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Basic Introduction To Social Media And Community


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A very basic introduction to why social media marketing matters, why it's not going away, and a basic approach to getting started.

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Basic Introduction To Social Media And Community

  1. 1. 31 5 5 8.19.09
  2. 2. What is social media? Why does it matter? The opportunity for brands How do we succeed?
  3. 3. So, what exactly is social media? It is a conversation among and between your customers, prospects, employees, fans, critics, and competition.
  4. 4. The new mantra If you don’t create a community for us, we will create the community ourselves. J. Potteiger, Millennial Blogger
  5. 5. Prediction In the future, the successful brands will be those that learn to tap the potential of social media by embracing it, finding new ways to do business, realizing that content is their most important product and increasing openness and transparency.
  6. 6. it looks like it’s happening in a lot of places...
  7. 7. but it’s happening in a really lot of places The Proliferation of Social Media
  8. 8. 3 reasons social media matters
  9. 9. 1/3 it has become an incredibly powerful influence.
  10. 10. 91% say consumer reviews are the #1 aid to buying decisions - JC Williams Group
  11. 11. X trust a friend’s recommendation over a critic’s review 87% - Marketing Sherpa
  12. 12. 1 word-of-mouth conversation has the impact of 200 TV ads >
  13. 13. 2/3 it’s rapidly becoming mainstream.
  14. 14. 325 million o n faceb ook
  15. 15. Facebook has seen a 276% rise in 40- and 50-year-olds in last six months
  16. 16. 100 million o n My Space
  17. 17. 40 million on Twitter
  18. 18. Ellen wants a million followers
  19. 19. 100 million daily views on YouTube
  20. 20. 4,000 new Ning sites a day
  21. 21. 50 million people blog
  22. 22. 39% subscribe to an RSS feed
  23. 23. Finally: they’re not just visiting According to the study, 66.8% of Internet users across the globe accessed “member communities” last year, compared to 65.1% for email.
  24. 24. 3/3 it’s transferring the definition of brand from the organization to the individuals and communities
  25. 25. BRAND Once upon a time Packaging Distribution CRM Advertising CONSUMER
  26. 26. Until recently BRAND Packaging Distribution CRM Advertising CONSUMER
  27. 27. http://www.your name
  28. 28. Today’s reality BRAND
  29. 29. Today’s reality BRAND
  30. 30. Consumers are becoming the medium.
  31. 31. Consumers are creating their own communities.
  32. 32. Consumers are celebrating their interests.
  33. 33. Consumers are deciding whether or not to join a brand.
  34. 34. Consumers are becoming the filter.
  35. 35. Consumers are relying on each other.
  36. 36. Consumers are seeking new sources of content.
  37. 37. Consumers are becoming the distribution channel. Sharing:
  38. 38. Consumers are hijacking the conversation.
  39. 39. Consumers are even hijacking the brand.
  40. 40. 5 opportunities
  41. 41. listen engage it’s an opportunity to inspire build mobilize
  42. 42. listen you can learn a lot from conversations. what people think what matters to them how they feel about you.
  43. 43. engage you have the chance to converse, share ideas, ask questions, get feedback and build trust.
  44. 44. inspire you can support what people believe in, get behind an initiative, offer support for a cause or activity.
  45. 45. build you can acquire a fan base, a following, people who might pay attention, listen, feel good about what you’re doing.
  46. 46. mobilize and finally, you might even get them to work on your behalf, recommend your service, say something good about you.
  47. 47. how does YOUR BRAND succeed?
  48. 48. 1/5 Don’t start with the platform Start with the relationship
  49. 49. 2/5 know your customer... critic joiner spectator collector creator
  50. 50. 3/5 engineer your presence Channel social content content is blogosphere promoted and posted to blogs. Blogs are driving traffic to the content channels. search Profiles drive traffic Profiles are Channel content is to the content promoted to posted to profiles. channels. the blogs. Original content and utility social networks Blogs will drive traffic and members to the profiles. Friends and fans join your network. http://www. your name Everything drives to the mother site.
  51. 51. 3/5 engineer your presence social content blogosphere Channel content is promoted and posted to blogs. Profiles drive traffic Profiles are search Channel content is to the content posted to profiles. promoted to Original branded channels. the blogs. content and utility Blogs will drive traffic and social networks members to the profiles. Friends and fans join your network.
  52. 52. 4/5 make friends with the right people
  53. 53. 5/5 be generous, with relevant, informative content and utility
  54. 54. Build a clubhouse
  55. 55. Invent a new program
  56. 56. Introduce your customers to each other
  57. 57. Become your own broadcast medium
  58. 58. Make knowledge more accessible
  59. 59. Bring content to the community
  60. 60. Build a virtual laboratory
  61. 61. Connect your customers to new sources of information.
  62. 62. Create a shared experience
  63. 63. Bring the best entertainment to the party
  64. 64. Come right out and ask people to be helpful
  65. 65. And always remember 1 thing
  66. 66. Social media is not a program or a campaign or a platform or an execution. It is a commitment.