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Jesse Yowell

  1. 1. VisualCV URL: Jesse Yowell Round 1 Customer Service Representative VisualCV, Inc. 11410 Isaac Newton Square Suite 210 m: 703.939.4238 Reston, VA 20190 United States W e l com e to my VisualC V! Round 2 You’re looking at my new VisualCV. We’ve reinvented the resume here at and will soon revolutionize career management. Read more about our company, the benefits of having your own VisualCVs, and once you’ve reviewed my VisualCV — get started creating your own. Or you can register your business for a Company VisualCV. Have fun, and let me know what you think… S u m mar y I have had a variety of experience ranging from a trainer/management role in a small non-profit Round 3 environment to networking, hardware and network support in larger corporate environments. I helped out eStara (now eStara connections from ATG, Inc.), for 2 years as a System Administrator and a number of other things to help this small VOIP company go on to do many great things. I am dedicated to helping others whether it be a technical support to clients or helping fellow employees with software or hardware. I am currently learning Ruby / Ruby on Rails while contributing to the VisualCV as a Customer Service Representative! Things I u s e
  2. 2. G e t ting d own w ith no delay I started making beats in 2006. Having acquired Logic Pro 8 I have been dj'ing since 2001. recently, I have begun to learn What started out to be just mixing more about sequencing, mixing, house and drum&bass turned and remixing. As the years pass, into dj'ing all types of music! my studio slowly grows. Inspired by djs such as DJ Shadow, Mix Master Mike, Kid Koala, Q-Bert, DJ Craze, X- ecutioners, I enjoy playing many different styles--whether it be Hip- Hop, Pop, Mashups, 80s, Rock, Industrial, or video game music. Looking for someone to add beats to your next party? Look no further. S k i l ls Logic Pro 8(Beginner) <1 Years Experience, ( Last Used <1 year ago ) Ruby(Beginner) <1 Years Experience, ( Last Used <1 year ago ) Very much a newcomer to Ruby but enjoying the easy to read, clean, syntax. I hope to learn much more in the coming years. Linux (various distributions)(Intermediate) 5-6 Years Experience, ( Last Used <1 year ago ) I've used various distributions and currently work with Ubuntu Linux. I've configured anything from Slackware, Debian, and Gentoo systems for work and for fun. I'm not quite a kernel hacker yet, but I'm slowly learning! FreeBSD(Intermediate) 3-4 Years Experience, ( Last Used <1 year ago ) Currently a fan of all things BSD, I have learned a great deal of networking from using BSD over the years. HTML / CSS(Beginner) 1-2 Years Experience, ( Last Used 1-2 years ago )