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  1. 1. Evaluation <br />Unit 4 Issues A Personal Response <br />James Eddisford<br />
  2. 2. Introduction<br />In this unit I was assigned the task of producing my own campaign advert and poster against a chosen issue. <br />The issue I decided to choose was gun crime. I next had to come up with various layouts, designs for my logo along with various plots for my video advert. Once I had finished both my outcomes the next stage was to gather feedback for any improvements to be made.<br />
  3. 3. Feedback Results <br />When I finally had the two complete outcomes I created a survey using an online software called Survey Monkey which I would then use to collect feedback and be able to analyse and evaluate the quality, effectiveness and success of my work through the audiences responses from the survey. In the next few slides I need to evaluate the piece individually with reference to my own personal responses to it and the response of the audience and viewers and also review and reflect on the responses I was given from my survey. <br />
  4. 4. Feedback Results <br />From the participants responses to the survey I created the majority of the answers were positive towards my two out comes the poster and the video advert. 100% of the participants for my first question, Do you think the designed campaign logo is suitable to its chosen issue ? Answered yes this shows me that I have successfully created a relevant campaign logo, other questions I asked were on the area of target audience, is the issue instantly recognisable and are the two outcomes appropriate ? The answers I received of these questions were also positive showing that I have sucssefullly created a relevant and high standard outcome for the issue of gun crime. <br />Overall I feel that I have completed my outcome to my highest ability and this has shown through the results of the survey as almost every answer that was given to me were encouraging and appropriate. Using surveys to generate feedback is a main aspect for the final stages of the unit, I feel from creating such survey it has helped me in understanding my own work much better. <br />
  5. 5. Review<br />From the feedback I generated I feel that it has gave me an overall idea on how my work has been produced. Some of the feedback that I was given tells me that I may have needed to adjust some minor aspect of my outcome but overall I feel that I have reached my intend audience. <br />Some of the areas I feel I had sucssefullly achieved in were the production of my video advert as it is directed at teenagers, from the feedback I was given it shows that I have reached my intended target audience because the responses I was given by the participants were all positive and relevant. I also think some of the other aspects such as the layout and colour scheme used are appropriate and from what the responses were from the survey it shows that I have created them with relation to the chosen issue of Gun Crime. My advert I created and made to be dark with low light to create a sense of danger along with the soundtrack which created the atmosphere, in doing this the feedback I was given in relation to the layout from the survey was also positive. <br />
  6. 6. Review<br />I feel that In some areas of my advert may need a few minor adjustments which if I had the chance I would change. Firstly being the planning process of my advert by creating a detailed storyboard with the shots and duration I would need to shoot this would help me in the production process of my advert making it much more time managed and easier to produce. <br />I would also look into creating a more meaningful slogan which would portray a better meaning for the advert and campaign. Although there a small amount of adjustments to be possible made I feel that overall I have successfully created my poster and advert to my highest potential I also feel that the feedback I was given from the surveys Reponses was also a enormous help in the areas of improvement and positive responses. <br />
  7. 7. Reflection <br />When I was first given the overview of the unit I felt that it could be a unit I could do well in as it seemed to be unit that would allow freedom to look into a variety of outcomes. As I began the unit I started to use various software such a vimeo and tumblr almost immediately, which I had never used before, as the unit progressed I began to gain experience with them and gained confidence to continue using them. I feel by using such software that It would help me in creating my final outcome. <br />The first task of the assignment was to begin researching into various existing campaigns such as Crime Stoppers, Think and many others. I then started to analyse them with such questions as ‘Who are they aiming their campaigns at’ and ‘what visual devices they have used to portray the chosen issue’. Once I had produced several analysis's for various campaigns I then created a PowerPoint and uploaded it onto my Tumblr blog. <br />
  8. 8. Reflection<br />The next task for me to completed was to choose a few campaigns and look in to them with more detail. I decided to choose Gun Crime with existing campaigns such as ‘Trident’ & ‘Mother against Guns’ along with various other one related to Gun Crime. Each piece of evidence and research I uploaded to my blog. I also used various sources such as newspaper articles and internet posts. <br />By using the blog I felt that this helped me in many areas of work, being organized, easy accessible and simple. Another main aspect I had to consider was being creative and use many different sources. <br />I then began by creating mind maps of some ideas that I could use for my campaign, I then came up with the idea to use not a gun but a hand gesture. I then began to produce simple logos on Photoshop, poster layouts and possible images for my outcome and then adding them onto my blog. <br />
  9. 9. Reflection<br />The next stage was for me to begin to produce various drafts and record my outcome for my advert so I can then begin the editing process. <br />Once I had my final draft I then created a survey for my fellow peers to partake in so I could generate some feedback for any necessary adjustments to be made. <br />I then made the adjustments and uploaded my final poster and video on my blog. <br />The final area of the unit I had to complete was to research into the legal and ethical areas of the whole unit, and then to reflect, gather feedback and review my own work.<br />
  10. 10. Overall<br />Overall I feel I have successfully achieved my two outcome to my highest ability, from the feedback I generated from my peers which was positive. I am pleased at the range of new skills I have gained experience in.<br />I will be certainly using the skills I have learnt with the up and coming units and defiantly feel that they had a huge effect on the work I produced. There are a few areas I would change about my outcomes but nothing in the major area, I feel that overall I would not need to change anything to a huge extent and I have sucssefullly produce a relevant campaign against Gun Crime and that my products would reach the chosen target audience from the feedback I was given. <br />