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Converse presentation Amber Rozzisi


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Converse presentation Amber Rozzisi

  1. 1. CONVERSE Online Strategy Amber Rozzisi
  2. 2. CONVERSE “The brand enters its second century by honoring its heritage of seeing things a little differently, loving people who want to change the world for the better, and basically celebrating the spirit of rebellion and originality in basketball, Rock & Roll and anywhere else you find it.”
  3. 3. INTRO TO CONVERSE Challenges: Due to financial issues Nike bought Converse in 2003. Nike and Reebok International have claimed the positions as the top athletic shoe companies, Converse must now reinvent its brand and find another niche in the shoe market. the first step in their reinvention was realizing that its target audience is male teens with an edgy, rock and roll attitude rather than their former audience, male athletes. Endorsements no longer going to professional basketball players, but rather musicians, artists and fashion designers. Goals: 1. Create an online personality that appeals to their new audience. 2. fight the backlash that has come from the companies former financial issues. 3. With a lot of conversation about converse still being directed toward their old financial issues and being bought by Nike, the company needs to gain more control over the online discussions taking place.
  4. 4. BACK TO BASICS Since the company is reinventing its self and its target audience, Converse really needs to start over fresh. Going back to the basics of online advertising with be very important for the success of the campaign. Converse needs to reach out to its consumers and audience and show that they appreciate their comments and concerns. For example, Converse already has two Facebook pages created, both with nearly 2.5 million members. On these pages many discussions are taking place about conversesʼ current financial situation and concerns about the Nike take over. However, there are no responses from Converse. Converse must join the conversation. This will help its consumer feel closer to the product and ease concerns and negative stigma about the company.
  5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA The Facebook example from the previous slide is a great demonstration of the actions Converse will need to take in reference to its social media presence. Converse needs to ensure that its customers are not only recieving the products they want, but legitimate information about the company as well. Other Sources for joining the conversation: Twitter Blogging
  6. 6. BLOGGING Converse already has blogs created: Although they may have created these pages, they are not monitoring, responding, or even updating as often as they could and should be. Its important for a company to remember that there is more to blogging then just creating it and updating every so often. Although it may seem tedious to such a big corporation, blogging is a great way to join and even control the conversations going on about your company. 1. To start Converse will need to start blogging 3-4 times a week. 2. A natural increase in posting and commenting can then occurr once traffic and followers increase.
  7. 7. ONLINE PR Converse has a very well planned and designed website ( However, no current up to date Press Releases. Writing and sending out Press Releases is not only a great way to start conversations about a company but also update and inform consumers and the media about new products. With its new image and many new products getting out “good” information about their new image and products should be a top priority for Converse. So once again its “back to basics.” Current Press releases about how well the company is doing now and new products is a must!
  8. 8. GOOGLE ADWORDS Although Converse already uses what Google Adwords has to offer, there are a few aspects of Search Engine Optimization they could brush up on. For example, in order to reach their target audience of teen males, who are usually musicians, artists, etc., converse needs to ensure that they are choosing their Keywords properly. The company needs to think about why people are wearing their shoes nowadays since they are no longer wearing them for sports. They now wear them because they are edgy, retro, cool, custom and maybe even vintage. There for when searching for new shoes they may type in “edgy shoes.” In this instance, converse would want to have requested this keyword so they would pop up on the results page.
  9. 9. MEASURING SUCCESS One way that Converse can measure my strategies success is with googles conversion tracking tool. This tool will help calculate the companies return on investment. Also, just monitoring the discussion about the company and looking for negative vs. positive conversations will give insight into the effectiveness of this strategy.
  10. 10. COSTS 1. Man hours: Most of the costs from my proposal will be allocated to man hours. This is because much of Converses challenges lie in joining the conversations already going on about the company. Therefore their money will be spent on employing individuals to write blogs, press releases and respond to conversations on various social media sites. 2. SEO: Another Portion of the costs will go to SEO and purchasing key words for Googles search.