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Asmt Corporate Profile

  1. 1. Profile ASMT Management Performance Programmes Te c h n o l o g y Tr a i n i n g Fa c i l i t i e s
  2. 2. ASMT Corporate Profile ASMT TRANSFORMING SPORT Atlantic Sports Management & Training Ltd is an international company with global knowledge and experience of the dynamic and changing sports industry. We specialise in developing innovative solutions for sporting and leisure organisations. We have clients in Ireland, Australia, Argentina, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, New Zealand and the USA. OUR SERVICES We deliver innovative services, achieving results in the areas of : Sports l Management Sports l Performance Sports l Programmes l Training Sports l Technology Sports Sports l Facilities Innovative, strategic solutions for sport, health and leisure
  3. 3. ASMT LEADERS JOHN PARKER, Chairman John is Chairman and Managing Director of The SMT Group - a New Zealand company who deal in sporting programmes and computer programmes for sports groups, commercial, corporate, educational organisations and local governments. John played cricket for, and captained, New Zealand. He set up Sport Waikato over 20 years ago and has chaired and led many groups and organisations. MORGAN BUCKLEY, Managing Director Morgan leads ASMT and has worked with over 150 different organisations world-wide. Having lived and worked in the US, the UK and New Zealand he returned to Ireland in the mid 1990s to play a leading role in the development of a new sporting model for sport in Ireland working with the Government to establish the Irish Sports Council and advise the Minister on the first national sports policy. We work with Since then he has been involved in working with leading sporting organisations in Ireland and leaders in globally and has extensive knowledge of sports planning, management, marketing, sponsorship, sports finance, facility operations, coaching, antidoping, ethics, governance, re-structuring, high performance, sport science, sports medicine and sports technology. Morgan has a Masters management, degree in Sport & Leisure Management from Victoria University, Wellington, NZ and BSc in technology and Physiotherapy from Trinity College, Dublin. performance across the globe He has played and coached top level tennis and played rugby and Gaelic Football. He is involved in managing and administering sport on a voluntary basis with a number of organisations in Ireland. He has made many presentations at conferences in Ireland and Our team is located in: Ireland -Australia-Canada-New Zealand-UK internationally and regularly lectures on sports management courses.
  4. 4. WHY INVOLVE ASMT IN YOUR ORGANISATION? ASMT get results. We have an excellent track record in all areas of sports leadership, management, high performance, coaching, development, programming and technology. We provide practical solutions to every day problems which enable sporting organisations to maximise performance in every aspect of their leadership and operations. We have many years of experience working at the cutting edge of sport, health, fitness and leisure industries worldwide and bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise. Creating change and improvement in the way sporting organisations work - we lead, facilitate and drive change in organisations and support the leaders and people to new levels of excellence and improvement. We provide excellent value for money and deliver a quality end product. We are innovative and flexible and incorporate best practice in our philosophy and models. We focus on what is best for the organisation and client. We facilitate and lead clients through a stimulating process designed to achieve the best outcomes and results with them. We are developing new, practical tools, training and programmes to make running sports organisations easier and results focused. Our technology systems are providing organisations with solutions to improve performance, maximise resources, generate revenue and provide improved accountability. We keep things simple and easy to understand.
  5. 5. WHAT WE DO STRATEGY TRANSFORMING ORGANISATIONS l Strategic & Business Plan l Marketing Sports Analysis l l Coaching & Sports Development Solutions l l Performance High l Technology Plan Momentum l • Transformation l Commercial Plan l Annual Operational & Staff Plans SUCCESSFUL sporting organisations MANAGEMENT & TRAINING SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGY l Leadership PlanTrac l l Boards Sportsware l l Staff Membership l l On-line advice programme High l performance l Interim management/contracting Programme l Management l & Risk Audit Quality Assurance l
  6. 6. ASMT TRACK RECORD We have clients in Ireland, Australia, Argentina, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, New Zealand and the USA. Over the past 4 years some of the projects we have completed are: Project l management of the new Coaching Strategy for Ireland and transformation of NCTC into Coaching Ireland. Detailed l analysis of the governance, operations, communications and marketing of Cumann Camogaiochta na nGael. Feasibility study for a new stadium for Waterford GAA. l Feasibility study on Argentina Rugby Union participating in global international rugby competitions. l Successful re-structuring of the Irish Ladies Golf Union, followed by development of a new high performance strategy and Board training l programme for the Union. Project management of the strategic plan and development of new structures and operational programmes for the IRFU. Development l of the new Domestic Games programme and service level agreement between the IRFU and its 4 Branches. Development of new structure and programme for the domestic game, governance and leadership model for Munster Rugby. l l strategic plan and high performance system for Rugby Canada and USA Rugby. New Project management of the new Long Term Rugby Development Programme for Rugby Canada. l Training programme for Sport Council Wales governing body team. l l strategic plan, governance model and re-structuring of Basketball Ireland. New Review of Athletics Ireland and development of Technical Plan. l Development of Strategic Plans for 12 Local Sports Partnerships In Ireland. l Review of the first 4 years of Donegal, Sligo, Kerry and Cork Sports Partnerships and development of the subsequent strategic plans. l Implementation of Board training programmes for 5 Local Sports Partnerships and 10 NGBs. l Implementation of the modernising programme with UK Sport, sportscotland, Sports Council of Wales. l Review and creation of new governance models for Scottish Governing Bodies. l Programme management and quality assurance system for Dublin City Council Youth@Risk programme. l l governance model, Strategic and Business Plan for The International Rugby Board (IRB). New l training and development programmes for 20 sporting organisations in Ireland and the UK. Staff Business plan for ILAM Ireland. l Review of the outdoor adventure sports sector for the Irish Sports Council. l Review of criteria for eligibility and funding criteria for National Governing Bodies for Irish Sports Council. l l leadership structure for the Irish Football Association. New l long term strategy, high performance plan and new implementation systems for the Irish Sailing Association and review of the New Beijing Olympics high performance programme. Feasibility study for new national training centre for the Golf Union of Ireland. l Feasibility studies and business plans for new sports centres in Cork, Kinsale and Sports Campus Ireland. l
  7. 7. ASMT SPORTS MANAGEMENT STRATEGIC PLANNING Good plans are essential to effective organisations. ASMT assists organisations with: Developing l strategic plans for organisations which can be implemented. l Clarifying the strategic direction of a sporting organisation for the Board, staff and stakeholders. l Creating simple visions and strategies which have the power to motivate and inspire sporting organisations to achieve their potential. l Helping organisations identify what is the best structure to implement their plans and strategies. l Providing leadership and project management in the development of plans and creating change. l Establishing plans on our unique strategic management on-line system – PlanTrac. LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT: TRAINING – MENTORING Strong and effective leadership is critical in any successful organisation. ASMT leads sporting organisations to modernise their structures in line with the leading sporting models in the world. In achieving this we: l Provide advice on the structure, composition and formation of the Board and Committees of Sporting Bodies. l Boards and volunteers on their roles and responsibilities. Train l Develop codes and charters for how the Board, committees and staff function and act. l solutions to make organisations significantly transform the way they operate. Find l a new dynamic for the staff and professionals to work effectively with volunteers. Create l Provide management and mentoring support to organisations, CEOs and senior staff. l Interim management of organisations who need staff on short-term contracts. HIGH PERFORMANCE AND SPORTS DEVELOPMENT Many l organisations have good structures and governance, however they do not have appropriate Technical, LTAD, Coaching and High Performance Plans to ensure their sport is developing appropriately and achieving maximum performance. We have expertise in facilitating the development of quality Technical, High Performance and Coaching Plans for sporting organisations l which ensure the sport has a clearly defined pathway for developing young people through to international competition. We also provide advice and guidance on setting up high performance systems for elite athletes and coaches. l
  8. 8. ASMT SPORTS MANAGEMENT SPORTS MARKETING, REVENUE, SPONSORSHIP AND INVESTMENT Increasingly l organisations are facing new challenges securing and managing finances. We have a strong track record in securing funding and sponsorship for organisations. l Providing support and advice to the leadership of organisations (Chairman, CEO, Technical Directors). Providing advice on how to l secure the highest levels of funding and grant aid. Advising and providing solutions on how organisations maximise revenue opportunities using new technology, media rights. l Implementing on-line membership solutions. l FACILITY PLANNING AND FEASIBILITY STUDIES We work l with leading facility operators in Ireland to ensure that projects can be operated on a feasible and effective basis. We have a detailed track record of developing facilities with our partners in Australia and New Zealand over the past 15 years. We have completed a range of feasibility studies for new facilities which have helped clients secure over €2m in funding in the last 5 years. We also provide support in the development of business plans for stadia, indoor centres, gyms, swimming pools, outdoor centres and l guide clients through the feasibility and planning process to the development stage. AUDIT/REVIEW/QUALITY ASSURANCE There l is a growing emphasis on the need for quality, accountability and results in sports organisations. We provide a review and audit service which assesses the performance, impact, effectiveness and achievement of targets and results of organisations, plans, systems, programmes or projects and provide recommendations on how improvements can be made or whether radical change is needed. lorganisational review includes a detailed assessment and diagnosis of governance, management, operations, finance, procedures The and guidelines, value for money and results. We set up effective programme management and operational systems, service agreements and systems which improve effectiveness l and efficiency. We provide an independent and expert view on how your organisation or programme is working and solutions leading to improvement. l
  9. 9. ASMT TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY ASMT advice, systems and programmes are helping The new generation of sports organisations will be fully up to date and integrated with web-based technology. There are significant opportunities to reach members, players, coaches and sponsors which will transform how clients transform how they organisations operate. We have developed extensive expertise in: operate. Developing l technological strategies for organisations. Advising on how web-based systems can transform the operations of a sporting organisation in all areas. l Working with our media and IT partners to develop and implement the optimum solutions for sporting l organisations. Providing organisations with solutions to grow revenue and improve communications. l ON-LINE MANAGEMENT & TRAINING SYSTEMS lexperience Our working with sporting organisations for the last 15 years in Ireland, NZ, Australia and North America has led to the development of a series of web-based systems which will assist organisations in managing and leading their organisation to their full potential. lweb-based solutions are designed to provide tools to facilitate the needs of organisations and assist in Our addressing problem areas. We offer a weekly on-line advice programme for leaders, managers, athletes, coaches and parents. PLANTRAC & SPORTSWARE lprogrammes Our - PlanTrac and Sportsware - are web-based systems, developed by our software team in India and New Zealand, based on a clear philosophy of ‘how to’ not only ‘what to’ do. PlanTrac is a unique system to allow an organisation to develop its strategic, operational and individual staff l plans, track targets and report on-line; improving effectiveness, accountability and performance at all levels of an organisation. Sportware is composed of over 20 programmes to create a virtual sport organisation required to successfully l operate a sports organisation in one simple easy to use on-line system.
  10. 10. ASMT PROGRAMMES Play@home (0-5) “I greatly welcome the can-do approach adopted by Play@home is a physical activity programme for children aimed at starting children on a life of play@home as an innovative physical activity and health. The programme is a resource for parents which will assist them in the challenges of teaching their children how to be physically active from the start. The programme for establishing programme focuses on physical development and movement from an early age to establish active good exercise habits in early and healthy habits in children. life. It is very much at the heart of our priorities and the The play@home programme is operating successfully in Fife example has already been England l taken up elsewhere” Scotland l Ireland l Malcolm Chisholm Northern l Ireland Scottish Health Minister l Zealand New Wales l
  11. 11. OVER 100 CLIENTS WORLDWIDE Athletics Ireland Irish Amateur Rowing Union Royal Caledonian Curling Club Arabian Gulf Rugby Football Union Irish Canoe Union Rugby Canada Argentina Rugby Union Irish Cricket Union SANZAR (South Africa, Australia, NZ Badminton Union of Ireland Irish Football Association Rugby Unions) Ballymun Regeneration Ltd Irish Judo Association Scottish Badminton Union Basketball Ireland Irish Ladies Golf Union Scottish Bowling Association Blue Demons Basketball Club Irish Rugby Football Union Scottish Equestrian Association British Amateur Gymnastics Association Irish Rowing Association Scottish Orienteering Association Coaching Ireland Irish Table Tennis Association Scottish Rowing Cork City Council Irish Sailing Association Scottish Rugby Union Cork City Sports Partnership Irish Sports Council Scottish Executive Cork Sports Partnership Irish Squash Association Shannon Development County Galway Sports Partnership Irish Wheelchair Association Sport Simonstown GAA Clare Sports Partnership IT Sligo Sligo Sports Partnership Cricket Scotland HSE North East South Tipperary Sports Partnership Cumann Camógaíochta na nGael HSE South East sportscotland Donegal Sports Partnership Kinsale Community Sports Association Sports Campus Ireland Dublin City Council Kildare Sports Partnership Sports Council Northern Ireland Dublin Docklands Development Kilkenny Sports Partnership Sports Council Wales Authority Kerry Local Sports Partnership Swim Ireland Equestrian Federation of Ireland Ladies Gaelic Football Association Tennis Ireland Fife Health Authority Laois Local Sports Partnership Tennis Wales Football Association of Ireland Leinster Rugby UK Sport GAA Limerick Sports Partnership USA Rugby Galway Co Council Midlothian Council Waterford GAA Golf Union of Wales Midleton GAA Waterford Co Council Golfing Union of Ireland Meath Local Sports Partnership Waterford Sports Partnership ILAM Ireland Munster Rugby Welsh Gymnastics International Rugby Board NCTC Welsh Cycling Union Irish Amateur Boxing Association North Tipperary Sports Partnership Welsh Football Trust
  12. 12. Management Performance Programmes Te c h n o l o g y Tr a i n i n g Fa c i l i t i e s ASMT Unit 3K Kinsale Commercial Park Kinsale, Co. Cork. Ireland John Parker (Chairman) Morgan Buckley (Managing Director) ASMT Tel: + 353 21 4773312 Cell: + 353 87 243 6457 Email: Website: Partners located in: Ireland-Australia-Canada-New Zealand-UK