Motivational Thoughts


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Motivational Thoughts

  1. 1. Motivational Thoughts From Shawnie 
  2. 2. A friend is someone who helps lead the way even when you think you don’t know where you are going. She does not carry you, but rather, she sets out ahead and allows you to follow in her footsteps until you can go at it alone.
  3. 3. Life can seem very lonely at times, but a true friend will be like that of a lone tree in the distant horizon. She is there to offer shelter and shade so that you can just sit and think for awhile.
  4. 4. The struggles you have in life are only as long as the road you choose to travel on. The path taken with a friend, is paved with steady lines in which to follow… And like the sun…she will light the way.
  5. 5. Each of us is presented with doors in life. We struggle in deciding which ones to open and which ones to close.
  6. 6. The door of friendship however, is ALWAYS open. It is one in which we know is certain, that warmth and love exists. Even when there is animosity, we know in our hearts that the door has remained open…even if just slightly cracked.
  7. 7. Success is not measured by how much money one makes….or what we have… It is about impressing upon others, the goodness in our hearts… The giving of ourselves that encourages for others to go on… And the many friendships that we keep throughout the years.
  8. 8. Climbing the mountains of life is never an easy task. The steady climb forces us to think on the many things in our lives and in ourselves. To look ahead is ridiculous, because the task would scare us into giving up. Instead, we look downward at the ground in front of us. At which point however, do any of us stop and look back to the progress we have made? Mountains Of Life…
  9. 9. We all make it to the top at some point. It is then, where we truly know and understand greatness… And it is okay to pat yourself on the back for the hard work you have done to get there. Scream it! Shout it! FEEL it!!!
  10. 10. You ARE the King/Queen of the mountain. This mountain called life. And it is there, that your crown was laid many years ago when you were born. It is found upon your death…the completion of many an accomplishment that YOU were meant to make in this world. It is magical…and it is yours….and …
  11. 11. When placing that crown upon your head…you will become a star.
  12. 12. And it is then that you are placed in the night sky to exist high amongst those that are left
  13. 13. to follow their own path… to bear the burdens of life… meet great friends who will help them in their journey
  14. 14. so that someday, they too… Will find their own crowns.