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Career3 1


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Career3 1

  1. 1. GRAPHIC<br />DESIGN<br />
  2. 2. ACADEMIC<br />2do Semestre<br />Introducción a la Comunicación Gráfica Innovación y Pensamiento Creativo IIEvolución del Arte y el Diseño IIIdiomas II<br />1er Semestre<br />Principios de ComposiciónInnovación y Pensamiento Creativo IEvolución del Arte y el Diseño I<br />Idiomas IExpresión y Percepción Visual I<br />3er SemestreLaboratorio de Comunicación Gráfica I Estrategias de Medios I ProducciónGráficaFotografíaTipografía<br />6to Semestre<br />Laboratorio de Comunicación Gráfica IVEstrategias de Medios IVDirección de Arte IMediosAudiovisuales III<br />4to Semestre<br />Laboratorio de Comunicación Gráfica II <br />Estrategias de Medios IIRedacciónPublicitaria I Idiomas IV<br />5to Semestre<br />Laboratorio de Comunicación Gráfica III<br />Estrategias de Medios IIIRedacciónPublicitaria IIEstrategia de Marca<br />7to Semestre<br />Estrategias de Medios V<br />Dirección de Arte II Laboratorio de Comunicación Gráfica V<br />Investigación Social<br />9no Semestre<br />LaboratorioMultidisciplinario II<br />Emprendedor II<br />8vo Semestre<br />LaboratorioMultidisciplinario IEmprendedor I<br />
  3. 3. DURATION<br />Is of 4 years.<br />PROFESSIONAL PRACTICES<br />There are some curses in Cedim.<br />OPTION OF SPECIALIZATION<br />You can design logos of evrey place youwant.<br />REQUIREMENTS<br />Youhavetoregister in here:<br /><br />
  4. 4. COLLEGE<br />UBICATION<br />No.360 Col. Mirador de la Huasteca, Santa Catarina Nuevo León, México, C.P.66354<br />COSTS<br />The cost is of $39,000 each semester. <br />SCHOLARSHIP<br />Scholarship applications will be received by the School Department and file twice a year during the months of June and December. The percentage of scholarship will not exceed 50% and will be determined by the Scholarship Committee, the grant for each type of grant is subject to the availability of it.<br />ADMISION EXAMS<br />Yo can present the admision exam and yo have 2 oportunities.<br />
  5. 5. LABOR CAMP<br />BASE SALARY<br />You can make a lot of moneymaking logos forwhatever place.<br />HOMEWORKS<br />Many of thehomeworks are in computer in manyprograms<br />LABORAL OPTIONS<br />Youmake a designfor a comercial or logo, or magazine, book, etc.<br />AQUIREMENTS<br />Youneedtomakegoodyourjob, do allthehomewroks and youwillhave a goodjob.<br />OPORTUNITIES<br />There are manypeoplethatneed a design<br />
  6. 6. PERSONAL<br />CHARACTERISTICS<br />INTERESTINGS<br />Designing logos<br />HABILITIES<br />Designing, drawing, mixingcolors.<br />VALUES<br />Youhelppeopledoingtheir logos.<br />BENEFITS<br />Ifyou are good at yourjobyouwillmake a lot of money.<br />