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A long-term technology strategy for the City and its Citizens

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Digital Philly

  1. 1. Digital PhiladelphiaConnection – Content - Community<br />Office of the CTO<br />City of Philadelphia<br />Philadelphia’s Public Programs Technology Strategy<br />Led by the Division of TechnologyAllan Frank, Chief Technology Officer<br />
  2. 2. Digital Philadelphia<br />Gigabit City <br />Economic Development & Jobs<br />Table of Contents<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Digital Philadelphia: A long-term technology strategy for the City and its Citizens<br />3<br />2<br />1<br />Sustainable Roadmap<br />Align Public Programs with Four Goals<br />Engage Stakeholders<br />Develop programs aligned with the Administration’s four goals around Enhancing Public Safety, Investing in Youth and Protecting the Most Vulnerable, Reforming Government, and Economic Recovery and Jobs<br />Bring together major stakeholders (citizens, business, universities/colleges, etc.) to contribute to an integrated and comprehensive technology strategy for the City of Philadelphia<br />Building a sustainable roadmap that orients the City towards a long-term vision for Digital Philadelphia <br />Branded term for this long-term public initiative is called “Digital Philadelphia” – Creating a 10 year vision of Philadelphia – Technology adoption and economic development to serve the City and its Citizens<br />3<br />
  4. 4. Digital PhiladelphiaLinking with the Administration’s core priorities<br />Economic Recovery and Jobs<br />Enhancing Public Safety<br />Investing in Youth and Protecting the Most Vulnerable<br />Reforming Government<br /><ul><li>Full digital access to principals, teachers, and students to educational materials online
  5. 5. Increased access to online learning opportunities such as GED and certification programs
  6. 6. Enhanced online access for college students to facilitate remote learning
  7. 7. Remote patient monitoring with hospitals/EMS
  8. 8. Enhanced e-Government technologies and revenue collection
  9. 9. Enable remote field workers with Broadband access and online applications
  10. 10. A greener city through broadband-facilitated automation of energy intensive tasks, i.e. meter reading, traffic light management
  11. 11. Potential job creation from network expansion
  12. 12. Increased access to broadband by job seekers
  13. 13. Employment linkages between institutions/ neighborhoods through broadband access
  14. 14. Direct and indirect Infotec jobs
  15. 15. Network expansion to further support video surveillance capabilities around the city and on college campuses
  16. 16. Provide wireless secure data network for field operations
  17. 17. Low cost tracking technology for those under house arrest
  18. 18. Reliable redundancy for critical City field operations</li></li></ul><li>Digital Philadelphia Vision – Leveraging Broadband to enable the future <br />Public Safety Enhancement<br />Digital<br />Philadelphia<br />Infotech Jobs Ecosystems<br />Digital Inclusion<br />Community Leverage<br />Universities and Hospitals, Schools, Libraries, Non-Profits<br />5<br />
  19. 19. Total economic impacts of the IT-producing sector in greater Philadelphia region (2007)<br />From Select Greater Philadelphia Information Technology Industry - Oct 2008<br />
  20. 20. Technology Ecosystem – Jobs Multiplier<br />Methodology & Protocol<br />Innovation & Expansion<br />Research Firms<br />Libraries<br />Quality Assurance<br />JOBS<br />Research<br />Global<br />Book Stores<br />JOBS<br />Publications<br />Reporting<br />E-commerce<br />Auditing Firms<br />Management<br />Census Bureaus<br />Analytics<br />Content<br />Commerce<br />Economy<br />Editing<br />Jobs<br />Jobs<br />Web Design<br />Governmental<br />Graphic Arts<br />Information Technology Ecosystem<br />Special Effects<br />Equipment<br />Telecommuni-cations<br />Jobs<br />Jobs<br />Configuration<br />Voice<br />Hardware<br />Technology<br />Communications<br />Installation<br />JOBS<br />Maintenance<br />Surveillance<br />JOBS<br />Video<br />Databases<br />Conferencing<br />Software<br />Operating Systems<br />Services<br />Network<br />Cable TV<br />Programs & Applications<br />Application Development<br />Consulting/ Outsourcing<br />WWW<br />Infrastructure<br />Support<br />Integration & Development<br />Process Management<br />Security<br />E-Business<br />
  21. 21. Building a jobs-multiplier economic development model around Technology Ecosystem<br />Leverage power of local infotec and media businesses<br />Foster Technology Ecosystem jobs creation<br />Create technology incubator zones throughout City<br />Leverage highspeed bandwidth/Internet 2/commercial fibre<br />Provide developers with incentives to wire buildings<br />Foster building redevelopment and economic development around attracting the Creative, Web, Arts, Content, Technology communities<br />Provide job training and educational assistance<br />8<br />
  22. 22. The job creation model <br />North Philly, Greater Old City, City of Philadelphia, West Philly, Naval Yard<br />Tech<br />Economic Development Zones around City<br />Tech<br />Economic Development Zones around City<br />Physical Development<br />JOBS<br />JOBS<br />Project<br />Public capital for Infotech inclusion<br />University and institutional funding<br />Public development incentives<br />Green incentives<br />Private capital<br />
  23. 23. Gigabit City – Future of Philadelphia<br />Philadelphia becomes a test-bed for ultra high speed applications and urban on-shoring<br />Facilitate economic and community development in a number of technology ecosystems throughout the City<br />
  24. 24. The Google fiber initiative – Part of our overall Gigabit city strategy<br />Google wants to build and test ultra high-speed broadband networks in several locations<br />Test beds offering 1 Gigabit connectivity to institutions, individuals, and businesses together in a Technology Ecosystem<br />Goal is to drive innovation in both deployment and use of ultra high-speed broadband services<br />Allow Google to select one or more zones from our overall Gigabit City model<br />Zones would include critical mass of institutions including universities, technology firms, media firms, and science/medical companies<br />Google fiber would integrate with existing wireless assets for seamless connectivity <br />Create InfoTech incubators in these infrastructure-rich areas<br />11<br />
  25. 25. Why would Google select Philadelphia for its test bed location?<br />Philadelphia is historically a city of firsts, including the first university in America, first bank, first library, first hospital, first skyscraper, and first computer<br />Ideal location in a large population zone between New York and Washington, D.C. developing a reputation as a creative center<br />Ideal test bed zones available in University City and Old City/Northern Liberties areas with universities, science companies, media industry, and technology firms<br />Good opportunity to use existing capital assets such as SEPTA infrastructure to speed deployment and reduce cost of test bed <br />Would continue existing development of Philadelphia region’s development of IT economy<br />12<br />