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  1. 1. Faith: In Whom? Heb 11:12: ? What is faith? Vs.1 Faith is: Substance, reality, hope, evidence, proof, conviction. Faith itself proves that what is unseen is real. 2 Corinthians 4:18, “While we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. But the things which are not seen are eternal.” 11:2 Because of faith, ancient elders have obtained a Spiritual Resume ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Faith is: believing, trusting, obeying, and understanding that the worlds have been created by God. 11:4 Two Kinds of Faith: God // Self>James 2:19 [Demons believe there’s a God, and they tremble.] ? How do you know for certain an airplane can fly>can’t be sure until you get on it ! Cain & Abel were told by God to prepare a sacrifice • Both were told the same thing // both brought their sacrifices // both received different results: One was righteous>unrighteous: obey>disobey Faith is obeying and doing things God’s way. Faith is beholding things through God’s eyes. Because of faith: • 11:5 Enoch was translated / vs.7 Noah was divinely warned / vs.8 Abraham was called Vs.11 Sarah conceived. Vs.13, “These all died in faith...” Faith is to desire heaven’s Green Card vs.16 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let’s stroll down...Faith Boulevard & Examine The Biographies of the 11:17 Faithful Abraham was to slaughter his only Begotten Son and trusted God. Vs.25 Moses chose instead to suffer affliction with God’s people than to enjoy sin. Vs.30 Jericho’s walls came down because the Israelites followed God’s orders 7 days Vs.31 Rahab did not perish because she received God’s messengers with peace. ! Rahab told a lie>saving not nitpicking>acted upon what she had & knew Faith 11:33-35 • Conquered kingdoms // Righteousness // Obtained promises // shut up lions mouth • Turned Dead heat into deep freeze // saved people from death // reinvigorate the weak and made them strong // made a little boy ran toward the giant 1 Samuel 17:48// raised dead people to life again // God’s Master Plan through Faith guarantees you a safe landing never a smooth sailing 11:35-37 1
  2. 2. • Some were tortured because they refused to accept human deliverance • Others: tried, mocked, scourged, and imprisoned because of their faith • Others: stoned, sawn in two, slain, destitute, afflicted, & tormented. ? What caused some to? • Be slaughtered while others survived • Righteousness to be established while elsewhere wicked flourished • To be raised back to life while others were allowed to die • To be imprisoned while others were set free ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11:13 Even faith in God did not stop these atrocious and heinous acts from happening >Daniel & Friends> “If God does not deliver...” • Peter/John/John the Baptist/ Faith is not always receiving; but faith is always trusting and knowing that God’s way is best Job 42:6 God’s instruction is reliable 42:4-5 God’s plan is incredible 42:3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Faith is an exercise of Endurance 12:1, “Laying aside every weight” Weight is anything extras that will hinder your spiritual progress • Weight of malice/Envy/Jealousy/Backbiting/Selfishness • /profession/fleshy lust/lust of the eyes In the Olympics of faith, Jesus is your Gold Medal from start to finish vs.2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Consider the hazards of weight vs.3 • Weary you // discourage you // injure you When you compare Heb 12: 4 with Matthew 11:29, it says, “Take my yoke [weight] upon you, and learn of me.” Olympians who’s to endure the race of faith must be discipline. How? They must do what God wants them to do. So they will achieve what God wants them to achieve. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In order for that to occur, a price must be paid. 1 Tim.4:8, “For bodily exercise profits a little, but godliness is profitable for all things...” ! But while Satan is working overtime, God’s people are working their average time. ! No Short-cuts>Hard work is not automatic>you can’t rent a runner? ! Dictionary: Success comes before hard work. Only by the discipline & chastening will you obtain that medal. Can you do it on your own? Olympians receive rigorous training of Do’s & Don’ts from their coach so too must Christians receive rigorous chastening from God. 2
  3. 3. Consider the benefits & setbacks of chastening 12:7-11 >If you refuse God’s the prodigal>>>house pen to the pig pen. >If you refuse Parents Eli’s two sons>home ground>battle ground>burial ground >But if as Olympians of faith, you accept God’s chastening, you become legitimate sons. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ! Don’t be like Esau in Heb 12:16, 17 who sold his birthright for a Big “M” [Macdonald’s represents a fast-food chain] Faith is essential; but faith in God is absolutely critical ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The story of the cliff and the lighthouse> Christian 1. Brad & family [all groups] visit craggy shoreline in New Zealand. >Everyone was casually dressed up>walk on the beach not climbing a cliff >Lighthouse>about 4/5 mile walk. >Apparently, An aunt who was traveling with them had mistakenly checked the wrong newspaper>rise and fall of the tide. >On their way to visit the lighthouse>pass through an inlet where tides rose rapidly and dangerously. In fact, when they all thought it would be low tide>high tide. >Two miles into the journey they began to realize>tide was on its way in. >Too far to go to return and too far to go to find refuge in the lighthouse... >But there were cliffs along the way that were left once there was low tide. With the surf now crashing against them, they sort refuge among those rocks. >Suddenly, Children were scooped up in their Parents arms.>light-hearted // >>>Elderly, Adults & teens had difficulties climbing. // > Soon=hanging down precariously over the surf as it grew more violent >>Sang//tried jokes//sharing scripture// Hours passed; Shrikes turned into cries and Psalms 13: [How long Lord] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ? If God loved his only Begotten Son so much and let him go through a heart wrenching, pain bearing agony on Calvary’s Cross, give me a reason why he should not allow a member of your family or yourself to go through the same? ? Is your prayer a steering wheel or a spare tire? Faith in God is essential. Yes! But even more so, faith in God is Absolutely Critical! 3