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Ana Maria De Alvare Final Thoughts


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Main points I learned when creating an online course.

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Ana Maria De Alvare Final Thoughts

  1. 1. How to teach On Line Ms. Ana Maria De Alvare’ July 18, 2009
  2. 2. My final thoughts are… • Focus on 3 to 5 things only at a time • Apply them and master them • Then move on to the next 3 to 5 things For example, this time around I have learned ...
  3. 3. Effectiveness MEANS By addressing … You will achieve … • FONT choice • Readability • Concise and Clear • Message is received • Simplicity • Audience comprehends • Few slides • Increased effectiveness
  4. 4. When Using Technology¹ What is best Benefits • Integrate and use it • Become more meaningful • Setup “Pilot” Criterias with each use • Active participation greater • Involve student on learning gains, Reflective Evaluation • Specifics give achievable • Survey with specifics targets, • Identify connection with • Easy to figure out the learning outcomes learning gains, • Remain open to change • Enhance learning • It is a tool experience
  5. 5. How to set the “Pilot”¹ Be specific Identify the criterias • Number of students • What shows success • What is being tested • Student involve in reflection • Plan time to student to • What are the outcomes communicate directly • Ask specifics • When complete, provide • Ask about the technology summary evaluation use • Support learning process • Identify the needed • Open to changes modification based on • Advanced skill development feedback • Customization of their own • Notify students ahead learning process
  6. 6. ARCS: Attention, Relevance, Confidence and Satisfaction² Main focus: the learner Benefit • Attention grabbed early • Learners have choices • Clearly state the importance • Learners think for of the learning themselves • Must create opportunities • Learners are in control to practice • Clear conclusion and an • Learners construct their acknowledgement solutions
  7. 7. Successful Chatting Must Have Applying Benefits • Moderator • Chat moves along in the boundaries established • Focused Topic • More productive interaction • Must be Recorded • People tend to be more conscientious about their writing and behavior
  8. 8. Discussion Board³ A Technology that have various advantages… • Collaboration happens with long-distance learners • Reflection on the ideas and responses before typing your own • Helps to think, rethink, support and resubmit ones thought process to the group
  9. 9. Practice, practice, practice… In the end is the formula to succeed
  10. 10. References 1. Ruth Reynard, "6 Ways Not To Become Rote Using Instructional Technology," Campus Technology, 11/19/2008, 2. Robin Hoyle, From instruction to construction, E.learning Age; Oct 2005; ABI/INFORM Global pg. 26 3. David H. Jonassen, Jane L. Howland, Joi L. Moore, Rose M. Marra, “Learning to Solve Problems with Technology: A Constructivist Perspective”, Pearson Education Inc; 2003