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Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car retold


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Room 4 created plasticine models to retell Mr Gumpy's Motor Car

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Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car retold

  1. 1. Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car. retold by Room 4
  2. 2. Mr Gumpy wanted to go for a ride.
  3. 3. “ Can we come for a ride too?” said the boy and the girl. Can we come too?” said the the rabbit, the dog, the chickens, the cat, the calf, the goat, the pig and the sheep.
  4. 4. “ Ok,“ said Mr Gumpy “ but it will be a bit of a squash.” Off they all went in Mr Gumpy’s motorcar.
  5. 5. le“ “ Let’s go across thisfarm track,” said Mr Gumpy. They drove along quite happily. It was a beautiful day.
  6. 6. After awhile Mr Gumpy looked up and noticed the dark clouds forming. “ I think it is going to rain,” he said.
  7. 7. Mr Gumpy stopped the car and put the hood up. The rain started to pour down.
  8. 8. The farm track got muddier and muddier. The wheels on the car started spinning and dirt flicked up.
  9. 9. “ Some of you will have to get out and push,” said Mr Gumpy. Nobody wanted to push. The wheels sank deeper into the ground.
  10. 10. Everyone got out and pushed and heaved. “ Keep pushing, we are nearly there,”cried Mr Gumpy.
  11. 11. Slowly the car moved forward and up the hill where the sun was shining.
  12. 12. They drove back home. “ Time for a swim,” said Mr Gumpy. “We must go for another ride one day.”