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Siemens Enterprise Communications Company Presentation


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Siemens Enterprise Communications Company Presentation

  1. 1. Facts and Figures For additional information about Siemens Enterprise Communications: February 2008 Siemens Enterprise Communications GmbH & Co. KG Hofmannstrasse 51 81359 Munich Phone: + 49 89 722-0 Global Corporate & Marketing Communications Fredy Osterberger Phone: +49 89 722-39030 Press & Analyst Relations Jacob Rice Phone: +1 561 923-8347 Human Resources Alexander Frick Phone: +49 89 722-40412 © Siemens Enterprise Communications GmbH & Co. KG Hofmannstr. 51 Order no.: A50001-N14-W280-3-7600 81359 Munich The information provided in this brochure contains only general descriptions and performance Communication for the open minded characteristics which in actual use do not necessarily always apply as described or which may change as a result of further development of the products. An obligation to pro- vide the desired characteristics shall only exist if expressly agreed in the terms of the contract. Availability Siemens Enterprise Communications and technical specifications are www.siemens.com/open subject to change without notice. Communications GmbH & Co. KG or their respective owners.
  2. 2. 2 I Facts and Figures 2008 Facts and Figures 2008 I 3 Welcome Unified communications Siemens Enterprise Communications The fundamental idea behind unified communications is to Every day, more and more companies consolidate the currently diverse end-user devices and com- and institutions are making the switch munication applications for our customers. Communications to unified communications, integrating technology as software and the utilization of broadband IP single-source communications into their networks allow applications like telephony, video conferencing, business processes, and thereby ensuring as well as messenger and collaboration tools to be combined their competitive edge. on standardized user interfaces and integrated in business Making this happen requires a reliable process applications. partner – like Siemens Enterprise Com- munications. We provide our customers around the world with software and hardware, and we help them make the change. Open Communications, our solution based on open standards, has made Siemens Enterprise Communications one of the world’s most innovative and successful providers of unified commu- nications and its integration into business processes. Gerhard Thomas Reinhard Otterbach Zimmermann Benditte CMO COO CFO Content Profile 4 Figures 6 Our vision 8 Solutions 10 Testimonials 12 Environment 14 Glossary 15
  3. 3. 4 I Facts and Figures 2008 Facts and Figures 2008 I 5 Profile Siemens Enterprise Communications With total revenues of €3.1 billion in fiscal year 2007, Siemens Enterprise Communications is one of the world’s leading providers of communications solutions for companies and institutions of all sizes in all industry sectors. Siemens Enterprise Communications is the partner of choice for companies who are ready to replace traditional telecom- munications systems and integrate unified communications technologies into their business processes. Two factors promise outstanding customer satisfaction: Open Siemens AG Communications guarantees compatibility with technologies Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) is a global powerhouse in used by the customer. Open Communications enables Open- electronics and electrical engineering, operating in the industry, Path to optimally orient itself to each customer’s individual energy and healthcare sectors. migration concept. OpenPath will enable the best-possible adaptation of the integration process to the customer’s indi- The company has around 400,000 employees (in continuing vidual requests. operations) working to develop and manufacture products, design and install complex systems and projects, and tailor a More than 15,000 highly qualified employees in 80 countries wide range of solutions for individual requirements. can provide a comprehensive portfolio consisting of software, network components, and end-user devices as well as ICT con- For over 160 years, Siemens has stood for technical achieve- sulting, system integration support, and services. ments, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality. In fiscal year 2007, Siemens had revenue of €72.4 billion and income from continuing operations of €3.9 billion (IFRS).
  4. 4. 6 I Facts and Figures 2008 Facts and Figures 2008 I 7 Figures Key financial data for FY 2007 Siemens AG1 Siemens Enterprise Communications Revenue (in billions of €) 72.4 3.10 Incoming orders (in billions of €) 83.9 3.11 Employees (thousand) 400 15 Countries 190 80 R&D in % of revenue 4.7 7.2 Performance data 1 Figures are for continuing operations only. 160 years of experience in telecommunications 70 % of all Global 500 companies use our solutions Siemens Enterprise Communications Regions and services > 3,000 sales partners > 1 million direct and indirect customers 2.5 million connections and workpoints within Managed Service contracts 42 million connections and workpoints overall Siemens Enterprise Communications worldwide: directly active in more than 80 countries.
  5. 5. 8 I Facts and Figures 2008 Facts and Figures 2008 I 9 Our vision We boast three major advantages: 1. Open Communications The types of telephones and computers a company uses and the existing infrastructure are totally irrelevant to us. In con- trast to proprietary systems available on the market, our open standards-based approach can be used with practically all conventional solutions sold by well-known suppliers. LifeWorks 2. OpenPath The name of our vision is “LifeWorks”: We firmly believe that good technology will make life easier in this communications We promise our customers that we will deliver a custom-fit age. We therefore continuously seek to bundle people’s daily migration resulting in unified communications. We offer con- communications needs at their workplace, at home and when sulting, software, devices, customer support, updates, anytime traveling, on PCs, PDAs, or other end-user devices into a assistance, and periodic cost overview reports – all from a single positive experience that allows people to forget about the source. technology behind it all. 3. You can start right now On the integrated corporate communications market, Open Siemens has 160 years of experience in telecommunications. Communications allows us to offer the world’s leading portfolio We are entering the digital age backed by our successes and containing solutions, products, customer support, and inte- by taking our traditional business into the IP world. gration services. Right now, our customers can already function entirely using IP or they can continue using their existing systems through a sophisticated synthesis of analog and digital realms. That’s what unified communications can do today. LifeWorks On the go Campus Home Products Services OpenPath Open Communications
  6. 6. 10 I Facts and Figures 2008 Facts and Figures 2008 I 11 Solutions We are the right partner for the smooth integration of unified communications into business processes and organizational structures of companies and institutions of every size and in all industries. For example, Siemens Enterprise Communications offers solutions for the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, finance, hospitality, healthcare, and event and venue industries. By means of Open Communications, we support our custo- mers’ objectives. Our present portfolio containing soft- ware, network components, and end-user devices as well as system integration services and customer support pro- vides them with innovative solutions for all areas of voice and data communications. Customer Objectives Solution Areas Gain new customers Integration of SIP-based voice communications in a Maintain and expand IT Telephony company-wide IT service environment (SOA) that is Increase customer base provided in primary data centers. sales Innovation Unified Com- Improved employee drive and productivity in processes to satisfy customers. munications Improved utilization in operations Reduce Decreased direct opera- operating Setting up innovative and dynamic companies and ting costs Mobility deploying their employees by means of virtual teams, con- costs text management, attendance and preference indicators. Lower supplier costs Ensures your customer support staff has location- Greater management Customer independent access to employees and information within effectiveness your company as well as improved responsiveness to Interaction Corporate customer requests. Compliance / risk excellence management Efficient business Protects your company from all attacks and safeguards Security processes operations even in disaster-type incidents. Use of existing systems Consolidation or repla- Allows for the differentiation of business areas, shoring Asset cement of systems Service up a company’s competitive advantages, and preparing for efficiency growth while the communications solutions are operated Improved use of capital Management as need-based hosted IT services.
  7. 7. 12 I Facts and Figures 2008 Facts and Figures 2008 I 13 Statements Awards Siemens Enterprise Communications received the Innovation Award from Technology Marketing Corporation and the Internet Telephony magazine in 2007 our application OpenScape, the Best of CEBIT Award for HiPath Mobile Connect (our fixed mobile convergence solution), as well as the International Forum’s Design Award for the OpenStage telephones. Two of Customers our combination PBX/IP communications systems in the HiPath line as well as the BizIP line of telephones received the “Best Buy Award” from the “What to Buy for Business” monthly magazine. “The ability to support our customers and communicate with them is critical to Shimano. We want to ensure that quality is In 2006, Frost & Sullivan also nominated Siemens Enterprise also reflected in our customer service. Our new communications Communications as the European market leader in corporate system supports us fully in fulfilling this requirement.” telephony. Their choice confirmed our leadership position on Bill Crane the IP telephony device market and that our strategy was Communications Manager successful. Shimano American Corp The HiPath 8000 real-time IP system has won numerous industry awards such as “InfoWorld 2006 Technology of the Year” and “Best of Interop” at the biggest enterprise technology trade show “Siemens Enterprise Communications’ experience and expertise in the U.S. in regard to competitive managed services persuaded us to opt for Siemens as our preferred partner.” Paul Saunders IS Sourcing Manager Anglian Water “With its HiPath 8000, Siemens offers the best SIP communications solution on the market.” Roland Schneider Head of Network Services Commerzbank
  8. 8. 14 I Facts and Figures 2008 Facts and Figures 2008 I 15 Environment LifeWorks LifeWorks is our vision in regard to unified com- munications and unified communications Applications to increase the efficiency of business communities. Open Communications Our approach to standardized, seam- less communications based on open products and services. OpenPath OpenPath is our migration strategy for making Within the scope of its worldwide operations, Siemens Enterprise the switch to Open Communications at a pace that is ideally Communications contributes actively to the sustained, long-term tailored to any company. protection of natural resources. Unified communications (UC) This term refers to the inte- Open Communications increases eco-efficiency gration and automation of all (corporate) communications. by providing comprehensive communications capabilities that SIP This is an acronym for Session Initiation Protocol, which span the world. These in turn can significantly decrease the number of business trips required, thereby reducing costs and is a network protocol to set up a communications meeting the environmental impact of various transportation modes. The between two or more participants and is frequently applied in same positive effect is achieved by at-home workstations that IP telephony. are integrated into a company’s networks and allow for a pro- SOA (Service-oriented Architecture) A concept pertaining the gressive work-life balance. As a result, companies need less of an operating surface area, and less energy for air-conditioning provision of services and functionalities in the form of cus- and lighting. The centralized data center approach embodied tomer service. in the HiPath 8000 requires fewer servers than other network- VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) IP-based telephony based VoIP solutions and thus also 20 percent less electricity. In addition, our OpenStage phones require 25 percent less forms the basis for the integration of voice, data, and video electricity than their precursors. services within the scope of unified communications. Active management protects the environment At Siemens Enterprise Communications, active environment- oriented management is an integral component of our com- pany-wide quality management program. Thus, our processes and products already comply with all relevant standards per- taining to sustainable environmental management such as DIN ISO 11469 (Generic Identification and Marking of Plastic Products), IEC Guide 109, (Environmental Aspects – Inclusion in Electrotechnical Product Standards), ISO 14001 (Environ- Glossary mental Management Systems – Specification) and ISO 14040 (Life Cycle Assessment).