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Vol 1 Iss 2newsletter


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Vol 1 Iss 2newsletter

  1. 1. Adarna News August 2009, Vol 1, Issue 2 1. Release of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission Interim Report slam- ming CFA and the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment 2. Ban by ASIC on 3 partners at KPMG from acting as auditors for up to two years over involvement in $390million collaps of the Westpoint property empire. ASIC are also suing KPMG for $200million on the same matter. (SMH, 18/08/09) 3. Samsung Group’s former chairman Lee Kun Hee has been found guilty of breach of duty for his role in causing losses at the Samung services subsidiary SDS. A South Korean court has sentenced Lee Kun-Hee to a suspended three-year prison term and a fine of 110 billion won ($A106.3 million) over a bond deal. (The Age, 14/08/09) 4. Today FM - The Australian Communica- tions and Media Authority investigation as to whether the licensee of 2DayFM com- plied with the Commercial Radio Codes of Practice when the radio station broadcast a segment involving a 14-year-old par- ticipant being asked questions about her sexual activities, while hooked up to a lie detector in July. (The Australian, 18/08/09) 5. A TOWNSVILLE woman is suing Bank of Queensland for $400,000 in losses and damages in the first legal action to be launched following the collapse of Storm Financial. (Brisbane Times, 20/08/09) 6. A listeria outbreak on Virgin Blue flights that forced two pregnant women into premature labour in May and June has been traced back to diced chicken from a Wollongong food company. GMI Food Wholesalers. (SMH, 19/08/09) 7. Fire guts Lygon St landmark. Il Gambero, near the corner of Grattan Street, has operated in Lygon Street for more than 30 years. (The Age, 20/08/09) 8. Airlines PNG flight CG4684 crashes in dense jungle near Kokoda leaving no survivors (The Age, 12/08/09) 9. Hendra virus outbreak stud at Cawarral, in central Queensland (ABC News) 10. Tongan ferry Princess Ashika sinks 5 August 2009 leaving more than 87 dead (SBS, 8/8/09) Many more crisis events occurred in July and August across the world with devastat- ing effects on communities, business and governments. This is just a sample of issues encountered. Near miss - Terrorists plan to attack Hols- worthy Army Barracks on Sydney’s outskirts thwarted (SMH, 4/8/09) 10 Things That Happened In August As we all know there is risk involved in business and the workplace that needs to be acknowl- edged and planned for. All businesses have (or should have) at the very least emergency evacuation plans or procedures in case of fire. What do you have in place at home? Do you have a fully equipped first aid kit, fire extin- guisher or blanket, emergency supply kit or a Family Emergency Plan? Is there a list of emer- gency contact numbers including relatives, doctors, emergency services and do you have a plan for who picks up the kids from school or day care when neither parent can? There are a number of websites that provide you with information on family and personal preparedness. The Australian Red Cross has a program called Emergency REDiPlan to assist people in being better prepared for emergen- cies. Each State and Territory emergency agency website will have preparedness materials for you to download for free, additional infor- mation is available on the Links page of our website. Emergency Preparedness At Home Adarna Consulting Pty Ltd Phone: +61 7 3161 4450 This Month: • 10 Things and 10 Tips • Home emergency plans and kits • SME Crisis Preparedness Toolkits Individual Highlights: 10 Things that hap- pened in August ... 1 Emergency prepared- ness at home ... 1 10 Tips for crisis man- agement ... 2 Get ready for bushfire season ... 2
  2. 2. 1. Plan for the worst possible scenarios and hope for the best; consider all risks, all aspects of the business including informa- tion continuity, where your interdepen- dencies with other organisations lie and ensure your insurance provides appropri- ate cover. 2. Document business continuity and crisis plans and individual roles and responsibili- ties – identify who does what and when and allow autonomy to carry out roles. Make sure plans can be adapted to all pos- sible events and include how the business will recover. 3. Conduct crisis management and media training for key people. 4. Have a plan or strategy for communicat- ing with all of your stakeholders including; staff, shareholders, customers, suppliers and media. Consider a resource kit includ- ing telephone trees, media release tem- plates, holding statements, scripts, media lists, etc. Make sure you include social media in your strategies. 5. Test and review your plans regularly and learn from your mistakes and those of others. During the crisis 6. Stay calm, identify what has gone wrong, exactly what the crisis is, who it will af- fect and what you need to do to manage the situation. Activate your crisis plans if required and keep a log of every decision and activity for the duration. 7. Tackle it head on and allocate resources appropriately – an issue caught early can be prevented from turning into a crisis. 8. Communicate regularly and with consis- tent messages to all stakeholders. 9. Forward plan for other issues that may arise at the same time. 10. Consider using a professional to help you manage the crisis and/or the media. 10 Tips For Crisis Management This month’s unseasonably hot weather in Queensland and NSW is a timely reminder that bushfire season is not too far off and now is the time to start preparing your property and business. Bushfire season is usually launched across the country in the various States and Territories from late September to November each year and lasts all summer. Bushfires are a fact of life in Australia and can cause catastrophic effects such as those experienced earlier this year with the Victorian Bushfires. The NSW Rural Fire Service suggests some ways that you can prepare your property for bushfire season are: • Clear gutters of leaf litter • Mow long and/or dry grass • Prune low tree branches 2m from the ground • Tidy the woodpile, leaves, bark and branches • Sweep/rake up all plant material • Recycle paper, cardboard and unused chemicals • Clean area under house Apply safety measures such as: • Firmly fix roofing so hot embers cannot enter roof • Install screens or shutters to windows, and enclose underfloor areas • Direct relief valve on LPG tank away from house • Position portable pump near large water source • Install gate valve to water tanks (65mm Storz coupling) • Prepare firebreaks around home Get Ready For Bushfire Season Attention: Small to Medium Business Owners!! Adarna Consulting is designing a Crisis Preparedness Toolkit specifically for SMEs. Build your strength and enhance your business resilience today! Contact us for more information __________________ PO Box 206 COORPAROO QLD 4151 PHONE: +61 7 3161 4450 MOBILE: 0437 876 471 Want to know more about business continuity, risk or crisis management? Email us and we can ad- dress it in the next edition of Adarna News. Visit our Website! www.adarnaconsulting.