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  1. 1. A. Project environment: profile of the organisation and local community Safer Wales is based in Cardiff, the capital of Wales with a population of 300 000. It is a lively city with a large student population and also many multi-cultural communities. It is located on the coast and has a history of shipping and industry relating to the docks. Safer Wales operates principally in Cardiff and runs activities in disadvantaged communities in particular. While there is a high level of youth unemployment in this area, there is a great potential amongst young people in terms of their creative abilities. Many of the communities Safer Wales work in are highly diverse with people of many cultures and nationalities. The EVS volunteers live in the centre of Cardiff so have access to all the facilities of the city. Close to Cardiff is the Brecon Beacons National Park, the Glamorgan Heritage Coast, and the Rhondda Valleys famous for their coal mining history. Although Wales is officially bi- lingual, the south East and Cardiff is predominantly English speaking with some Welsh speaking population. B. Proposed activities for EVS volunteers The volunteer will be introduced to all aspects of Safer Wales' work and will learn about all the issues that arise through the work that Safer Wales does. This will include learning about issues affecting young people in Wales such as homophopia, drugs, HIV, crmie. Also thre will be a chance to learn about issues such as child protection, deaf awareness, racial equality and youth information. This will all be delivered through a mixture of informal and formal learning; organsied formal training sessions and on-the-job learning. Through the day to day to work volunteers will have the opportunity to learn how to work independantly to achieve tasks such as marketing, promotion of events and general administration of youth work projects - this may involve gaining an understanding of project funding and applications. The volunteer will be a core member of the team and will be invited to participate in trainings, for example youth mentoring skills, disability equality, gender awareness, race awareness. These will provide useful background knowledge and skills to help with the work. The training will involve staff and volunteers. They will also be expected to attend regular team meetings with other staff in the different project areas and a full monthly staff planning meeting. The role of the EVS volunteer will be to link in with the day to day work of Safer Wales. They will have a specific role within the ReStart project to contribute to the youth work provded through arranging and facilitating workshops and activities for the young people involved in the project. The volunteer will work alongside the Safer Wales staff and clients to develop activities within different areas of Safer Wales work. For the initial period the volunteer will spend time together for induction, introductions to all staff and parts of the organisation, discovering the different projects. The volunteers will work on 4 areas of Safer Wales' provision: The ReStart Youth Project - A crime reduction project focusing on information to and inclusion of young people at risk of offending aged 10-17. ReStart has developed a comprehensive database of youth provision in Cardiff. The volunteers will work with the ReStart Project Manager to research European Youth organisations and volunteering opportunities within Europe. This can be done via internet, the library and also researching needs of youth by interviews and questionnaires. This could lead to volunteers organising international trips or Youth Exchanges with the young people. The ReStart Youth Bus Project - a double decker bus - a youth centre on wheels, fully
  2. 2. equipped with arts and sports facilities, music equipment and IT. The Volunteers will work with the detached youth workers to facilitate activities and workshops for the young clients. These activities could range from arts, to sport, to music, to more issues based workshops such as anger management, drugs etc. This is mainly evening work. The ReStart Riverside Warehouse - the volunteers will work with the co-ordinator and youth workers to deliver of varied programme of activities based at the Warehouse. This will include befriending young people, organising activities, helping them research areas of interest etc. The volunteers will receive training for this. The Cardiff Wales Lesbian and Gay Mardi Gras - The volunteers will work with the Mardi Gras Committee to facilitate the two main activities of the year - the May Ball and the Mardi Gras. This work could involve planning and running small fundraising schemes with the young people to raise money to support the events; marketing events; contacting performers; helping out on the day; coordinating volunteers etc. The volunteer will receive regular support as well as training for working with young people - the volunteer will not be in sole charge of young people. The ReStart activities are a good chance for the volunteer to offer some cultural activities with the young people, for example teaching language, investigating different countries issues and comparing lives between young people; and also through music, art, theatre and film depending on the volunteer's interests and skills. The volunteer will spend time researching European Volunteering opportunities and also interviewing young people's needs. The volunteer will be encouraged to promote the activities of the European Youth programme amongst the young people and if they are interested, to plan international trips and exchanges. Each volunteer has the chance to focus on one area of work and is encouraged to develop a personal project according to their interest. This could include planning and leading a fundraising event for the Mardi Gras with young people from the ReStart bus project; organising a Youth for Europe exchange; arranging cultural evenings / workshops on their country which can be issues based for example 'Race Issues' or more practical like cookery . The volunteer will also have the chance to become involved in the work of UNA Exchange (co- ordinating organisation) to help develop work with other EVS volunteers around the theme of youth information and global awareness. All of the different activities the volunteer will work on are really important to the local young people who otherwise have very little to do in their spare time, and no creative opportunities. it is important that the volunteer works together with the young people to create activities that they express a need or desire for. The volunteer also provides useful support to the staff and can bring new ideas and experience to help continually improve the work of the project. The volunteer is encouraged to familiarise themselves with local community organisations and schools to offer workshops or events which encourage European awareness and volunteering and publicise the work of the project. NB. Many of the activities at the youth project are during evenings or weekends. It is not expected that volunteer will work a full day plus evening, this outline is to show typical activities. The nature of the work means there will be some evening and weekend work but the total of hours worked in a week will not be more than 35. C. Volunteer profiles and recruitment process Volunteers suitable for this project should have an interest in the issues affecting young people and a desire to work with vulnerable young people from deprived communities. The
  3. 3. volunteer should be motivated and willing to work independently and using their own initiative. Volunteers who are ready to share experiences, cultures and ideas are especially welcome. D. Special needs (if applicable) This placement is open to working with young people with fewer opportunities, applicants are encouraged to contact the host prior to application to discuss possibilities - applications will be dealt with on a case by case basis according to the needs of the volunteers and the capacity of the hosts. E. Risk prevention, safety and protection All work carried out whilst on the project with Safer Wales will be in line with their Health and Safety Policies as required by Law. Additionally activities that Safer Wales undertake are all appropriately risk assessed. During the project the host supervisor, mentor and UNA Exchange will be in contact with the volunteer and will hold regular meetings to prevent any problems worsening or crises from happening. Safer Wales Ltd started in August 1998 and was a founder member of the Cardiff Community Safety Partnership. Safer Wales' main charitable aim is to promote community safety primarily for the benefit of the people of Cardiff and the surrounding area. It aims to contribute to the reduction of crime and fear of crime, thereby re-building sustainable social and economic local communities in collaboration with partner organisations. Hosting an EVS volunteer offers Safer Wales the chance to provide the young people we work with with the chance to encounter different cultures, traditions, religions and perspectives through working with an EVS volunteer. After hosting EVS volunteers for over 3 years now it is clear that they have become an integral part of our work with young people and truly help to shape and enhance the work that we do by adding an intercultural perspective and by initiating their own ideas and projects. We are experienced in hosting long term EVS volunteers who generally come for a period of 11months - this allows them to link in with other EVS volunteers hosted in the area and gives them enough time to properly understand the work and initate their own projects through Safer Wales. Safer Wales Ltd started in August 1998 and was a founder member of the Cardiff Community Safety Partnership. Safer Wales' main charitable aim is to promote community safety primarily for the benefit of the people of Cardiff and the surrounding area. It aims to contribute to the reduction of crime and fear of crime, thereby re-building sustainable social and economic local communities in collaboration with partner organisations. Safer Wales manages several projects in order to achieve these objectives: HomeSafe: A free lock fitting service for victims of burglary, domestic violence, racist and homophobic hate crime and to other vulnerable people across Cardiff. ChildSafe: A partnership project using SureStart funding, ChildSafe provides families with children under five with free child safety equipment. ReStart: A crime reduction project focusing on information to and inclusion of young people at risk of offending aged 11-25.