Excretory System


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Excretory System

  1. 1. Excretory System WhatIS the excretory system? The excretory system is the system that excretes wastes from your system. It eliminates wastes and the residue of food that has gone through the digestive system. The excretory system includes the liver, large intestine, skin, anus, bladder, kidneys, urethra, and ureters. The excretory system handles all the waste that your body produces from breathing, eating, and drinking. Whatare does the excretory system DO? The excretory system takes the unused parts of the food and water you ingest, along with the wastes your body produces while carrying out it’s various tasks and then converts them into excretions. Then, it sends them to either the urethra in the case of liquid wastes or the anus in the case of solid wastes to be excreted from the body. Whatdo the main parts of the excretory system DO? The liver of the excretory system takes all the chemicals in your system and filters them carrying them to the excretory system’s other parts or converting them to bile. Bile is then used to ease the breaking down of fats and other substances. The kidneys removes the wastes from your blood, create red blood cells, and help manage your blood pressure. It does this via lauers, which are the Cortex, the medulla and the pelvis. When your body is ready to pass waste products, they travel through the kidneys, then mixing with urine. Then, the waste travels into the bladder through ureters. Now, the bladder holds all of that urine until it feels too full, in which case it tells your body to urinate. Whatcan AFFECT theexcretory system? Everything you ingest affects the excretory system. If you lead a healthy diet, no matter what it is, your excretory system will be healthy. Over-ingestion of harmful substances or a lack of healthy substances can lead to an unhealthy excretory system. To make sure your diet is healthy, your urine should have only a slight yellow tinged form, and your excretions should not be liquid nor too tough. Whatare some of the DISEASES of the excretory system? Some of the diseases of the excretory system can include dialysis and irritable bowel syndrome. Most of the Excretory System diseases involve the kidneys, if your kidneys are diseased and not working properly waste will build up in your system and eventually lead to death. Some kidney diseases can be treated in certain ways such as medication or a machine called a dialysis. Dialysis is an intense treatment, which is only
  2. 2. used for severe kidney problems, this machine pumps the patient’s blood through it and it filters the waste from the blood and returns clean blood back to the patient. A dialysis patient has to spend nearly sixty hours each week attached to the machine. The craziest treatment for kidney disease is a kidney transplant. Some people can live a healthy life like a normal person with just one kidney, which means their other kidney can be donated to a person who has a kidney disease and needs a healthy one. The donor and the patient must have very similar genetics in order for the patient to accept the new kidney without trouble.