Frooly How to? 'Add Documents'


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Presentation to show you how to add documents to your frooly website

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Frooly How to? 'Add Documents'

  1. 1. New ‘Add Document’ Feature! • Let your customers download your – price list, – brochure, – information pack – such as ‘free white paper – how to make a curry for 6 people in 30 mins’ – special vouchers – and more!
  2. 2. Click on ‘Sign In’ in the top right of your screen
  3. 3. Step 2 – complete the sign in form
  4. 4. The add ‘document’ widget is here
  5. 5. Click on the ‘document’ button
  6. 6. Choose a file from your computer. And complete the File Name and Description. Your information text will appear on your website next to the download. Frooly supports most file types – including Microsoft Word / Excel / Powerpoint. We also support Pdf / CSV and ZIP files
  7. 7. Your ‘Document’ will appear on your website and is now ‘live’ for your customers to download
  8. 8. You can move where the document sits on the page by dragging the document using your left mouse button
  9. 9. Your document is now saved in this place and can be downloaded by clicking on the green download icon or text description.
  10. 10. Advanced Users! • Why not provide extra value for your existing customers by giving them ‘free resources’ only when they logged in. • This would encourage new customers to ‘join your site’ – you would get their email address and contact details and begin to talk to them and build a relationship.
  11. 11. For Example: Join this site to get your free 30 Page Guide to: “Health and Fitness in time for the Summer!” Or “Selling more products online” or “Getting celebrity skin” etc
  12. 12. Create a new page, but change the ‘permissions’ settings so that ‘guests’ can’t see it. (see below and next slide)
  13. 13. Put your page title and un-tick the ‘Guest’ box
  14. 14. Your page is created. Follow the add document procedure (described earlier in this document) and you will have created a private member’s resource area – this can only be seen when your customer is ‘signed in’ to your site. It is like a ‘thank you’ for being involved reward. And will help increase customer loyalty.
  15. 15. Resources • Create pdf documents with this free download - riter.asp • More Information