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First Magazine Analysis

  1. 1. First Existing magazine analysis: Front Cover This is one of the most popular rock music magazines in the UK. Masthead Selling Line Model Model Credit Main Kicker Button Barcode, price and date line Strap Line Strap Line Cover lines
  2. 2. This is the masthead, located at the top of the magazine. The text is in sans serif font. As you can see, the model is in front of the masthead. This is one of the brands of this magazine as they often do this in most of the issue published. It is also obvious to the reader that the text behind the model is 'Kerrang!' because this never changes. The font size is bigger from the other text. This shows that it is the masthead. It is also on a white background unlike the other text which are featured on the image. The selling line 'Life is loud' is in bold, yellow sans serif font. It is also in a smaller size compared to the masthead. It stands out from the other text however, not as much as the masthead. It is over the masthead, this is another brand of the magazine. This could either be known as a strap line or a cover line as it contains news about bands featured in the magazine however, it is located above the masthead. The text is over the model as this is less obvious to the reader because it often changes.
  3. 3. Left two-thirds Right third Eye flow This magazine follows the eye flow of which the human follows when reading the front cover of a magazine. The layout of the magazine follows the eye order in a 'C' shape as shown by the green arrow. The magazine follows the rules of thirds as shown by the red dotted lines. However, the model is featured in both of the thirds, breaking the rule of convention. But this is an exception because the part of her hair highlighted in pink and her necklace, which is her logo, are in the left two-thirds of the magazine. So technically it is not exactly breaking the rule of thirds. The right third contains important information to purchase the magazine (barcode) and other news featured in it.
  4. 4. The magazine contains a button which features a funny image. This could attract the audience because it is something unusual which you won't see on every magazine. The explanatory text uses persuasive languages The cover lines used indirect language/exclusive mode of address. The explanatory text uses persuasive language which makes the reader curious. It also makes the reader want to buy the magazine i.e. it uses words like 'free' meaning they won't need to buy it separately. This is the second strap line located at the bottom of the front cover. It contains artists which are also featured in this week's issue of the magazine.
  5. 5. The clothes the model is wearing are really grungy and fits with the genre which the music magazine is based on. The colour she is mainly wearing is black which also links with the genre, however it has a hint of red (the heart) and pink(highlighted part of the hair). The pose she is doing is very feminine but can attract both genders because of what band she represents which is Nightwish. The background is just plain red. This contrasts to the colours the model is wearing.