religion Module 2 John Jackson Prof. Wingate, Bobby As we know, there are many Religions around the world all carrier difference set of Church Covenent, but we must relize that there is only one true covenent and it the covenent our four father Abraham made with God. In this essay i intend to share my view own how one shall preceive these view and turn them into steping stone instead of stumble block. In addition, learn how to love the moment we have to share with our brothers in the gospel, their religion their belief, and faith and learn from one another. To do God will II. 1. In 1966 a famous patriot wrote the heresy of individualism, and religious Ethnocentrism. And asserting himself as a complete self-sufficient unit my thought are that one cannot stand alone, but it take a body of difference element to operate or to function and christ is made up of a body and we are his element each of us have a part to play so every one must fine what part he or she plays in this body. and everyone cannot be on the same shelf from A-Z, in Merton word he speak of having to deal with all the difference religion group and we need these group in order for us to grow. the knowledge of the Muslims, the Hindus, Buddhist, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, they all have their porpose we must allow them to serve their porpose as they allow us to in our religion journey. and learn how to separate what is the rightfully truth and ask God to help us do the separation. God promise he would do the seperation he said let the tare grow with the wheat. So we must growth with all God creation in mind and be faithful and trust in him.
  3. 3. 2. As it is said no matter what religion you are it about faith and belief but to discover them in my self. would be hard to say yes. the task seem hard unthinkable I feel I want to block all of this out and separate as Merton speak of and be a unit against all, but in order for one to grow, one should share in other ways of learning. 3. I am in prayer and hope that I can do such a deed 0n my journey. Enrichment not so sure. But if put in the situation. will take advantage and enhances my ability to go futher in life to reach my goals. My feeling toward the shared task is not pleasant at all I think God forbid for he is a jealous God, King James Version in the book of Genesis God destroyed a whole nation. Because of their sin and belief and save just one family. The family on Noah. In the book of Exodus where he save his people again and bring them out of bondage to serve him and forbid them to serve others God. And the people kept on living the way they were and God warned them threw mosses. And God destroyed half of them because of their disobient. And God gave mosses the command and told them. thy shall have no other God before Him. The first and the third command clearly state Thou shall have no other God. The Third thou shalt not bow down thyself to them nor serve them. For I the lord is a Jealous God. To me that make it very hard to compromise with other religion belief. But I must say from what I have read it is very interesting studies. About these different Religion. III. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the GCU Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. IV. Submit the assignment to the instructor by the end of Module 2. B. Zoroastrianism B. I have read about Zoroastrianism, since I was reading our assignments by Hopfe. In reading about Zoroastrianism I realized that this religion has the same view and beliefs of all religions. The story in our reading sounds like other story of King James version, just the names are changed. Zoroastrianism practices sound the same as the practices that are in the scriptures. Their morals and ethics are the same that are in the scriptures My view on religion is still the same and that is we serve the same God, these religions "lack salvation" if these religion lack salvation, how we and them serve the same God? Which gods or God are you relating too? How do we think they got these ethics and morals? All of their so-called ethic/morals came from the Most High God. Moses and the rest had reported what 'thus said the Lord" Just like today, we can learn from their mistakes and
  4. 4. negligence. Isaiah. 47:1-15; its truth tell about enchantment, sorceries, astrologers, stargazers, "labor in this mischief; none shall save thee. Zoroaster and all the religions in their time and our, Why do we think, that this hardship will not befall us. Isaiah writes about Judah and Israel, Both are criticized for calling on God's name "but refusing to live by His laws (Isa.48:1). This more evidence, they refuse, to call God name, but their gods. In addition, all religions have some of the same practices and some that are different. One thing is a fact and that is we all believe that there is eternal life after death “for sure! There is a "spiritual sleep" and eternal life. When a Christian died, they are literal "sleep" and the ones is not in Christ, meet death. somebody "is not going to make it" especially in wind, stones, trees, stars, soothsayer, sorceries. None of these religions cannot give eternal life. Jesus said, "You cannot do nothing without me" and that is a promise with Truth. You are for me or against me there is no two ways. Either love the one and hate the other. Rev; 2, 14 , because thou has there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam who taught Balac to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat thing sacrificed unto idols and to commit fornication. Repent; or else I come unto the quickly. And will fight against them with the sword of my mouth. My Conclusion One is to performed in a natural cycle rather than past or present. Let one ask/ what is a normal cycle? changing your way of life, after been raise up being what you are, believing God is a spirit, and he is Jehovah, this is my belief and I come to fur to change. He that has ears let him listen to what the spirit says to churchs. and let him rightly divided the truth. For it is his own salvation at hands.
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