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  1. 1. Terminology and codes Terminology Bio-Signals: System configured inside a Civil Protection unit (And Over Watch) suits. Monitors heart rate; when heart rate flat-line Bio-Signals alert local units. (AKA Unit expires when these go offline) (Ur ded and this goes off) Polistability/Polistabilization: Getting hold of social order. (Regaining power) Restrict: Deny access to something. (None 4 u) Sociocide/Sociocidal: Attempting to disrupt peace or the unions grip on the residence. (Rebelling) Valence: Involvement with anti-citizen behavior. (I.e.Buying weaponry from someone, being in a group of people with the intent of rebelling.) (Heresy) Divisive: Attribute that separates you from loyalty to the Union. (Your a dickhead) Hold: Hold position; Defensive strategy. (Zoey, don't move!) Inoculate: To protect a person/object against possible threat. (He's a pussy, your a shield.) Examine: Search (I can't dumb this down, you get it or you don't.) Amputate: Kill/Annihilate (DEEESSTOOOOYYYY) Line: Form solid defence/barricade defense. (Hold 'dat shit.) Ripcord: Retreat; move back to point if specified. Contact: Enemies spotted, engaging. Diagnose: Determine situation. Sterilize: Clean area/situation of-... (Clear of hostiles) Isolate/Detain: Imprisonment. (Arrest) Hostile: Non-friendly. Deploy: Send to-... Inject: Enter effectively. Breach: Break through obstacle - generally affiliated with breaching. Prosecute: Administer ordered punishment. Stabilize: Restore order. Non-lethally preferably. Clear: Clear of hostiles/Erase current orders. Stand By: Await further directives.
  2. 2. Extract: Exit, Leave, Evacuate, Remove Intercede: Ambush/Manipulate targets. Administer: To carry out -/ Order(s) Pacify: Handle a situation. (Detain citizen/Anti-citizen) Expose: Reveal suspects/flush from obstacle/cover. Contain: Capture or prevent situation from spreading beyond current position. Unrest: Riot or Rebellion. Infestation: High infected/parasite activity De-serviced: Unit expired. (Dead) Outbreak: Last remaining unit in group/squad. (Everyone has expired except you.) Loitering: Standing around; littering with their presence. Classification Parasite: Headcrab(s) Anti-Citizen: Criminal, Hostile, Enemy. Exogen: Antlion Infected: Human headcrab combination. Biotic: Alien; generally from Xon. (i.e Barnical, Houndeye, Vortigaunt) Virome: Poison/Fast (Headcrab) Malignant: Extremely dangerous anti-citizen; generally transforming citizens into Anti-Citizens Necrotic: Zombie Status' Of Units De-serviced: Unit expired. (Dead) Outbreak: Last remaining unit in group/squad. (Everyone expired except you.) Response Codes 10-0: Use Caution. 10-2: Accident/Accidental Death 10-4: Okay. 10-7: Proceeding to Off-Duty status. 10-8: In service. 10-9: Repeat last message. 10-15: Prisoner in custody. 10-16: Pick up prisoner.
  3. 3. 10-19: Return to nexus 10-20: Your location? 10-22: Cancel Last Message. 10-25: Do you have contact with ( )? 10-27: Check for warrants. 10-97: Arrived at scene. 10-103: Disturbance. 10-107: Suspicious person. 10-108: Officer down. 11-6: Wrongful discharge of firearms. 11-98: Meet officer. 11-99: Officer needs assistance/backup. 647A: Vagrant loitering in a public place. 647E: Anti-Citizen. BOL: Be on the lookout. UL/: Unable to locate. Off-Duty Units Off-Duty Unit Rules, information. - You are not to carry any firearms or illegal substances or contraband. - You are not to ever use your unit status as an excuse to squirm your way out of a prosecution. - When you are off-duty, you are like any other citizen(s). - While Off-duty, you are permitted, but not expected to wear a loyalist armband. - During ration distribution, you will be awarded two rations for your loyalty to the Union. - Because of your Unit status you are permitted to carry level three contraband. (i.e foods, level three substances. This is the only case you are allowed to bring up your Unit status.) - Units will have a total of optional ### of time to be Off-Duty; #### not counted as this is stasis cycle. (OR) Units must get permission from an ## to go Off-duty. - Any violations of rules 1&2 will result in warnings, followed by a black mark. Beating Quota - Units must fulfill their beating quota within one month. Failure to comply will result in black marks. - Beating quota is monitored by the amount you use your stun-baton; higher the intensity the more the beating registers onto your beating quota. How information is transferred: Stun-batons are extremely complicated; but here is the just. As you know, stun-batons conduct electricity; so there's no problem in the source of their fluid to perform the task. Inside the shaft of the stun-stick there's located a small electronic chip wired to a restrictor and a transmitter. As you connect the baton with an unfortunate person, it creates a circuit, conducting electricity. The electricity used is measured and transmitted to your online quota.
  4. 4. As you may or may not know, simply connecting the baton to the ground or non-metallic object will result in failure. It will not conduct. When you connect the baton to a metallic object, the metal object will conduct far more electricity than expected; very noticeable. As you may know, metal conducts electricity extremely well. Too well. Even if you figure out how to abuse this system, there's camera's at every corner. Recording everything. You will be caught. As you go offline, your stun-batons transmitters will are automatically deactivated. Keep in mind, you're generally within eyesight while on duty. Any attempts or succession with abusing this system will result in permanent off-world relocation. OOC information on Quota! There's no real OOC quota! Please, no pussy CP's who refuse to beat citizens. ICly, you'd eventually be removed for failing your Quota. Do not come down on others for "Over Beating" citizens. ICly you'll probably believe their behind on their Quota and fitting in these few beats. Even if you know they're mean, your a little pussy, they can take you!(And you deserve a slap if you ever pull "I'm l33t hand to hand), because if your a super pussy you'd never want or need this! Breaching Terminology Clear Left(C-L; Clear-L): Called after the left side of the room is cleared of contraband and or hostiles. Clear Right(C-R; Clear-R) Called after the right side of the room is cleared of contraband and or hostiles. Clear All(C-A; Clear-A) Called after the whole area is cleared of contraband and or hosties. Prep Breach(Prepare (to) Breach): Called when everyones in their positions beside the door; right before the breach. Stack: Gather at the door; get into respected positions. Breach: