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Fire Up Pompey!!!!!


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Fire up pompey!! F.A. cup 2008

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Fire Up Pompey!!!!!

  1. 1. FIRE UP POMPEY!!!!! NOW is the time for our team, and our city…
  2. 2. Richard the LIONHEART gave us our logo, the ‘star and crescent’
  3. 3. ADMIRAL NELSON led England to VICTORY from our city…
  4. 4. … For the memory of JIMMY DICKINSON, our longest serving son…
  5. 5. … for the people of the city, and the BEST FANS IN THE WORLD…
  6. 6. its time for our team…
  7. 7. … and this guy….
  8. 8. To farken FIRE UP!!!!
  9. 9. !!!!!!!!!PLAY UP POMPEY!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!POMPEY PLAY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s be FA CUP WINNERS 2008!! Good luck to the team!!!!!!!!!