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D:\Jtf H Ig Newsletter F Eb 2010v2


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D:\Jtf H Ig Newsletter F Eb 2010v2

  1. 1. JTF-HAITI INSPECTOR GENERAL’S OFFICE FEBRUARY 2010 Page 1 From the Foxhole of the JTF Haiti Inspector General Welcome to the first installment of the JTF-Haiti Inspector General Bulletin. The JTF-Haiti Inspector General’s Office is up and running and postured to assist our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen and DOD Civilians with unresolved issues and concerns. Additionally, our office supports the command by conducting both general inspections (compliance-oriented) and special inspections (looking at systemic issues), conducting investigative inquiries and Investigations, and by teaching and training. In this installment, we want to share some important tips to consider if you need IG assistance; additionally, a special feature –What’s on your Mind?—attempts to address some of your top questions and concerns. You are playing a critical role in this historical deployment. As a member of JTF-Haiti you are instrumental in assisting the overall disaster relief effort in Haiti. You’re performing a critical role in decisively responding to the humanitarian needs of hundreds of thousands of Haitians and because of your efforts, we’ve been able to reduce the pain and suffering of the population. Our immediate response capability is enabling the larger international community to continue organizing and mobilizing to ultimately provide the assistance needed without our support—once that’s accomplished, JTF-Haiti will depart. In the meantime continue manning the oars and giving way together. Let us know how we can continue improving our services to you and your Warriors. Thanks for your service. COL Ray Valle Give your chain of command a Need to see the IG? chance to solve the problem. Most Keep in mind that IGs can only problems can be solved within your recommend, not order a solution. chain of command. One of the first Only Commanders can order; the role questions an IG will ask is , “Have you of the IG is to advise the Commander. worked this issue through your chain The IG is a member of the of command?” and “How far up the Commanding General’s personal staff A primary function of the JTF IG is to chain of command have you worked and cannot, without the CG’s specific assist Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, this issue?” The IG may contact your approval, provide a directive to the Marines, Coast Guardsmen, and DOD chain of command to obtain additional chain of command to resolve an Civilians working with their chain of facts and get further clarification to the issue. command to solve unresolved issues issue. Frequently, when the chain of and concerns. To that end, the command is notified of an issue, the Remember IGs can only resolve a following list of guidelines will assist chain-of-command responds that they case on the basis of fact. Your both you and the IG in resolving your were unaware of the complainant’s claim that rules have been broken issues issue and would have addressed it if doesn’t make it fact. A claim must be they had known. supported with evidence. Be as Be sure you have a problem. Many detailed and specific as possible people visit the IG and cannot define If IG assistance is needed, contact when presenting information to the IG. their problem. Although we can assist your local IG first. Any IG will take Bring all supporting documents you you in identifying specific issues, you your complaint. However, the case have regarding the issue. All need to ask yourself, “What do I want will eventually be referred to your documents provided to the JTF IG the IG to do for me?” Being able to servicing IG for action. become property of the Secretary of answer this question is so important the Defense and must be requested that the form (DA 1559) that you must Be honest and don’t provide through the Freedom of Information submit to initiate an IG action requires misleading information. Have your Act (FOIA). you to answer these same questions. facts together before you visit the IG. So, have an idea on what IGs will discover the truth quickly in Don’t expect instant action on your you want the IG to do for you when most cases and there are penalties request…Be patient. IGs are not you visit or contact us. for knowingly providing false subject matter experts (SME) in every information. area and often must conduct extensive research and consult several administrative and legal SMEs
  2. 2. JTF-HAITI INSPECTOR GENERAL’S OFFICE FEBRUARY 2010 Page 2 to resolve issues. Consequently, victims of the earthquake will continue working cases take considerable beyond likely transition dates. The coordination and time. Your issue will end date of this operation is also SPECIAL FEATURE be addressed and you will receive a dependent on the current missions of What’s on your mind? response as soon as the IG the Joint Task Force. Much like any completes the case. other operation, if the mission changes or grows, time and Be prepared to take “No” for the resources will adjust accordingly. answer. The IG resolves issues by comparing each complaint to an Question 2: Future deployments: Is established standard, e.g., regulation. our dwell time going to be reset? Is If the issue cannot be defined or no our timeline for already announced violation against a regulation has The JTF Commander, LTG P.K. deployments (OEF/OIF) going to occurred, the issue will be unfounded, Keen wanted to know what was on change because this deployment? or the allegation unsubstantiated. your mind; to that end, he directed the Consequently, the IG cannot assist IG team to conduct a “Quick Look” Every unit serving in Haiti has you. IGs do not provide legal advice. special inspection to ascertain your either returned from an operational See your SJA. main issues and concerns. He deployment or was scheduled for an wanted us to engage as many operational deployment in the coming How do you file a complaint? members of the JTF as we could to year. As we adjust the force on the Contact or visit the JTF-Haiti IG at ensure we had a good representation ground to match the mission LSA Dragon, adjacent to the US across Services and components. requirements, factors of dwell time Embassy, Boulevard du 15 Octobre, Below are your “top five” concerns and future deployments are taken into Tabarre 41, Port-au-Prince. and we’ll try to answer as many of consideration. The DOD policy for Complete, sign and/or e-mail a DA your questions as possible. Keep in dwell time is still in effect and requires Form 1559, Inspector General Action mind that for some of your questions notification through the Service Chiefs Request [IGAR]( we don’t have answers yet. to the Secretary of Defense when to us if at all possible. However, the those guidelines are not met. Units IGs may require you to call them back Question 1: Duration of operations: that anticipated deployments before if you submit your IGAR via e-mail to How long are we going to be here? the end of 2010 are being replaced confirm you actually submitted the Who is coming to replace us? When? with other units and barring any other IGAR. unforecasted requirements will be The end date of the mission afforded sufficient dwell time before Call/e-mail us: has not been determined yet as there being deployed again. IAW DOD - Command IG: COL Ray Valle is still work to be done. Everyday, the Personnel Planning Guidance (PPG) - IG SGM: SGM Eric B. Littlejohn JTF assesses the needs of the for Operation Unified Response, for mission against the capabilities on the every 30 days deployed, you will earn ground. When we identify excess one month of dwell. How to Contact us: e-mail needs, we have been releasing those elements to return to home station or Question 3: Connecting with loved DSN: 413-254-8060 (ext 58560) continue on with their original ones: When are we getting mail? Can Com: (910) 922-3501 or (910) 644- missions. Historically, US military we get phone banks? 4436. involvement in HA/DR missions for an event of this magnitude have lasted Mail flow will begin shortly. We are 45-50 days, tapering off as other hoping for mid-February once the government agencies, civilian aid and 502nd Postal Soldiers finalize their philanthropic groups build up their assessments to push and process capacity to provide sustained support mail and have adequate facilities. to the victims. Unified Response is no Calling centers can be established different and we are using those through AAFES or MWR. Due to the historical examples in our transition nature of this mission and the planning. We know that some uncertainty of our presence here, we elements involved in projects such as will look at this as a viable option port opening, airfield repair and the recovery of US Citizens who were
  3. 3. JTF-HAITI INSPECTOR GENERAL’S OFFICE FEBRUARY 2010 Page 3 should the theater mature and a more distribution. These are the first of extended presence materialize. SHOWERS: We currently have 10 what will become regularly scheduled multi-stall civilian style showers shipments. Question 4: Awards and distributed across the force. The AAFES: AAFES trailers are enroute. promotions: Are we going to get joint issue so far has been water We do not yet have confirmation of awards? How am I going to get my distribution to the shower sites. Some booking on a specific ship or ETA DA photo; sign my NCOER, etc.? U.S. water distribution assets arrived here; we’ll disseminate specifics once 10 Feb and are now operational. As a available. Personnel serving in an authorized temporary bridging strategy, we are Joint Manning Document (JMD) contracting water delivery from a local UNIFORMS: DA G4 is working a position will be eligible to receive joint distributer. JTF-HAITI was initially gratuitous issue for Army service awards. Exception to policy guidance concerned about removing delivery members who have uniforms (clothing will be published with our awards assets from the Haitian people. We bag items) irreparably damaged or policy letter currently being staffed. have since assessed that there is an lost during the operation. ADO is not For Service Members not on a JMD, abundance of distribution in this supportable at this time. DA G4 plan service awards are authorized. The vendor’s area, therefore we will may include both deploying a Military Humanitarian Service Medal has contribute to the local economy Clothing Supply Store (MCSS) trailer already been authorized for Service without negatively impacting local or authorizing a draw at a home Members serving in support of water distribution. In the longer term, station MCSS. DA G4 is coordinating Operation Unified Response. There we have four military shower teams with sister services for similar support is no minimum time requirement for deploying that will provide showers, to Air Force, Navy and Marine ground this award. If you have an upcoming complemented by military purified forces. More details soon. promotion board and do not have an water. up to date DA photo and will not have an opportunity to take one prior to FOOD SUPPLEMENT ITEMS: We validating your records, inform the have not had the ability to bring in board by validating your records supplements yet due to lack of forces (ORB/ERB) with comments stating to receive, store, and issue these you were unable to get a photo due to types of items. We currently have dry deployment in support of Operation goods supplements due in to arrive at Unified Response. the seaport on or about the 12th of February and fresh fruits due in to the 5: QOL: What about showers, a hot seaport on the 13th. It may take meal and some sort of PX/BX another day or two for offload and services? Diet supplemental items? Can we use Army Direct Ordering (ADO)?