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  1. 1. Quest Montessori School Marketing Communications and Admissions Director Job Description October 20, 2009
  2. 2. Marketing Communications and Admissions Director   Background Quest Montessori School is a growing elementary and middle school currently located in Exeter, Rhode Island. Now in its seventh year, and with a close-knit community of supportive parents, Quest is dedicated to a mission to nurture our children’s love of learning. In following the Montessori curriculum, Quest serves the needs of the whole child. Our students are academically motivated, artistically creative, physically active, and emotionally supported. The school is a safe, caring and peaceful environment that will prepare students of diverse backgrounds to pursue that which inspires them. Founded in 2001, Quest emerged from a community of parents whose generosity and support provided us with our first home, a library with hundreds of books, computers, initial financial support, and countless other gifts of kindness, materials, muscle and mind. Quest Montessori School is a non- denominational, non-profit (501 c (3)) school. True to its history, culture and the Montessori philosophy itself, Quest is mobilizing to develop a new campus so it can meet the needs of even more children and families who want to embrace this learning philosophy and join the Quest community. In our current location, the school is enrolled at capacity, with about 70 students in grades one through eight. Plans are under way to move into a new school with enhanced capacity, located in Narragansett, RI. Slated to open in the 2011-2012 academic year, it will incorporate a new pre-school and can accommodate close to 200 students. This new home will allow us to fully realize our mission and vision in a building that is safe, comfortable, community- oriented and environmentally friendly. Recognizing the need to increase admissions and importance of communications and student/family engagement, the Quest Montessori Board has approved the creation of a new position to oversee and implement all initiatives in these interrelated areas. Job Description Status: Part-time with benefits Hours: 25 hours per week, five mornings per week , flexible time TBD Salary: $27,000.00. Benefits: Health Insurance 50% of the full time employee benefit per year for Health Care Insurance. The annual premium for full time employees in 09/10 is $7138.00 for the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health Mate C2C with full medical and prescription drug benefits; therefore, the 09/10 part time 50% benefit would be about $3,569.00 paid by the school, and the employee would pay approximately $3,569.00. Employee shall be entitled to such other benefits as may be outlined in the Employee’s letter of appointment, set forth in a Faculty Handbook and/or Personnel Manual, or detailed in writing by the Head of School.
  3. 3. Position Summary Marketing Communications and Admissions Director will report directly to the Head of School and is responsible for creating and implementing integrated strategic marketing communications for the school; building brand integrity in the new community and beyond; Direct the admissions process from point of inquiry through enrollment, increasing admissions to achieve the new enrollment goals; maintaining or increasing student retention; building new long-term relationships with feeder schools and day cares within the market area; initiating and maintaining ongoing fundraising activities; meeting annual fundraising goals; engaging and tracking the internal Quest community student/family; educating the media and community as a whole about the benefits of Montessori; and supporting all aspects of the School’s strategic plan including its philanthropy initiatives. Essential Functions In collaboration with the Head of School, the faculty and the Board, and with the assistance of the Administrative Assistant and Quest’s Communications firm, The Marketing Communications and Student Engagement Director will: • Develop and implement an integrated strategic marketing communications plan, admissions plan, and student/family engagement plan – for the launch of the new school and beyond • Develop with the Head of School the admissions budget and plan • Present the school to prospective students and parents, which includes systematic and efficient handling of applications and communication with candidates and their parents; tours of the institution; interviews with candidates and their parents; arrangements for admissions visits by students; securing of necessary student credentials; and communicating final decisions to the appropriate individuals. • Cultivate external relationships with targeted referral sources including early learning centers, elementary schools and other educators to create a “feeder” system to achieve enrollment goals • Work with Head of School and Communications firm to create and manage effective and targeted marketing and recruitment materials, including but not limited to direct mail, ads,web pages, family and referral source newsletter and e-newsletters, brochures, and social marketing tools • Develop and maintain a clear branding strategy • Implement an ongoing media relations campaign Promote Quest Montessori to increase awareness of the School and educate the public about the Montessori philosophy and its benefits • Develop publications and/or stakeholder communications plans. • Coordinate and maintain integrity in all aspects of the School’s image and identity for all communications including correspondence, website, multimedia, and all collateral materials • Create and implement an internal marketing communications plan to maintain and strengthen relationships and build Quest Montessori Community. This plan will address communications with current families, faculty and staff and ways to build relationships with new families when the School moves to new campus and opens a new preschool and integrates new families into the Community. • Coordinate all re-enrollment activity with constant monitoring of attrition and retention.
  4. 4. • Prepare and maintain statistics regarding enrollment, geographical distribution of students, financial aid, and attrition. Interpret these statistics, when appropriate to the administration, faculty, and board of trustees • Create and implement specific marketing communications plan to Support fundraising events and activities including helping build a Giving Community and expand the Annual Fund. • Identify and implement appropriate research and assessment tools to obtain and analyze necessary data to inform all marketing communications and recruitment activities. • Monitor and track the impact of all marketing communication and student engagement activities, including tracking prospective student from contact to enrollment. General Goals The Marketing Communications and Student Engagement Director will work with a clear list of goals for measurement and assessment as set forth by the Board of Directors and Head of School. Included in that list will be the following short-term goals: • Increase in Admissions by at least 10% the first year and another 30% in year two, with the ultimate goal of reaching 135 students by 2012/13. • Develop strong media relationships and secure consistent media coverage for the school. • Create at least five new feeder partnerships within the first year. • Maintain strong retention at 95% • Create fully functioning database and tracking system for student population tracking over a three year cycle. • Complete development of marketing materials within first six months. Qualifications • Bachelor’s degree in public relations, communications or marketing required. Advance degree preferred or 10 plus years’ experience in field. • Minimum 5-7 years experience in marketing communications, preferably in education or non- profit arena, and/or admissions/student engagement. • Strong interpersonal skills including a kind, engaging persona. • Superior oral and written communication when interacting with individuals and groups. • A genuine interest in community and Montessori education. • Demonstrated abilities in the development and implementation of strategic and integrated marketing communications, community outreach and key stakeholder communication plans. • Must possess excellent writing, editorial, organization, presentation and market research skills. • Demonstrated knowledge and expertise with collateral and online media development and management, including evaluative methods. • Proven ability to meet multiple and assertive deadlines, achieve in goal-oriented environment, and balance numerous projects.
  5. 5. Interested applicants are invited to send cover letter and résumé to: Paul Raymond, Head of School, via email at