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Vija\'s trip to Spain and Portugal


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Published in: Travel
  • From the author: Don't get scared by the quality of the first slide, the rest are very good...
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Vija\'s trip to Spain and Portugal

  1. 1. Vija and 3 friends of hers were off to Spain and Portugal in June 2008. Landed in Sevilla, two weeks of driving, walking, taking a train or hitchiking to fly out from Lisbon. Beaches, mountains, cities and small villages. Welcome to “Manana” lifestyle. Some bits from this colorful trip in just 15 slides….
  2. 2. Sevilla Capital of Andalucia. Palm trees and oranges growing everywhere biggest Gothic church in the World HUGE palace built for Expo never-ending heat (picture below right taken at 18:04)
  3. 3. Italica (30km away from Sevilla) Feels just like Roman empire. Highlight: large well-kept amphitheatre where you can hear people whispering 50 metres away. Picture left above – the only set up thing in it is me.
  4. 4. Gibraltar Amazing views, can see Morocco (left below), lots of tailless monkeys in the wild (very camera-friendly creatures)
  5. 5. Marbella Beach like from the movies, sculptures of Dali, and a fake Buddha Bar where they play Britney Spears... My fave city of Andalucia so far
  6. 6. Puerto Banus and Bullfighting All the rich go 7km away from Marbella, to the posh Puerto Banus beaches, with Beach lounge bars and biggest Sangrias. Below – bullfighting show which as important for the locals as Madonna’s performance would be for us.
  7. 7. Ronda and Teba Two small mountain towns. Ronda has amazing bridge between two parts of town, and Teba is simply an amazing white town we found completely by chance.
  8. 8. Capileira and Sierra Nevada Mountain towns are amazing – they do anything to save space when building their houses. Below – mountains with snowy tops and...local horses.
  9. 9. Granada – Alhambra palace. Just watch it.
  10. 10. Madrid It is more about the lifestyle than the sights. Has it’s own Arc of Triumph. And everything else that is just like another BIG European capital. People love to chill here.
  11. 11. Madrid, Too You have to see it, and to see it, just go to the small streets. You will find kids who would swim in the fountain to get your attention, find best tapas bars and shops where they sell stuff you have never imagined.
  12. 12. A bite of Portugal: Lisbon Excellent fish dishes, stylish old town, warm people, restaurant staff randomly singing for the customers… Beautiul and cozy city.
  13. 13. Sintra and Atlantic ocean coast Old Moorish and new Christian castles. Beach of dreams on the way back.
  14. 14. Culture and Art in general Andalucia is full of Arabic décor, but when it comes to mosques, they are all broken down and Christian churches built. Modern Art infusion in Madrid: originals of my idols Dali, Picasso and Miro. Big artsy coffee cups and tiny benches.
  15. 15. FOOD… Everything you eat has a very strong juicy taste. Highlights: a donut-shaped peach, Churros – local pastry with hot chocolate, very tasty tortillas, and sour milk, which is lika a sweet pudding and tastes nothing like Lithuanian “kefyras”
  16. 16. … AND FUN! 1. Promo poster of a party that would be outlawed in some European countries. 2. Road sign – Be AWARE of NINJA motorcyclists! 3. Clock in Lisbon BUS STATION –you are just in time for anything 4. Tokio Hotel is the most requested teenage band not only in Lithuania, but in Portugal, apparently, too. 1 4 3 2
  17. 17. … the trip is over… and I wanna go there again! Hope you have shared my joy! Yours, Vi.