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  1. 1. World's Most Unusual Hotels To join the ranks of the world's extraordinary luxury hotels, you've got to offer something a little off-kilter. That's what awaits those visiting the Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin. Each of the hotel's 31 rooms embraces a different theme. Bedding, walls and carpeting in the orange room are decorated in varying shades of ginger, carrot and tangerine, while the symbol room (left) is lined with wooden blocks featuring 300 different symbols, including everything from Greek letters to dollar signs. Guests of the the Winvian Hotel in Morris, Conn., find just as abstract amenities. Here, it's possible to bed down in a suite housing a helicopter. The property is made up of 18 individually designed cottages. Guests enjoy complimentary meals and drinks, as well as access to Vespa scooters and horseback riding.