The Project of Skolkovo Technopolis Creation


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  • The Project of Skolkovo Technopolis Creation

    1. 1. The Project of Skolkovo Technopolis Creation
    2. 2. Mission Creation of a special environment that will concentrate intellectual resources and encourage innovative creativity 2
    3. 3. Goals of Technopolis creation • To provide favorable conditions for development of the innovations in priority fields of economy: space and telecommunications, medical equipment and pharmacy services, energy-efficiency, information technology, nuclear technology • To create an environment with high innovative culture (City of the Future) • To achieve high rates in commercialization of the results of research, and to provide their further development • To support intersectoral cooperation of science and business, to integrate Research & Development sector into commercial processes 3
    4. 4. Model of an Innovation City • Workspaces are integrated into living space so that residents can enjoy living at work Innovations • Innovative environment is a comfortable space for free communication and creating new ideas Innovative space for • Environment is supported by innovative living and buildings and social services of high communicating quality New buildings and social services of high quality All the structure and life of the city is determined by its main mission: to concentrate intellectual resources and produce innovations 4
    5. 5. Model of an Innovation City Scientists and Small and Medium-sized Students Enterprises Innovative Technologies R&D Corporation Start-Ups Centers Research Groups Innovative Products Инновации New Businesses Innovative Space for Living and Developed Services Communicating Communications Joint-use Centers Places of Meetings Innovative Buildings Sport Grounds and Social Services Multi-functional Governmental Center Housing Hospital and Kindergartens and Schools Health Center All the activities of the city are determined by its main mission: to concentrate intellectual resources and produce innovations 5
    6. 6. Ways to form a general layout of Technopolis High-Rise Housing Area (a barrier from Minskoe highway and mass building areas) Medium-Rise Housing Area Low-Rise Housing Area Town Nucleus Key Industrial Area Various types of construction (high, medium and low-rise) will enliven the image of the city as well as protect the “outer belt” of Technopolis from unfavorable factors and provide the “inner belt” with high- comfort zones. 6
    7. 7. Stages of Technopolis’ Development 2010 2011 2012 2013 - …. Innovations • Creation of the • Searching for Ideas • Establishment of • Start of the Full Cycle of Concept • Arranging Laboratory Business Incubators Innovation Management • Selection of Studies • Venture Funds Attraction (from searching for Investment • Forming of Projects Pool ideas to Projects commercializing) • Financing of • Active Work with Several Projects Venture Financing Infrastructure • Regulatory Legal • Conclusion of Designing • First Phase of Building • Second Phase of of Base Stage • Creation of Social Building Technopolis • Operational Model • Start of Construction Infrastructure of Technopolis Stage • Purchase of Special • Land Preparation • Recruitment of Staff Equipment Work • Designing of Technopolis 7