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Manufacturing strategy1


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Manufacturing strategy1

  1. 1. Building a Powerful Technology Brand of Mobile Phone 1 | P a g e   Running Heading UNIVERSITY OF BRIDGEPORT Graduate School of Engineering Term Spring 2010 Manufacturing Strategy MEEG 575 Submitted By Ahmed Ali 860828 Submitted To Prof. Zheng Le
  2. 2. Building a Powerful Technology Brand of Mobile Phone 2 | P a g e   Table of contents Abstract 3 Introduction 4 My Position 5 Data Everywhere 7 What is the percentage of mobile phones sales? 8 The most successful brands 10 The less successful brands 14 Conclusion 17 References 19
  3. 3. Building a Powerful Technology Brand of Mobile Phone 3 | P a g e   Abstract The world of parity has hit the mobile phone market just as it has many other technology product categories. The product ranging from the simple to the complex, but every manufacturer offers, of course, the latest features. In fact the overall market in predictable, with Nokia, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson fighting it out at the top and several less successful brands like Samsung, Philips, Siemens and Panasonic trying hard to make inroads into their top competitors’’ market share. Please analyses what makes the difference between the most successful and less successful brands and how to meet the consumers’ requirement by setting up the proper manufacturing strategy
  4. 4. Building a Powerful Technology Brand of Mobile Phone 4 | P a g e   Introduction I and my team met in the library to choose that project can be better for the team, so all members accept first project that revolves around building a powerful technology brand of mobile phone. Addition, hit the world of parity in the mobile market, as have many other categories of technology products. A product ranging from the simple to the complex, but each manufacturer offers, of course, the latest features. Great strides in sales between brands and often occurs on the basis of design. But generally predictable in the market, with Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson and fighting in the upper part and the number of marks less successful, such as Samsung, Philips, Siemens, Panasonic is striving to make progress in market share above its competitors. That is what makes the difference between the most successful brands and less successful? It is certainly not the above features of the product. How, then, not consumers choose? The answer seems to be what the brand names it means to them. For me I chose Chief Information Officer CIO in the big manufacturer company that I can affect the successful management strategy in the manufacturing strategy.
  5. 5. Building a Powerful Technology Brand of Mobile Phone 5 | P a g e   My position The chief information officer (CIO) my job title is given to the most senior executive in an enterprise responsible for the information technology and program systems that support enterprise goal. Typically the chief information officer report to the chief executive officer (CEO), chief operations officer (COO), and chief financial officer (CFO) (Wikipedia) Chief Executive  Officer (CEO)  Chief Financial  Chief Operartion  Officer (CFO)  Chief Informationl  Officer (COO)  Officer (CIO)  The chief information officer who works with IT team has opportunities for influence the information, so this officer is changing to information technology manager (ITM) plan,
  6. 6. Building a Powerful Technology Brand of Mobile Phone 6 | P a g e   administer and review the acquisition, development, maintenance and use of computer and telecommunications systems within organizations. The IT manager is often the most senior person in the IT department and in large organizations may be called the IT Director or Chief Information Officer. As IT systems become more important, it is the Chief Information Officer to be viewed in many organizations as a major contributor to the formulation of strategic objectives. Typically, the CIO in a large enterprise delegate’s technical staff decisions more details. Typically, the CIO proposes the information technology required by the organization to achieve its objectives, and then work within the budget for the implementation of the plan. It is also the role of the CIO are sometimes used interchangeably with the official role of technology, and although it may be a little different. When all the functions found in an organization and Congress of Industrial Organizations is normally responsible for processes and practices that support the flow of information, while the CTO is generally responsible for technology infrastructure.
  7. 7. Building a Powerful Technology Brand of Mobile Phone 7 | P a g e   Data, data everywhere Sometimes you can’t explain why does the data explosion? Because you can find bad data than ever, new research can show that. Worse, some arguments between business and information technology are standing in the way of a fix to data management risk. Now many organizations are using information technology systems to capture and analyze information such as in manufacturer. The simple information is coming from E-mail, personal computer, and the internet, these types become among working professionals. They can make easy life by enabling faster communication, providing tools for effective work, and giving access to fast information by click on a mouse, on the other hand, if the computer faults or the connection goes down, then you loses time and money. In any organizations must use information technology (IT) specialist come in. it can bring information and applications like word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software. Also
  8. 8. Building a Powerful Technology Brand of Mobile Phone 8|Page  information technology specialist creates products and systems. Information technology professional can wear many hats and go with different names, depending on their area of expertise engineer, website producer, networking administration, and programmer. Although database specialist makes skills to administer the changing information generated with enterprise software applications and the company website, and files on visitors who have signed on as members. Information technology professionals all the emphasis on ease of use and improve the efficiency of systems and technological processes. Their goal is to smooth the computer network free from defects, deficiencies, and stops, which provides an effective flow of information to keep the dog on her firm to improve operations, retention and customer acquisition, and other aspects of its work. What is the percentage of Mobile phones sales? The phone manufacturers sold over billion mobile last year in the worldwide, the first
  9. 9. Building a Powerful Technology Brand of Mobile Phone 9 | P a g e   time that passed the global appetite for the new hardware milestone, with Nokia making four out of every ten sold by end of 2007. New figures from industry experts Gartner was showing that the shipment of more than 1.15bn phones in 2007, an increase of 16% of the 990m sold in 2006. The sales in the fourth quarter of 330m, was increase of 9.2% for the fourth quarter of 2006. This shows that sales growth is likely to slow this year as the more mature markets in Western Europe have become saturated. In some countries, such as the United Kingdom and Italy, there are more phones already in circulation than there are people who to some users have more than one device. After another strong year, it is expected that the growth in sales of mobile devices will slow in 2008 and located in about 10% growth as mature markets become more saturated. However, the global market for mobile phones remains relatively immune to a recession in the United States and the economies of Western Europe, where the majority of growth in 2008 will come from emerging markets. It is expected that Western Europe and the United States represent about 30% of the global mobile device market in 2008. In the last three months of 2007, was sold 55 million phones in Western Europe, and that only 2% higher than the fourth quarter of 2006. In the United States, has been selling phones 49m, an increase of 9.2% for the fourth quarter of 2006. But the real growth came in the last year from emerging markets, particularly China and India. In Asia and the Pacific sold 112m phones in the last three months of 2007, up 9.6% from the previous quarter, while sales in Latin America, 38.8m in the fourth quarter of 2007 rose by 12.5% over the same period in 2006.
  10. 10. Building a Powerful Technology Brand of Mobile Phone 10 | P a g e   As for the hardware manufacturers, Nokia was the market leader and clear the last three months of 2007, selling more than 133m phones to grab a share of 40.4% of the market. Samsung maintained second place, after beating American Motorola struggling manufacturer earlier this year. Samsung has sold more than 44m phones in the fourth quarter for a share of 13.4%. Motorola has sold just less than 40m phones in the period preceding the Feast of birth. Decreased market share from 21.5% in the fourth quarter of 2006 to 11.9% in the end of 2007 after it failed to follow-up to 2006 the success of the Razr slim phone with any device like gravity. (Wray, 2008) The most successful brands 1. Nokia Globally, Nokia is the first successful brands is mobile phone because it is Succeeded while other big brand names have failed, chiefly through the development of human rights in all parts of the face of technology and domination on the ground an emotional high. Nokia has done in the following manner.
  11. 11. Building a Powerful Technology Brand of Mobile Phone 11 | P a g e   The first of all, Nokia personal brand, so Nokia detailed many of the personal characteristics of the brand, but the staff did not have to remember all distinct. Do, however, we must remember that the general impression from the list of attributes, as you do when you think of someone you have met. Emphasis is placed on relationships with customers, and features such as Nokia trusted friend. Building friendship and trust are at the heart of the type of Nokia. And the human dimension has resulting from the features of carrying more than a brand positioning strategy for the brand. Then when the positions of the Nokia brand in the crowded market mobile phone, you must achieve its mission clearly to the technology and the human side of the display in a powerful way. The selected message that is passed on to consumers in each market advertising and communications (but not necessarily in these words) is "only human Nokia Technology allows you to get more from life". In many cases, this is the logo from before, "We call this technology rights." This gives consumers a sense of confidence and consideration by the company, as if to say that Nokia's understanding of what they want in life, and how it can help. He knew that the technology is really just enabling so that you and customers enjoy a better life. Nokia therefore uses a combination of ambition, features, and the benefit on the basis of emotional, and strategies for the GPS-driven competition. He owns the "rights" after the mobile communications, leaving his competitors wondering what has (or how to put themselves), after taking the best position for himself. Finally, Nokia product design, although Nokia is a big business because he knows that the essence of the brand must be reflected in doing everything that company, particularly those that affect the consumer. Product design is clearly critical to the success of the brand, but how Nokia can manage to inject the attributes in the design of the product? The answer is that it gives
  12. 12. Building a Powerful Technology Brand of Mobile Phone 12 | P a g e   a great deal of thinking about how the user can phones will see the brand, and how it can reflect on the experience of a personal brand. Large display screen, for example, is the "face" of the phone. Nokia designers and described as "eye for eye, the soul of the product. Soft-touch key pads also add to a sense of friendliness, and expressed his personal brand. Summed up the product design and consumer-focused and needs, and it is up in the slogan "Technology Rights". (Nokia- Building a Power Technology Brand) 2. Motorola Motorola's operating environment is the main supplier of wireless infrastructure products, and support equipment that makes pagers, and two-way radio systems, cell phones work. Main source of income is usually from the big phone companies that have large orders to update or expand the infrastructure for the network. These customers seek innovative technologies that require large investments in research and development. Economies of scale can provide the largest equipment manufacturers with a competitive advantage in pricing when filling large orders of this kind. Motorola has also been a great deal of business from individual or personal members. Motorola's major competitors in the wireless infrastructure sector, Nokia and Ericsson, along with Lucent and Nortel. Competitive environment for communications equipment requires that vendors provide attractive financing terms to its customers as an important part of their sales packages. Motorola leads the market with a cable modem to share 41%, followed by Toshiba at 18%, and multimedia Thomson 13%. With price competition was severe pricing pressure as strong as ever in 2002 in markets such as wireless phones. Has helped new competitors in the
  13. 13. Building a Powerful Technology Brand of Mobile Phone 13 | P a g e   field such as Samsung and Siemens to accelerate the pace of innovation by pressing the companies set up to protect market share. In order to improve market share and profit income, and Motorola re-organized in three major projects to reduce competition among them, and encourage the exchange of ideas, and reduce development costs, and coordination of actions between the business units from Motorola. Faced has a big problem though Motorola is a decentralized approach to running its various divisions. Nearly 90,000 employees of Motorola, which speaks more than 50 different languages and belonging to many cultures and or more. We must educate the staff of the beliefs of other cultures, customs, and lifestyles. Unfortunately, Motorola, together with many other companies in the industry, and are forced to make reductions in the workforce to remain competitive, laid off 32000 employees in 2001, equivalent to about 22% of its workforce completely. Most major manufacturers decide to maintain the communications infrastructure in major operations overseas. Motorola, together with other companies, and is subject to economies of foreign currency risk. Companies based in the United States with sales abroad translated from local currencies to the dollar so that a strong dollar hurt the profits, and help the weak dollar. We must keep the Motorola also watch carefully the specific risks such as protectionism and the impact of fluctuations in economic growth, political instability, when investing in foreign countries. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is the law of another concrete that must be followed by Motorola to the fullest extent possible, and know that what is considered acceptable business practices in the United States is considered acceptable in any other place. (exonmor, 2005)
  14. 14. Building a Powerful Technology Brand of Mobile Phone 14 | P a g e   The less successful brands 1. Samsung   Samsung Electronics has focused on building a good relationship with distributors, where heavily influenced by the consumer choice of product recommendations and sales agents. Visited about 3,000 employees Samsung distributors in the country, and held working meetings to launch a new product. Some staff members and presented gifts distributors of health supplements east to allow them to feel they are being taken care of. Samsung has also begun a program to transmit the agent, and distributors who test the quality of Samsung mobile phones and allows their names and photographs for use in newspaper advertisements for Samsung. Advertising campaign was run out as well. By casting some of the actors the most famous and respected in Korea in advertising and Samsung is able to create a strong relationship between the Samsung brand, quality, credibility and patriotism.
  15. 15. Building a Powerful Technology Brand of Mobile Phone 15 | P a g e   Customer Testimonials also worked in a positive way. He called many of the customers Samsung to present their views of the Samsung mobile phone. According to one customer that the phone still works even after a car ran over him. Another said the phone saved his life because he was still able to call the fire department until after the Anycall phone which was half years old. Also, they use these stories in a series of television commercials which promotes communication between Samsung and quality in the minds of consumers. Additionally, I add some information which Samsung invested $ 3 billion or 8% of total revenues in R & D. It acquired 1,313 US patents in 2003, ranking it 11th in the world in US patent awarded. Samsung has about 19,700 researchers working in R & D. Researchers account for approximately 34% of its total employees. Every year, R & D engineers developed about 100 new technologies and they work on the development of core technologies in the fourth generation (4G) mobile communications and in next generation memory chips. (Boon & Seung, 2004) In sum, Samsung tried to follow a strategy of Nokia's how to take control in the market, it takes many decisions for:  One of the factors of success of Samsung mobile phones, designs and innovative functionality. The company has developed unique designs but easy to use that were closely integrated with the concepts of innovative products, allowing them to unlock many of the first destination in the world of mobile phones.   Samsung made good strategy in the global marketing, so it played an important role in raising lifting Samsung’s image from that of low-end that the leader of the digital world. For an effective global marketing and branding, and the establishment of a
  16. 16. Building a Powerful Technology Brand of Mobile Phone 16 | P a g e   new organization to deal with Samsung its integrated global marketing activities. Has been appointed Eric B. Kim, who was working at IBM, to lead the Ministry of global marketing. The most important decisions to cease all existing contracts with advertising agencies 55 for the signing of the contract 400 million dollars with a single ad agency, FCB Worldwide. Since then, Samsung unveiled a series of campaigns, corporate branding and the slogan "Samsung Digital: Everyone was invited."
  17. 17. Building a Powerful Technology Brand of Mobile Phone 17 | P a g e   Conclusion Reference to information based on the my writing and I glad to hear it concluded that in order to guarantee the success of the company must provide all the data and diagrams on this basis can CEO take appropriate decisions to preserve the organization of the loss also I found that the success of any company depends on its influence to the global market in terms of providing resources the lowest price and high quality and an attempt to reduce costs of information technology as well as to look at how to market their products in densely populated areas. In sum, we should learn more about 1. Reliability we should know how Nokia really become a brand that people can trust him. Rates of error or accident of Nokia phones is very low. Will dump when you need this phone. This may be simple, but still, Nokia and confidence this thing going in his favor. And people can blindly trust Nokia in Asian countries. And not to mention, Nokia has acquired this place is disturbing. 2. Price The view of the price of each mobile phone is very reasonable. 3. Experience We can learn from Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola, which is the largest manufacturer in the world mobile phone market share to rivals in anywhere near the volume of sales.
  18. 18. Building a Powerful Technology Brand of Mobile Phone 18 | P a g e   They know the world in mobile phone service more than anything else. Ages of their experience, and hundreds of success stories, and dozens of smartphones in the current portfolio. That will help them to develop and thus nurtures our needs. 4. Marketing Strategy One major reason behind the success of their mobile phones is their marketing strategy. Main source of income is a popular phones in the Asian market. China is making phone designs / programs specific to the region. For example, since many rural Chinese were not familiar with the transliteration system of Romanization that most cell phones use to input Chinese text messages, Nokia developed two phones with software that allows them to write letters with the pen. For India, Nokia launched two models in particular India, which included a flashlight, dust covers, and slip-free grip (handy during India's hot, sweaty in the summer). They also included some of the software in regional languages that have made many of the Nokia success
  19. 19. Building a Powerful Technology Brand of Mobile Phone 19 | P a g e   Bibliography    1. Boon, Y., & Seung, J. (2004, May). Social Science Research Network. Retrieved Apr 24,  2010  2. exonmor, U. b. (2005, Aug 6). Case Study, History, and Strategic Analysis of Motorola  Inc. Retrieved from  3. Nokia‐ Building a Power Technology Brand. (n.d.). Retrieved Apr 25, 2010, from  Branding  4. Wikipedia. (n.d.). Retrieved April 2010, from  5. Wray, R. (2008, Feb 27). Mobile phone sales pass the one billion mark. Retrieved Apr 28,  2010, from