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Electronic Portfolio


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Ejemplo de Portafolio Electrónico, creado por Carolina, alumna de 6º año A, Escuela Coeducacional Nº 1, El Salvador.

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Electronic Portfolio

  1. 1. Welcome to my Electronic Portfolio Carolina Navea Cortes
  2. 2. Introducing Myself Hello my name is Carolina Navea I am ten years old. I study at Escuela Coeducacional Particular N1 My Favorite color is purple My favorite fruit is banana My favorite food is pizza My favorite subjet is English My birthday is on September 28
  3. 3. Me My name is Carolina My favorite fruit is the banana My favorite color is purple I am ten years old
  4. 4. My Family I am Carolina Navea This is my family We live in Diego Portales 2310 My father·s name is Pedro Navea He is tall and nice. My mother·s name is Juana Navea She is tender and good. I have one brother and one sister
  5. 5. Colors all around me! it is pink It is yellow It is blue It is red
  6. 6. It is brown It is green It is orange Colors all around me!
  7. 7. Numbers one 1 two 2 three 3 four 4 five 5 six 6 seven 7 eight 8 nine 9 ten 10 eleven 11 twelve 12 thirteen 13 fourteen 14 sixteen 16 seventeen17 eighteen 18 nineteen twenteen 20 fiveteen 15
  8. 8. Animals dog cat mouse rabbit bird hen chicken butterfly hamster horse
  9. 9. Wild Animals Lion elephant monkey jiraffe fish crocodile dolphin Hippopotamus parrot
  10. 10. Toys Ball Balloon Doll Model plane car Model boat teddy train kite