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The Revamping Of Thicke


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Interview and concert review of Robin Thickes Performance at House of Blues

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The Revamping Of Thicke

  1. 1. ‘THE REVAMPING OF 'THICKE' Who is Robin Thicke? Your initial reaction when hearing the seemingly unfamiliar name could cause you to stare blankly into the distance, while attempting to place a face and video with the name. A little light bulb might pop up in your head while you repeat the name “ Thicke” and say to yourself- “wasn’t that the actor who played the T.V. dad on ‘Growing Pains’. The light bulb quickly goes out when you realize the actors name was Alan Thicke not Robin (actually Alan Thicke is the father of R&B lyricist Robin). So, if you’re not a video expert like me you still may have no idea what this artist looks like, and you give up playing name that dude. For those of you who didn’t know, Robin presented his talents early on, lending his writing skills to artist such as; Usher, Michael Jackson, and Mary J. Blige. Robin decided to take a leap of faith, and placed himself in the spotlight. Originally he was promoted as the artist ‘Thicke’, but it was hard for a good looking white guy with medium brown hair and sparkling blue eyes, to step into the forefront of the world of rhythm and soul. So Robin did some living in between the silence of his first release, and has recently made a come back. He cut his brown hair short, and is gaining attention with a relaxed style that simply says, “Hey it’s just me” There’s no escaping “I Wanna Love You Girl” when you hear it on the radio, at the club, or wherever popular music is played. Robin Thicke’s song makes you think of sunshine and first loves, and it doesn’t hurt having the skater boy of hip-hop Ferrell lend his special brand of production, making this song an instant hit.
  2. 2. ‘Wanna love you” is drama free and super sexy, but if you focus on the fluff you might miss this man’s personal journey. I saw Robin’s performance at the House of Blues, and conducted a one on one interview with him. I can definitely tell you that his story is deeper than poppy tracks with a laid back video on some exotic island. His recent album reveals pieces of his past and a glimpse of his future. If you listen closely to the lyrics, you’ll discover that there ‘s a reason his recent compellation is cleverly named –“The Evolution of Robin Thicke”. When I caught up with Robin at his performance at the House of Blues in Vegas (who was on tour with the gifted R&B phenomenon Keshia Cole). Robin likes limiting his visits to Las Vegas to only four or five times a year, because vacationing in this city, with his group of friends drains the life out of him. During my conversation with Robin I was able to understand his transformation. He began his career quietly creating hits for other singers, but decided to offer himself in a selfless way to the public. I asked him if exposing his feelings about life and relationships helps him connect with his audience? Robin sees his writing style as a way to heal his self, and through this process he’s able to give a gift to those that understand where he’s coming from. Robin’s performance started off with the song “Shooter”, which was released two years prior on “Beautiful World”. He had so much passion in his performance squeezing every once of expression from the piano’s ivory keys. The few songs he decided to share were indeed
  3. 3. soulful. Not only did Robin just sit at the piano, he moved around the stage changing his movements to the varying moods of his music. Although music listener’s slept on his prior release of shooter, it actually showed up on an unlikely collaboration with Lil Wayne. According to Robin this was one of his favorite collaborations in his career, and he looks forward too possibly doing a musical video. He wants people to become familiar with him as an artist, and prove to the masses that his versatile style shows that he’s more than a one hit wonder. Kianga Moore (773) 484-9191