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Biz Praposal For Private Labelling


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We are an export oriented company with expertise in Cultivatation and Manufacturing of herbs, natural herbal health supplement & botanical products, nutritional wellness products, and fruit juice, neutraceutical products and lifestyle products, agricultural products such as spices and, herbal beauty care products, & others.

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Biz Praposal For Private Labelling

  1. 1. Vritika herbotech & AMV botanics (GMP & an ISO certified company) H.O.1082, kishan marg, barkat nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan Fact.J-384, RIICO, Industrial area, Sitapura, jaipur, Raj. email: Contact person : T.P.Tiwari (Director) Mobile No. +91-9785642722 Dear sir , We manufacturer/exporter and pioneer producers and wholesale suppliers of wide range of herbal products. The product profile includes nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, herbal skincare products. All these formulations are prepared using purest quality natural herbs and ancient Vedic ayurveda techniques. Every product offered by us is produced in accordance with the procedures and standards specified by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and examined by SGS for quality. We are ITC (International trade center) Listed co. Our focus is on a single purpose: to deliver the highest quality contract manufacturing of Natural, nutritional, medicinal products to the international health and nutrition industry. Manufacturing premium quality wellness and personal care products for the mass consumption. The products are available in single and blended forms, manufactured from standardized extracts of whole herbs, seeds and other herbal plants. In addition to this, the company also develops customized products to serve the specific requirements of its clients. Today, we endeavor to export the entire range of herbal products all across the world. We adhere to stringent quality control standards to ensure international quality standards. The working conditions are absolutely hygienic with minimum human hand involvement. Apart from it, the advance production facilities also enable us to produce herbal products in bulk quantities.
  2. 2. Besides, the company has developed a vast market across the world benefiting it with the established and most- effective and time-proven Indian traditional supplements and other herbal products, at reasonable prices. Application Area The company offers a wide range of health care herbal products and herbal extracts, very effective in treating various diseases and physical ailments. While treating ailments effectively, these herbal compositions do not exhibit any adverse side effects. Formulations which have stood the test of time for their purity, safety, efficacy, cultural acceptability and lesser side effects, our herbal products are guaranteed to be totally free from heavy metal toxicity. Moreover, since they are produced from standardised herbal extracts they help to heal faster and also gradually eliminate the very root cause of his/her ailment in most cases. Manufacturing Facility We have created a highly spacious production unit for manufacturing Ayurvedic formulation and nutritional supplements. Our unit is also fitted with temperature controllers to maintain and stabilize the temperature of the production unit as well as the medical propositions prepared. Advanced techniques in extraction, blending, mixing, filtering, straining, etc., are implemented by researchers who put into play their years of study, meditation and experience of the life sciences. We maintain a completely hygienic environment and our production area is completely restricted for the entry of any outsider Our founder member is also experienced and provides suggestions for enhancing the production capacity. We have entire range of equipments, in our laboratories, to pay attention to each and every aspect of the herbs as they undergo the preparatory process. These equipments are regularly inspected by the quality control chemists to ensure proper maintenance, ensures 100 % efficiency. We provide superior quality product using several advanced technologies & operations with modern machineries which are listed below : ● Storage tanks ,● Extractors ● Grinders ● Gel, Syrup & Powder making machines ● Filtration units ● Mixers ● Evaporators ● Boilers ● Juicers ● Filling & Sealing Machines ● Cooling Towers ● Washers Quality We have developed products which are highly efficacious and free from side effects. Our framed quality policies are religiously practiced at all the production levels so that the best can be provided to our clients. We have created a team of quality controllers to test the quality thoroughly at different stages like -procurement, production, packing and distribution. We use naturally grown plants and herbs for the production of ayurvedic medicines and herbal skincare products.
  3. 3. We have an in-house quality control department which has modern testing facilities for quality and hygienic packaging. Special care is taken to ensure that their purity is not lost. All the herbs are thoroughly washed with fresh water and only aqueous extracts are used. No solvents are used for the extraction process. Since our inception, we have been constantly striving to provide pure quality herbal products at best competitive prices. Our team completely follows the norms and regulations mentioned and accordingly test the products on various verges to make them at part with the international standards. Research & Development Research and Development has always been our major strength. An independent R & D department staffed by well qualified chemists is involved in a range of research efforts, ranging from the development of new applications for existing products to upgrading formulation efficacy and improving their properties. We possess a microbiological & pathological laboratory, equipped with the most modern facilities, to conduct routine and in-depth microbiological and skin allergy testing to assess raw materials, bulk and finished formulations of various developed and in process products. Packaging In order to maintain the safety, stability and integrity of our range of products, we ensure that they are safely packed and transmitted to the desired destination within the stipulated time frame. In every packaging options, packaging materials and processes conform to international standards, with regard to a host of critical parameters. Our products are packed in blister packs as well as foils so that their properties and nature remains the same throughout. Our packaging protects the medicines from moisture and dust which can cause an effect on their characteristics. Clients Our superior quality herbal products have won the trust and confidence of our clients in Indian and overseas markets. We feel immensely proud to state that we have an exhaustive list of patrons with whom we share trustworthy business relationship. Our clients have always appreciated us for our outstanding products, competitive prices and timely delivery schedules. The increasing list of our clients is only due to the large number of orders placed by our clients with us. let me tell you something about a wonder plant aloe vera & its medicinal use without any side effects. It’s pure natural, Organic herb. Aloe vera is a semi tropical plant. There are over 250 species of Aloe vera grown around the world Benefits of Aloe Vera; Aloe vera is one of the oldest known medicinal plants gifted by nature, Aloe vera often called Miracle plant known by many names, there are over 200 types of aloe vera of these only 4 or 5 are commonly used in medicines. The most widely used variety of aloe Vera is Barbadensis Millar. Aloe Vera works as Anti-septic, Antibacterial, and Anti inflammatory. It cures Eczema, Diabetes, Arthritis and Prevent infections. It also improves human immune system and digestive system. It contains more than two hundred tonic ingredients including essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. Also contains the most essential components required by the human body.
  4. 4. Boosting up the immune system, this Aloevera juice increases the blood flow and act as a nutritional supplement along with effective intracellular antioxidant. Aloevera juice is strongly recommended with a dosage of 30 ml/ day. Organic, herbal, natural extracts of nature’s medicinal plants are Aloe Vera, Amla ( Emblica Officinalis), Aloevera juice, Aloevera Gel, Emblica Officinalis (Amla) juice, Wheat grass powder, Triphla juice, Klap Amrit (immunity booster) Hair cleanser, foot care and many other products of wellness. Diseases that can be cured by taking our natural herbal medicines are • Allergy Relief, Anti-Aging, Antioxidants, Appetite, Beauty, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar • Body Detox, Bowel, Brain Power • Cardiovascular, Cholesterol, Circulation, Cold & Flu Relief, Colon, Concentration • Digestion,Endurance, Energy • Female Arousal, Fertility, Fitness, Flexibility • General Health , Hair Care ,Immunity ,Joint Health • Kidney ,Lipids, Liver, Longevity • Male Sexuality, Memory, Men's Health, Metabolism, Mood, Muscle Growth • Nail Care, Natural Healing, Nutrition • Prostate Care • Relaxation, Respiration • Skin Care, Sleep, Strength, Stress Relief • Virility, Vitality • Weight Loss ,Women's Health Vritikas’ organic Wheatgrass powder : Wheatgrass juice is a complete diet with no harmful side effects. It has all the vitamins and minerals that are required by the human body. It is rich in proteins, and contains about 30 enzymes. It has 70% chlorophyll content. Wheatgrass also acts as an appetite suppressant and will help you maintain your body weight. Wheatgrass juice is a good source of enzymes. As we grow older, the body’s demand for enzymes increases, which causes a depletion of these valuable ingredients. Wheatgrass replenishes your body with these enzymes. It has the power to keep you young, energetic & decent for years. Wheatgrass has chlorophyll that neutralizes infections, heals wounds, overcomes inflammations and gets rid of parasitic infections Importance of wheatgrass Wheatgrass referred to as ‘drugless therapy’, is a “complete 100% natural food” providing all the necessary nutrition. It is helpful for anything from cancer to common cold. It is speacially helpful after surgery or delivery, when the body needs to regain blood levels and build up tissues. It is also helpful for those with eye problems. •100 g wheatgrass powder = 23 kg fresh vegetables •1 tea spoon (3g) powder = 40 g fresh wheatgrass Wheat grass is known as the ‘super food’ that purifies the blood, lowers blood pressure, removes toxic metals from the body, and has anti-aging properties. It contains chlorophyll, lots of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients. Wheat grass cannot be digested if you consume it whole, as it has high levels of cellulose and fiber; so going for the juice is a better idea. Benefits of wheat grass Great energizer: Drinking an ounce of wheatgrass juice is the same as consuming about two pounds of fresh vegetables and fruits as both give the same amount of vitamins and minerals.
  5. 5. Wonder cleanser: Wheat grass is a powerful cleanser and is known to have a detergent effect on the body’s lymphatic system. What this means is that the chlorophyll present in the juice flushes away the toxins from the body by removing them from the cells and releasing it into the bloodstream. Smell good: The chlorophyll in the wheat grass is known to have a neutralizing effect on body odors due to bad breath, menstruation, and perspiration. Body builder: The chemical composition of chlorophyll resembles that of hemin, a molecule found in hemoglobin, which means that wheat grass juice helps build the red blood cells and stimulates healthy tissue cell growth. Stay slim: It is said that the nutritional value of wheat grass juice is so high that it helps repress sugar cravings thereby helping you lose weight. Our product list S.N PRODUCT PACKIN MRP G 1 ALOEVERA JUICE NATURAL WITH FIBERS 1 LTR. 12 350 2 ALOEVERA JUICE NATURAL WITH FIBERS 500 ML 24 185 ALOEVERA JUICE WITH APPLE MICRO FIBROUS 1 LTR 12 330 ALOEVERA JUICE WITH APPLE MICRO FIBROUS 500 24 175 ML 3 ALOEVERA JUICE FIBROUS PREMIUM WITH ORANGE 1 12 500 LTR 4 ALOEVERA JUICE FIBROUS PREMIUM WITH ORANGE 24 260 500 ML 5 ALOEVERA JUICE FIBROUS PREMIUM WITH APPLE 12 500 67 ALOEVERA JUICE FIBROUS PREMIUM WITH APPLEL 24 260 8 AMLA JUICE 1 LTR 12 145 9 TRIPHLA JUICE 1 LTR 12 190 10 JAMUM JUICE 500 ML 24 200 11 KALP AMRIT JUICE (ALOE,AMLA,TULSI,GINGER) 1 LTR 12 290 12 KALP AMRIT JUICE (ALOE,AMLA,TULSI,GINGER) 500 24 150 ML 13 EMMUNE PLUS HEALTH DRINK 24 200 (ALOE,AMLA,TULSI,GINGER, GILOI) 500 ML 14 HEALTH PRAS 1 KG 12 250 15 HEALTH PRAS 500GM 24 120 16 WHEAT GRASS POWDER 100 GM 25 398 17 ALOEVERA SKIN GEL 100 GM 24 75 18 ALOEVERA SKIN GEL WITH ROSE 100 GM 24 85 19 NATURAL HAIR CLEANSER (HERBAL SHAMPOO)100 ML 24 80 20. NATURODENT TOOTH POWDER 50 GM 24 30 21 FOOT CARE CREAM 50 GM 24 75 22 DARD NASHAK TAIL 50 ML 24 75 23 VRITIKAS NONI JUICE 400 ML 25 498 Policy for distributor:
  6. 6. We provide 55% discount on MRP to our distributors Transportation will be FOR BASIS PAYMENT: 100 % ADVANCE DELIVERY:MAXIMUM WITHIN 7 DAYS AFTER RECEVING FULL PAYMENT FELL FREE TO COTACT US BY MAIL OR CALL US +9785642722 Services Offered Importer : • We have separate Export division to take care of Importers all around the world. • For Bulk pack, we provide a wholesale rate considering monthly quantity requirement. • For Retail pack, our Design Dept. offers various options considering Importers brand image & pack side requirement. Wholesale prices will be offered considering monthly requirement per SKU. Exporter from India • Exporter from India of Herbal Ayurvedic products is growing day by day. • We provide all facilities to our valued Export customers. • Most of our products are approved by USA FDA, so it becomes easy to export. • We offer multiple business options such as : • Bulk supply (Nutraceutical products) • Retail pack - Private label of exporter. Retail pack - Private label of customer of exporter Bulk Supply : For Bulk supply we have special wholesale division where we supply Aloevera juice, Amla juice, , Noni Juice, Jamun juice, Bitter guard juice , Wheatgrass powder, Dudhi powder & other herbal extracts in bulk to our valued customers. Distributors : • Our current Organized Distribution is in Western Zone e.g.rajasthan, Andhrapradesh, Orissa, UP, MP ect. • For Rest of India, we are open to appoint Super Distributors. Company has wide range FMCG Nutritional & Beauty products as well as ethical products, so it is very good range for a Distributor. Private Labels : • Nowadays all big Retail Chains / Institutions / Distributors are going for Private Labels. • We have a separate division to take care of parties who are interest in Private Labels. For Private Label, our Design Dept. offers various options considering Party’s brand image & pack side requirement MLM • Multi Level Marketting is a growing segment in India. • Our Nutirtional Products are most suitable for Multi Level marketing. • Our products which are highly in demand in Multi Level Marketing are as follows:
  7. 7. 1. Wheatgrass Powder. ,Wheatgrass Tablets. 2. Aloe vera juice,Noni juice,Immunity booster health products for children 3. Aloevera skin care products,Aloe Orange Juice. 4. Aloe Honey, Ginger, Lemon Juice., Amla Juice. 5. Health pras