Nonprofits and new blood final 3.29


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  • Care2 is… 10 years old, founded by Randy Paynter, based in Redwood City, California -- with an office in Washington, DC Staff = 50+ people Care2 is a for-profit company that is socially responsible and mission-driven. Most of its revenue comes from providing promotional services to nonprofits. The Care2 mission is to connect civically-active people to causes and nonprofits, empowering them to make a difference Audience = “cultural creatives” or “light greens,” people interested in lives of health and sustainability (LOHAS) Care2 signs up approx. 5,000 new members per day Care2 now works with almost 400 leading nonprofit organizations Care2 does not sell or rent its list. We recruit new members, donors and supporters for our nonprofit partners strictly through permission based online marketing -- and we use Care2’s own voice when we do this, leveraging the relationship, loyalty and trust that Care2 has with its millions of members.
  • Care2 provides services to almost 500 nonprofits whose missions advance a wide array of leading causes, including: Environment and Wildlife Health Children Animal Welfare Women’s Issues Human Rights Civil Rights Gay / Lesbian Rights Education International Development Disaster Relief Peace Consumer Protection Sustainable Food Social Justice Renewable Energy Seniors / Aging Veterans Climate Change Anti-Poverty Faith-Based Higher Education Arts and Culture Federal Deficit Reduction
  • While the email is not client-branded, Care2 will consult with the client so that the email content is relevant and accurate.
  • If the person is already a Care2 member, the fields of this petition form will be already pre-populated with their contact information.
  • * This slide illustrates Care2’s method of using strong permission marketing in its lead generation campaigns for nonprofit clients. This is the point at the end of the engagement funnel in which the Care2 member has taken many previous, pre-qualifying actions, and now is urged to take one more extra step of signing up for the client’s email list (in this case it is Consumers Union). If they sign up, the client will pay Care2 for the lead acquired. If they don’t sign up, then the client does not owe Care2 anything, even though the client will have received a lot of branding promotion and the advocacy value of the petition campaign already. Care2 guarantees how many signups will be obtained and delivered to the client, and by what date, and at a pre-agreed upon price per lead delivered. This is Results Based Pricing.
  • Nonprofits and new blood final 3.29

    1. 1. Nonprofits and New Blood:
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    3. 5. Donor Value Over 12 Months $96 $187 Traditional 1 +95% Source: Convio whitepaper entitled “Integrating Online Marketing (eCRM) with Direct Mail Fundraising” 1 Traditional defined as offline use. 2 Internet Enabled defined as both offline and eCRM use. Internet Enabled 2 34.4% 50.9% New Donor Renewal Rate Traditional +48% Internet Enabled Lifetime Donor Value $314 $694 Lifetime Donor Value Traditional +121% Internet Enabled
    4. 7. Unsubscribes Email bounces Lapsing records This is your email file!
    5. 14. Organic Results Paid Ads
    6. 28. [email_address] @jocelynharmon [email_address]