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Biology Children\'s Book


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Biology Children\'s Book

  1. 2. This is Grandma Prairie Dog.
  2. 3. She has a very big family.
  3. 4. Her family kept growing…
  4. 5. … And growing…
  5. 6. … And growing.
  6. 7. Her Family was starting to have some problems.
  7. 8. They were very crowded.
  8. 9. Food was running out.
  9. 10. The whole family was getting mad at each other. Fights occurred every day.
  10. 11. One day, Grandma Prairie Dog held a family meeting to fix these problems.
  11. 12. Timmy Prairie Dog suggested that they build more tunnels underground.
  12. 13. When they thought about it, they still wouldn’t have enough food. That solution wouldn’t work for them.
  13. 14. Then Grandma Prairie Dog had a great idea! Half of the family would move to a new area, so that everyone would have enough food and space!
  14. 15. The next day, they found the perfect place. It had tons of land, and plenty of food.
  15. 16. The old area slowly grew back to normal, and there was enough food and space for everyone.
  16. 17. All of the prairie dogs were very happy, and they visited each other every weekend!
  17. 18. The End!!!
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