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How can Experiential help brands to reengage consumers.

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Indulgance & Experiential

  1. 1. How can experiential marketing help indulgence food brands during the recession?
  2. 2. So what’s happening? The recession seems like a rational issue affecting shoppers but there’s actually very emotional and irrational behaviour; Nostalgia Comfort eating Creating a sense of abundance by buying more by choosing cheaper products Wanting to project a thrifty and sensible image with their choices Trying to regain control
  3. 3. Trying to avoid unpleasant realities It’s such an emotional arena because the recession causes all sorts of uncomfortable feelings; Uncertainty - about their prospects and everyone else’s Guilt - about having to deprive the family of things they want Deprivation - having to deny yourself things you really want
  4. 4. culminating in: Distrust of brands and institutions who’s out on the take? What’s a real deal? What’s value anymore? Everything is under scrutiny.
  5. 5. It’s a point of personal connection between the brand and the consumer at a time when brands need to re-engage consumers It’s rich and multidimensional so it can re-engage them on both rational and emotional levels It’s a social experience making it personable, direct and memorable.
  6. 6. And most importantly in these negative, distrustful days; It brings brand values to life It allows brands to give back It’s real
  7. 7. Experiential marketing is a chance to show that you are worth staying in that basket ... ...not because they remember you from their childhood... ...or that you are cheap or comforting. But because you are one of the good guys. You are a good brand offering good products at a fair price.
  8. 8. Experiential comes in all different sizes actual size
  9. 9. We can take brand experience right to point of purchase, with cut-through and added-value. Experiences at POP are a proven volume and value driver We can drive purchase with experiences that offer a strong promotional call-to-action and mechanic like e-coupons, mobile vouchers We can use experiential to collect data to create an effective RM strategy to drive the sales conversion We can sell during experiences with pop-up retail via offline or on-line sales portals
  10. 10. And, because we know value and real worth matter to you too we’d like to add that the right experiential activity will pay back in monetary as well as brand terms, offering opportunity for revenue and amplification that returns extremely well on the initial investment.
  11. 11. There’s an enormous range of activities that come under experiential and understanding your strategy and objectives is always our starting point. Give us a problem your brand faces and we can tell you how experiential can work for you.