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Cassy Hates School


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Published in: Technology
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Cassy Hates School

  1. 1. Lucid Dreaming
  2. 2. What IS Lucid Dreaming? The term “Lucid dreaming” means dreaming while knowing that you ARE dreaming! It usually begins in the midst of a dream when the dreamer realizes that the experience is not occurring in physical reality.. … but is a dream.
  3. 3. Is Lucid Dreaming the same as "Dream Control"? However, becoming lucid in a dream is likely to increase the extent to which you can deliberately influence the course of events. Lucidity is not synonymous with dream control. It is possible to be lucid and have little control over dream content, and conversely, to have a great deal of control without being explicitly aware that you are dreaming. - - -
  4. 4. Why Have Lucid Dreams? People often ask, "Why should I want to have lucid dreams? What are they good for?“… The Answer? … And, who wouldn’t enjoy that? You are restricted only by your ability to imagine and conceive, not by laws of physics or society.
  5. 5. Can Lucid Dreaming be Dangerous? >Your behavior strongly influences your experience in both worlds. >Lucid dreams can be signposts for how you can make your waking reality more exciting and enjoyable . +Concluding that they are not dangerous! (As a matter of fact lucid dreams can be inspirations for how to act and improve in reality).