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Social Media Proposal - Cleveland Shade Tree Board


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Social Media Proposal - Cleveland Shade Tree Board

  1. 1. Kevin Brown Social Media Proposal: Cleveland Shade Tree Board The Cleveland Shade Tree Board has a lot of untapped potential that has yet to be seen on the realms of the internet. While word-of-mouth has been the major communication tool, social media can certainly help boost the Shade Tree Board’s awareness, cause and any information to people in the Cleveland area who are interested. What the Cleveland Shade Tree Board stands for, to plant, protect, preserve the trees, needs to be regarded by all locals. The Shade Tree Board has short term goals of reaching an audience, but also long term goals to keeping the audience aware and moving forward with keeping Cleveland a beautiful, tree city. It is obvious that there needs to be change in Cleveland and a continuous progression to bettering the plant life. The Cleveland people can become more aware of this change by finding out helpful information about planting, or information about the Shade Tree Board’s calendar through an up-to-date blog. By using a blog, which is free and can even provide as a website, the Shade Tree Board can have a one stop place for anyone who is interested. A blog also makes it accessible for starting a dialogue with any person interested or in need of having questions answered. This dialogue can even introduce new ideas to the Shade Tree Board or get other reader’s following along and perhaps including their own thoughts into the mix. A blog is very versatile and can come with criticism. But any type of criticism can always be turned into an upside in the dialogue provided with more detailed explanations and back up from other comments. Blog’s must also be updated often, normally at least once a week if not more. This update should include important tips, calendar updates, or any pertinent
  2. 2. Kevin Brown information worth sharing to readers. It is under my expertise that I believe a blog is the most important first step in taking the Cleveland Shade Tree Board in this social media wave. It will be something in which must be maintained on a normal basis, but has the most potential in gaining new members and keeping them. The second social media venture you may want to consider is making a Facebook fan page for the organization. Although it seems like a farfetched approach, consider that Facebook has over 200 million users and is now reaching people of all ages. What was once just for college student’s is now for any individual with a computer. Having a Facebook page will reach a variety of people who may not see the blog or even know of the Cleveland Shade Tree Board. When one user becomes a fan of your organization, in which they will see updates and any information you release, the friend’s of that user sees that they are a fan of the organization and may click onto your page to see what it is. They may also become of a fan of the Shade Tree Board and then their friends will see that they are a fan. The process will continue and your page should be getting many hits, which you can even manage and view how many unique viewers you have each day. Hopefully, this will bring those fans to your blog, giving them even more information about the Cleveland Shade Tree Board and invest more time into it. Facebook also offers status updates, which can be used for telling about upcoming events and will be seen by any fan of the organization in real time. Also, a “wall” is on the front page and can be used to offer comments or dialogue from fans. To show just what the Shade Tree Board is doing around town, an infinite amount
  3. 3. Kevin Brown of pictures can be uploaded to the page for anyone’s viewing pleasure. This can also arouse more dialogue from viewer’s and fan’s and give them an idea just how beautiful nature is in the area. Facebook, like having a blog, will need to be viewed and maintained accordingly. But in the end, I believe this venture will be a highly successful one to the organization and the needs that it provides. Social media is an important tool to have in today’s society with businesses and organizations. Although at the present it is just getting started, soon it will take off and be a controlling medium in the world. At this moment, I believe the Cleveland Shade Tree Board can begin to see the wonders and effects that social media can have for an organization. It would be wise to begin this process soon, keep it maintained and watch the success that it brings.