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Blogging in the Classroom


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Blogging in the Classroom

  1. 1. Navigation Site/Home Blogging for Enhanced Blog It: An Teaching and Innovative Way Learning to Improve Literacy Bringing blogs in the Conclusion classroom
  2. 2. Blogging for Enhanced Teaching and Learning Blogging is a great way for students to interact in and out of the classroom. Recently have been used to reach many for fundraising efforts It is a Web-based journal in reverse order Allows others to link articles and have better access to resources Can have add-ons such as photos, guest books, surveys, and other tools
  3. 3. Blogging for Enhanced Teaching and Learning “Blogs looked like they might help students share ideas more effectively and manage their time more efficiently.” This allows for other to critique the work of other group members People can comment on other’s posts to let others know it was read and ideas could be shared Information shared can influence how information is presented
  4. 4. Blogging for Enhanced Teaching and Learning Personal Review I had never thought of blogging as a way for students to collaborate, but only as a way for one to share their feelings. Group projects commonly use emails, but by the use of blogs, group members are better able to see the viewpoints of others to put together a better project Citation Flatley, M. (2005). BLOGGING FOR ENHANCED TEACHING AND LEARNING. Business Communication Quarterly, 68(1), 77-80. Retrieved from Home CorporateResourceNetdatabase.
  5. 5. Bringing Blogs into the Classroom A University of Alabama journalism class required students to develop a blog and share their opinions on various issues. Blogs are a better way to learn news “most useful way to learn” Grades were given based on participation and quality of writing Allowed the professor to link articles to students
  6. 6. Bringing Blogs into the Classroom Blogs require writers to be concise with the information they are reporting “We’re just tending to become a more online, computer literate society.” Students need to feel more comfortable using the computer and blogs, while also making it an enjoyable experience Professors believe that studying blogs enhances students understanding of writing
  7. 7. Bringing Blogs into the Classroom It is interesting how the whole class format is based off of blogs While I have had classes utilize blogs, it has never been the primary source of communication Would today’s students be up for have a blog class? I feel as though this would depend on the student and their willingness to try new things Citation Beeson, P. (2005). Bringing blogs into the classroom. Quill, 93(6), 27-29. Retrieved from Communication & Mass Media Complete database. Home
  8. 8. Blog It: An Innovative Way to Improve “Classroom blogs are a powerful way to combine the best of education with the best of technology” As new technologies arise, educators must use these in order for their students to not fall “Teachers…must meet the new demands of a technology- driven society. Teachers have to stay on top of technology in order to not allow their colleagues to get ahead and better educate their students
  9. 9. Blog It: An Innovative Way to Improve Teacher divides classroom into small groups Guides a small reading group Another group is at the computer center Students utilizing the computer more has improved student’s reading and writing skills Classroom blogs are a motivator to increase literacy skills in the classroom
  10. 10. Blog It: An Innovative Way to Improve Through this article, I would want to consider using blogs in a rotation for reading and writing. These blogs allows the students to express their view, as well as read what other students are saying Citation Wells, L. (2006). BLOG IT: AN INNOVATIVE WAY TO IMPROVE LITERACY. Reading Today, 24(1), 40. Retrieved from Humanities International Index database. Home
  11. 11. Conclusion Blogging would be a great way to connect with students, as well as parents, in a teaching world. Students would be able to ask questions or make comments on posts that the teacher makes on various material Parents would be able to view the blogs and see what is going on in the child’s classroom Home