2010 Propco Marketing Current "Champ" Offers


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2010 Propco Marketing Current "Champ" Offers

  2. 2. Who We Are Propco Marketing is a leading provider of proven and tested premiums and incentives for financial institutions, retailers, and direct marketers worldwide. • Over 30 years in business • Family owned and operated • Technology leader in web-based programs • Test between 70 and 110 new offers annually • Full service provider, from creative to fulfillment • Headquartered in Chicago • Revenues exceeded 48 million dollards in 2009
  3. 3. What We Offer  Wide Variety of the Most Consumer Friendly Travel Premiums • 2-for-1 Companion Airline Tickets • Airfarecash • Hotel Stays • Cruises • Rental Cars  Variety of Lifestyle Rewards • Free Dining Program • Free Gas Cards, Vouchers and Rebates • Free Grocery Coupons • Free Rounds of Golf, Spa Treatments, and Ski Lift Tickets • Free Music Downloads  Over 4,000 Name Brand Items in Stock for Immediate Delivery • Electronics - Digital Cameras, DVD Players, Televisions, MP3 Players, Including Apple • Homecare Products, Outdoor, Gardening Gear • 2,500+ Low Cost, High Perceived Value Premiums • 400+ Retailer Gift Cards in Stock  Zero Risk Testing With No Commitment to Inventory  95,000 Square Foot Warehouse and Fulfillment Center  Robust Rewards Platform  Complete Online Fulfillment Options
  4. 4. High Value, Low Cost Rewards Incentive Program Guide 2 for 1 Companion Airfare Airfare Cash Lifestyle Rewards Free Gas Free Dining Merchandise & Gift Cards
  5. 5. Travel Premiums • 2 for 1 Companion Airfare with Online Booking • Airfare Cash • Airline Service Fee Rebates • Free Cruise Certificate • 3 Day / 2 Night Hotel Getaway • Hotel Packages with Hyatt, Ritz Carlton, Marriott, and More • Marriott Bonus Bucks • Airfare for Two
  6. 6. Travel
  7. 7. Travel
  8. 8. Travel
  9. 9. Travel
  10. 10. Travel
  11. 11. Travel
  12. 12. Travel
  13. 13. 2 For 1 Companion Airfare • 19+ Airline Partners, 110+ Domestic Cities • PIN or Certificate delivery options • Award Miles received for both seats • Guaranteed Lowest Price for 2 Tickets • 24/7 Online Booking + Call Center Our Clients:
  14. 14. Airfare Cash • Value is same as cash for airline travel New 2010! • ZERO blackout dates • Domestic and international travel options • Over 40 major and low cost airline carriers • 24/7 Online Booking + Call Center • PIN or Certificate delivery options
  15. 15. Lifestyle Rewards • $25, $50, $100 “Free Dining” Gift Cards • Free Round of Golf Certificate • Free Spa Treatment Certificate • The Big Ticket • Gas Rebate Certificates
  16. 16. Lifestyle Rewards
  17. 17. Lifestyle Rewards
  18. 18. Free Dining Offer • Over 13,000 locally owned and operated restaurants to choose from nationwide • Online retail partners available • Easy online redemption • Deliver to customers in certificate, gift card, or PIN • $25, $50, $100 denominations available • Restaurant location, menu, and details provided online : www.diningdough.com Our Clients:
  19. 19. Free Dining Offer
  20. 20. Free Dining Offer
  21. 21. Free Dining Offer
  22. 22. Free Dining Offer
  23. 23. Merchandise • 95,000 square foot merchandise warehouse • Thousands of brand name merchandise items • 400+ Retailer Gift Cards • Complete Fulfillment direct to customers • Authorized Apple Distributer
  24. 24. Merchandise
  25. 25. Merchandise
  26. 26. Merchandise
  27. 27. Free Gas Free Gas Cards Deliver this proven program cleanly: PROPCO carries all brands and denominations and offers complete fulfillment and tracking. Zero commitment to inventory as PROPCO handles all fulfillment. In stock gas cards include: BP, Chevron, Exxon-Mobil, Gulf Oil, Marathon, Petro-Canada , Shell, Sinclair, Speedy, Sunoco, and Texaco. Free Gas Card Award Voucher Implement a turnkey gas program with all brands includes award voucher and mailing out selected retailer gas card of customer’s choice. You receive the benefits of slippage—plus no commitment to inventory. Free Gas Rebates Reward your loyal customers with up to $100 in free gas. High value, low cost incentive that drives response. Offered in both one and two step format Our Clients:
  28. 28. Free Gas
  29. 29. Free Gas
  30. 30. Unlimited Delivery Options Deliver rewards to customers with unique PIN numbers for instant redemption • Certificate or PIN at Point of Touch • Email or Text Message • Custom Letter • Complete Online Delivery and Redemption Platform
  31. 31. Introducing RedeemYourAward.com Rewards & Recognition Web Delivery Platform Customer enters unique PIN Customer chooses Reward Customer enters shipping information Customer receives confirmation number Customer receives confirmation email Customer receives and enjoys reward
  32. 32. Gas Rebate Offer Delivered Using RedeemYourAward.com Customer receives confirmation number Customer enters unique PIN Customer registers their PIN Customer receives confirmation email Customer downloads and prints out reward With prompt to download
  33. 33. Why Propco? Since 1980, PROPCO has successfully driven results for clients across multiple industries by attracting new customers, increasing sales, reducing churn, and rewarding loyalty with intelligent, proven promotions. We make it easy with: Web based rewards: Redemptions are all available online and can be issued thru e-mail, text message, or custom letter.  Flexibility: Programs can be customized to meet specific needs for delivery and fulfillment.  No-Risk Options: No commitment to inventory, pay only for what your customers redeem.  Creative Support: We supply the materials you need to make your program excel.  Fulfillment: Provide us with names and addresses and we’ll ship rewards within 48 hours. Customer Satisfaction: The key to our success. Rewards are easy to implement, and easy to redeem with a huge range of choice, plus lifetime warranties behind all merchandise.  Samples and Quotes: Call us. We’ll send you what you need—fast. P (773) 463-9193 www.propco.com